10 Best Pediatricians in Grand Rapids

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Parents Voted for the Best Pediatricians in Grand Rapids

My children love their pediatrician so much that they will even brave the “horrific” shots (they are petrified of shots) if it means they get to see their favorite doc. He’s a wise man, reassuring, and makes the kids feel like they’re his favorite patients.

If you have kids, then fevers, rashes, and injuries are probably the norm in your house. Kids get sick. They get hurt.

Thankfully, you have your choice of best pediatricians in Grand Rapids to help you out. These pediatricians are at the top of their game and will be there for your kids, whether it’s well visits or to help with an illness or injury.

Every name in this guide received significant votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted in by our readers, and then were invited to offer more information on their practice if they wished.

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If you’re new to Grand Rapids or find yourself needing a new medical professional check out our comprehensive guide to the Top Dentists, Pediatricians, ETC for Kids in Grand Rapids. 

These are the pros that parents rely on to keep their children healthy and safe in Grand Rapids.

Best Pediatricians in Grand Rapids

Best Pediatricians for Kids

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Winner: Dr. Jeffrey Mantia at Grandville Pediatrics

TOP 10 Pediatricians for Kids

1. Mantia, Dr. Jeffrey (Grandville Pediatrics)

2. App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)

3. Hofman, Dr. Ron (Alger Pediatrics)

4. Veenema, Dr. Jeremy (Alger Pediatrics)

5. Alt, Dr. Kim (Rockford Pediatrics)

6. Fox, Dr. Lindsay (SHMG)

7. McMahon, Dr. Stephen (MiKids Pediatrics)

8. Letts, Dr. Tiffany (University of Michigan Health-West: Southwest)

9. Addy, Dr. Akuorkor (Alger Pediatrics)

10. Rauwerda, Dr. Jayne (Alger Pediatrics)

Grandville Pediatrics 2022 FCP Updated 2

Best Pediatricians in West Michigan

Grandville Pediatrics believes that children are not little adults.

Our treatment involves specialized pediatric knowledge and care, closer follow-up, a higher dedication to care of the entire patient and an increased level of provider and nurse involvement.

We believe that patients and parents deserve thorough explanations about growth and development as well as illnesses, behavioral/developmental issues, and their management.

Our providers and staff will take the time to get to know you and your children and respond to your concerns.

The best part of our job is the relationships that we build with our patient families over time!

"We have been taking our 3 kids to Grandville Pediatrics their whole lives. They are all WONDERFUL. The atmosphere puts a child at ease instantly. Plus an a.m. walk-in clinic for sick patients!"
Best Pediatricians in Grand Rapids

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8 thoughts on “10 Best Pediatricians in Grand Rapids”

  1. Second for Dr. Tiffany Letts at Metro University of Michigan. Always has a smile and very smart. Great with our children.

  2. Dr. Tiffany Letts at Metro Health Wyoming (44th St). I’m picky and went to 2 other docs before finding her and I’m so glad we did!

  3. Dr Michael Marcotte in Kentwood is wonderful. Was part of a group practice and grew with so many patients he made his own office. His wife runs the front desk. They’re very welcoming and helpful. I had him as a child and very happy to now bring my child there.

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