Allendale Community Park: Giant Sandbox, Splashpads & Colorful Mural Await

Allendale Community Park Sandbox

Splash, Climb, and Dig the Day Away at Allendale Community Park

Allendale Community Park

6676 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI 49401

playground, splash pads & pickleball courts, restroom

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Looking for a new playground to explore?

Allendale Community Park is just a short drive west of Grand Rapids and is packed with outdoor fun for every kid. The drive is worth it as your kids will be happily playing for hours on end!

Allendale Park has a great playground area with several sets of play structures. They also have splash pads, a giant sandbox, a gaga ball pit, picnic tables, basketball hoops, and baseball fields.

Playgrounds at Allendale Community Park

Allendale Community Park has several large play structures for climbing and sliding.

The larger playground is geared toward older kids and has a huge sandbox, a merry-go-round, swings, a big play structure, and more.

There is a smaller playground, located primarily in the shade, that is toddler-sized perfection.

Mixed in with the play equipment are other fun features like a pretend storefront, fun percussion instruments, and a play telescope.

So yes, this park is good for toddlers.

The highlight of this park for my kids is always the giant sandbox.

Allendale Community Park Sandbox
Allendale Community Park Sandbox

Located right in the middle of everything, this sprawling sandbox provides plenty of space for imaginary play. There are a few metal diggers near one end of the sandbox, but it’s largely just an open space for digging, playing, and creating.

Bring your beach sand toys to keep your kiddos busy in the giant sandbox!

Don’t Miss:

  • There is an awesome mural (by artist Shannon Burkett Maisel) on the backside of the bathroom building that makes for a great photo opportunity.
  • Older kids? There is a permanent Gaga Ball Pit located behind the toddler playground–bring your own ball.
Allendale Park Mural
Mural in Allendale Park
Click image to read story behind mural
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Splash Pads at Allendale Community Park

In addition to loads of great playground toys and classic park features, there are two splash pads. While they are both on the small side, one has spray equipment intended for younger kids.

The other is geared for elementary-aged kids.

Water turns on seasonally at 10 AM and is activated by pressing a button.

Pro Tip: The button on the larger splash pad is a little sticky – press firmly on the silver part in the middle of the drain to activate.

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Allendale Community Park FAQs

How are the bathrooms?

There are modern restrooms near the playground.

Are there picnic tables and grills?

Yes, lots of shaded picnic space and grills are available near the picnic area by the 68th Street entrance.

Is there any shade?

There are trees–even near the playground area. The toddler playset is almost in full shade! There are several small pavilions for shade as well.

Can I fly a kite here?

There are several baseball fields here that, if vacant, would provide space for kite flying.

Is there an admission fee?

No admission fee for Allendale Community Park.

When is this park open?

Allendale Community Park is open year-round.

What is Parking like?

Plenty of parking here!

1 thought on “Allendale Community Park: Giant Sandbox, Splashpads & Colorful Mural Await”

  1. Please mark the ball fields clearly for all of us to find what field we’re looking for. Nothing more discouraging than walking to all the fields looking for the team and then having to ask people what field you’re standing at or where the field that you are looking for is. So far no one that I have asked directions for knows where any of the fields are numerically marked – lots of guesses but no numbers to be found.

    Some suggestions…
    1. A well placed sign showing where field one, two, three etc. are.
    2. Create a page on your website of the park clearly marking the fields, and other
    places in the park – such as restrooms, pavilion, splash pads etc.
    3. 8″ signs placed on the outside of the home plate fence with the designated field
    Multiple games, lots of kids, families and dogs plus cars coming and going make it frustrating to know where to look.

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