The 10 Best Allergists in GR, And What to Expect at Your Allergist Visit

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Smart Allergists can Get Kids Through an Appointment With Ease

Taking your child to an allergist for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

When my son was two, we had an appointment for allergy testing and all I knew was that they were going to prick my baby with a bunch of needles. I was sure there was no way he was going to let them do that without a fight! Fortunately, our visit wasn’t nearly as traumatic as I had feared.

What I learned is that although this visit can often be unpleasant, it is worth it to find a doctor who knows how to work with children.

When we laid my son on the exam table and it became clear that he was not going to sit still for this, the smart doctor suggested using my lap instead.

I sat in a rolling chair and my son laid face down on my lap while watching a show on my phone. (The phone was a great distraction!) As we waited for the allergy results to show up on his skin, the doctor put a pillow under his head and suggested I roll around in the chair to keep my son calm.

There are many area allergists who know how to get kids through these tricky appointments. Here are a few things to expect at your first visit with an allergist.

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What to Expect at Your Child’s First Allergist Visit

  • It’s a long visit! If your child is there for a consult as well as allergy testing, the visit can take 2-3 hours. Arrange childcare for siblings so you can concentrate on your child at the appointment.
  • Lots of paperwork There will be questions about the reason for your visit, symptoms, medical history, your living situation, food, environment, etc.
  • Lots of questions Your doctor will likely spend quite a bit of time discussing your answers to all of the questions in the paperwork to help determine what type of tests are needed.
  • A physical exam and testing, if necessary There will probably be a standard physical exam and assuming there is a need for allergy testing, they will conduct a prick test, blood test or whatever is deemed necessary.
  • Test results and treatment plan for allergies Once the testing is completed, the doctor will discuss with you the results of the tests and discuss a treatment plan for the allergies, as well as any lifestyle or environmental changes that will need to take place going forward.

Best Allergists in Grand Rapids

Dealing with allergies and asthma is no joke…it can be incredibly challenging (and scary) for kids and their families. Finding an allergist who can put kids at ease and identify the help they need is priceless.

Here are the top West Michigan allergists, according to our readers:

Best Allergist for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Christine Schafer at Grand Rapids Allergy

TOP 10 Allergists

1. Schafer, Dr. Christine (Grand Rapids Allergy)

2. Gell, Dr. Karyn (Grand Rapids Allergy)

3. Kelbel, Dr. Ted (Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Helen DeVos)

4. Uekert, Dr. Sara (Grand Rapids Allergy)

5. Millar, Dr. Mark (Allergy & Asthma Care of Western Michigan)

6. Dubravec, Dr. Vincent (Allergy/Asthma Specialists of W. Michigan)

7. Eastman, Dr. Jacqueline (SHMG Allergy And Immunology Grand Rapids)

8. Heyboer, Dr. Lisa (SHMG Allergy & Immunology Helen DeVos)

9. Hartog, Dr. Nicholas (SHMG Allergy and Immunology)

10. Miller, Dr. Thomas (Allergy Associates of Western Michigan)

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Grand Rapids Allergy FCP 2022

Best Allergists in West Michigan

in practice with Dr. Karyn Gell, Dr. Sara Uekert

Uncontrolled allergies, asthma and eczema can interfere with a child’s ability to rest, play, and learn.

“GRA” physicians are enthusiastic about partnering with you to identify allergic triggers and create safe, effective care plans.

Our Registered Dietitian can assist with nutrition and meal planning.

Experienced and knowledgeable clinical staff help you to understand your child’s asthma management.

We believe in shared decision making to ensure you feel supported when exploring options for your child’s care.

"This place is the best! Doctors don't rush the appointment. They work with you to formulate a plan that works for everyone. I would highly recommend GR Allergy!!!" - GRA Patient

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