These 10 Best Chiropractors in Grand Rapids Will Set you Straight

The Best Chiropractors Can Help You Move and Feel Better

Chiropractors aren’t just for adults who throw their backs out. They’re part of a larger network of top-voted docs that can help you maintain your movement and health.

Many kids have even found chiropractic care to be helpful for a variety of medical issues.

Best Chiropractors in Grand Rapids

Sure, chiropractors can help with musculoskeletal injuries. But they also do so much more!

Regular chiropractic care can grow your range of motion, reduce chronic headaches and improve posture.

Recommended by patients and families, here are some of the best chiros in town:
(Every name in this list received votes from our readers in our annual Top Doctors Awards.) 

winner icon 70x70 Dr. Erik Kowalke
at Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming


The Grand Rapids area has voted Higher Health the #1 Chiropractor for kids and families for more than 5 years.

We are a team of 7 doctors that are all specialized in pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractic care.

We use a very gentle and specific technique that allows us to care for babies that are just a few days old.

Utilizing the latest technology in the profession, we can assess the root cause of the problem and develop a specific plan to restore health.

Higher Health Chiropractic FCP 2023

2 – Dr. Kurt Lang at Vibrant Life Chiropractic


Vibrant Life Chiropractic believes healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults, and healthy families are stronger together.

We are on a mission to serve the community with quality corrective and preventative chiropractic care using gentle techniques and measurable results.

Health victories shared from patients include: reduced headaches, better sleep, less sickness spreading through the family, better movement, no more back pain, improved focus, less anxiety, and more!

We look forward to helping your family thrive!

Vibrant Life Family Care Provider 2023

3 – Dr. Justin Ryder at Limitless Chiropractic

6431 28TH ST SE, GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49546

Limitless Chiropractic is a family owned Chiropractic office in the heart of Cascade and Ada area.

Our mission is to serve our community and provide gentle Chiropractic care to children of all ages.

Our focus is on improving the function of children to create a healthier next generation!

Limitless Chiropractic FCP 2023

4 – Dr. John Deyo at Higher Health Chiropractic

1027 GEZON PKWY SW, WYOMING, MI 49509 – web

5 – Dr. Nick Schuster at Life Chiropractic

6504 28th St. 28th Street SE Suite H, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 – web

6 – Dr. Jared Kooistra at Kooistra Chiropractic

2855 Byron Center Ave SW, Wyoming, MI 49519 – web
1680 East Paris Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

6 – Dr. Theresa Osmer at Flow Chiropractic

4945 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 – web

8 – Bishop, Dr. Annie (Rise Wellness Chiropractic)

1005 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506 – web

8 – House-Vereeke, Dr. Therese (Healthy Choice Family Chiropractic)

5211 Cherry Ave #120, Hudsonville, MI 49426 – web

10 – Hartman, Dr. Eric (Hartman Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center)

302 Baldwin St, Jenison, MI 49428 – web

best Chiropractors in Grand Rapids can treat kids, too.

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12 thoughts on “These 10 Best Chiropractors in Grand Rapids Will Set you Straight”

  1. We love Dr. Justin at limitless chiropractic! He has adjusted my kiddos since they were babies and they love going to his office!

  2. Dr. Jeff Gorbach at Gorbach Family Chiropractic is wonderful too! Great with babies and kids. Our boys love him!

  3. I would highly recommend Dr. Tim Grady at Grade-A Chiropractic. He has been working with kids of all ages for 10+ years! He helped me through both my pregnancies and he has been helping both my daughters since they were born.

  4. Dr Erik Kowalke at Higher Health Chiropractic! Everyone at the office is so friendly and passionate about caring for you. Their technique is the most gentle too. No scary twisting of my neck or back, and I still have great results.

  5. I strongly recommend Dr. Michelle Hartley at Michigan Family Chiropractic Centers in Wyoming, MI. She is amazing! She is one of only two chiropractors in Kent county that has certification of CACCP, which is advanced training for children and pregnant mommies. An amazing doctor with a passion for her field and patients.

  6. I highly recommend Jason Ross at Train Out Pain. He is the best I have ever seen (and I have seen quite a few different chiropractors over the years).

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