Goldfish Swim School is Simply the Best

Some kids are naturals in the water: they jump right in, they don’t care if their heads go under, and they eagerly embrace the idea of swim lessons.

But other kids, like my daughter, are truly afraid of the water. Nothing could be worse than getting splashed in the face, and the words, “swimming lessons” causes her to melt down in tears. Who wouldn’t blame her? The thought of being unable to breathe, helplessly floundering in water, is terrifying not only for kids like her, but adults, too.


Enter Goldfish Swim School. First opened in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Jenny and Chris McCuiston, the award-winning program was developed for the sole purpose of teaching young children how to swim, and to love it.

Everything about Goldfish Swim School is geared toward making swimming a fun and safe experience for kids: the colorful, inviting interior, the warm water, and the gentle and patient instructors.

The Grand Rapids location reflects all of the excellent qualities that has made this program so successful. Read on to find out why West Michigan parents are raving about Goldfish Swim School!

11 Reasons Parents Love Goldfish Swim School

1 – The Amazing Goldfish Staff

They’ve dealt with it all–from those who jump right in to those who cry at the water’s edge, from the outgoing and excited to the shy and nervous. All the instructors are patient, gentle, and experts at teaching young children how to swim.

2 – The 90 Degree Pool Water

If you’re trying to teach reluctant kids how to swim, freezing cold pool water will certainly not help. The balmy water at Goldfish Swim School helps soothe and comfort little ones as they learn. This is especially wonderful in the colder months!Goldfish Swim School

3 – Small Class Sizes

I’ve definitely enrolled my children in other swim classes where they’ve spent a majority of the time waiting against the wall, because the class size was so large. Not so at Goldfish Swim School! The instructor/student ratio never goes beyond 1:4. That means your child will always be in a class with no more than 4 kids total, and will thus get more time in the water with the instructor.

4 – Kid-Friendly Tools

To help kids love being in the water, Goldfish has an arsenal of ways to make swimming lessons fun, including: toys, safe islands (platforms set up in the pool so kids can feel safe being away from the wall), floating boat rides, animal-shaped boards, scented goggles (!!), and a blue ribbon to celebrate the day’s accomplishments at the end of each lesson.

5 – Year-Round Lessons 

Goldfish offers perpetual lessons, meaning that lessons are offered year-round, without set sessions, so you can start and stop at any time. Lessons year-round also means a greater degree of consistency, which is proven to help kids learn to swim faster, and your child can also seamlessly move up to a new level without waiting for a new session.

6 – Lessons are Offered all Day 

In addition to being year-round, lessons are offered at basically any time of the day, six days a week. Unlike other swim lessons that are only given at specific times, you can choose a time that works for your family. If there isn’t a time that works for you, the school is also willing to work with you on setting up a time that does. All this availability also makes rescheduling or changing a lesson time super easy.Goldfish Swim School Grand Rapids

7 – Parents can Stay Poolside

Parents don’t have to go into the pool with kids who are older than 2. This greatly reduces the post-lesson hassle in the changing room!

8 – Membership and Family Swim 

Enrolling in classes means you are automatically given membership, which means all family swim times are free for you and your family!goldfish4

9 – The Beautiful, Inviting Facility 

New, clean, and comfortable! While the kids are splashing away, parents can wait in the air-conditioned viewing gallery and relax, work, read, or socialize (digitally and personally), and watch their kids swim. In addition, the facility has a Snack Shack for after-swim cravings, and all kinds of swimming gear available for purchase at the Treasure Island Pro Shop.goldfish swim school

10 – Safe Water

For parents worried about the effects of chlorine on sensitive children’s skin, Goldfish Swim School will help put your worries to rest. They only use pure chlorine with a chlor-tec system, which breaks down water softener salt into chlorine ions. This allows their pools to stay clean without using the harsh industrial additives most other pools use. In addition, the chlorine is made on-site at the facility–so you can rest assured that it is as safe as possible for your little one!

11 – Results!

When you enroll your kids at Goldfish Swim School, they will know how to swim! Not only that, they will have the confidence to float when they’re tired and then get back to swimming again.

With so many awesome reasons, it’s no wonder that parents and children both love Goldfish Swim School. Call (616) 259-0725 today to set up your first lesson!


2845 Thornhills Ave, Suite S, Grand Rapids, MI 49546


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