Grand Rapids Doctors Awards: 10 Best Dentists, Pediatricians, OBGYNs + More

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Favorite Grand Rapids Doctors and Health Care Professionals – 2022

I’m a Grand Rapids transplant and when I was pregnant with my first child, I had no idea how to find any Grand Rapids doctors, not to mention a great OB/GYN or pediatrician!

Thankfully, my husband’s childhood doc was still in practice, so we figured that one out. But my OB/GYN was a shot in the dark. It worked out, but only because I have a “roll with it” personality.

Ideally, it’s really nice to get intel from people who know.

That’s why we polled people across West Michigan to find the area’s best dentists, eye doctors and therapists. Even though I’ve still got that “roll with it” personality, I also want my kids to be in the smartest, most compassionate hands possible.

If you are looking for Grand Rapids doctors or dentists, where do you, start?

You start here! Read on to find your new favorite healthcare provider!

Jump to these Grand Rapids Doctors:

Technical Information on Voting Process

Earlier this year we asked our readers to nominate, then vote on the best Grand Rapids doctors in West Michigan in several categories. Below you’ll find the TOP provider, as well as the top nominees, for each field, all whom received a significant number of reader votes.

It is also important to know that we only invite the top 10 providers to advertise in this guide. We did this so you can trust that every listing showcases one of the best local family care providers based on GRKIDS’ reader votes.

(Please note that this content is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Users are advised to check the certification of any care providers listed below and consult their own medical doctors before proceeding with a care plan.)


Dealing with allergies and asthma is no joke…it can be incredibly challenging (and scary) for kids and their families. Finding Grand Rapids doctors that specialize in allergies – allergists – who can put kids at ease and identify the help they need is priceless.

Here are the top West Michigan allergists, according to our readers:

Best Allergist for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Christine Schafer at Grand Rapids Allergy

TOP 10 Allergists

1. Schafer, Dr. Christine (Grand Rapids Allergy)

2. Gell, Dr. Karyn (Grand Rapids Allergy)

3. Kelbel, Dr. Ted (Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Helen DeVos)

4. Uekert, Dr. Sara (Grand Rapids Allergy)

5. Millar, Dr. Mark (Allergy & Asthma Care of Western Michigan)

6. Dubravec, Dr. Vincent (Allergy/Asthma Specialists of W. Michigan)

7. Eastman, Dr. Jacqueline (SHMG Allergy And Immunology Grand Rapids)

8. Heyboer, Dr. Lisa (SHMG Allergy & Immunology Helen DeVos)

9. Hartog, Dr. Nicholas (SHMG Allergy and Immunology)

10. Miller, Dr. Thomas (Allergy Associates of Western Michigan)

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Grand Rapids Allergy FCP 2022

Best Allergists in West Michigan

in practice with Dr. Karyn Gell, Dr. Sara Uekert

Uncontrolled allergies, asthma and eczema can interfere with a child’s ability to rest, play, and learn.

“GRA” physicians are enthusiastic about partnering with you to identify allergic triggers and create safe, effective care plans.

Our Registered Dietitian can assist with nutrition and meal planning.

Experienced and knowledgeable clinical staff help you to understand your child’s asthma management.

We believe in shared decision making to ensure you feel supported when exploring options for your child’s care.

"This place is the best! Doctors don't rush the appointment. They work with you to formulate a plan that works for everyone. I would highly recommend GR Allergy!!!" - GRA Patient


Some families seek a chiropractor for a specific issue while some seek chiropractic care for general health and maintenance throughout the year. Patients seek chiropractors for headache management, back pain and so much more.

Whatever the reason is that you’re looking for a trusted chiropractor, check out these top recommendations below.

Best Chiropractor for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Erik Kowalke at Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming

TOP 10 Chiropractors

1. Kowalke, Dr. Erik (Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming)

2. Ward, Dr. David (Active Life Chiropractic)

3. Ryder, Dr. Justin (Limitless Chiropractic)

4. Lang, Dr. Kurt Vibrant (Life Chiropractic)

5. Deyo, Dr. John Higher (Health Chiropractic)

6. Babbitt, Dr. Rachel (Rise Wellness Chiropractic)

7. DeMeester, Dr. Marc (Higher Health Chiropractic)

8. Osmer, Dr. Theresa (Flow Chiropractic)

9.Le Bon, Dr. Alexander (Simple Truth Chiropractic)

10. Bumhoffer, Dr. Nicole (Thrive Chiropractic)

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Voted a Best Chiropractor in Wyoming

Higher Health Chiropractic FCP 2022

Dr. Eric Kowalke at Higher Health Chiropractic

Higher Health provides Principled Chiropractic Care for the whole family.

Higher Health Chiropractic has been Voted #1 Pediatric and Family Chiropractor multiple years in a row.

Our Doctors and team are committed to making your experience extraordinary and helping you reach your health goals.

Call our office today and get your family on the road to better health!

"I have had tremendous improvement in my health and well-being over the past five years. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend Higher Health Chiropractic." - Cassandra C.

Voted a Best Chiropractor in Grand Rapids

Limitless Chiropractic FCP 2022

Dr. Justin Ryder at Limitless Chiropractic

Limitless Chiropractic is a family owned Chiropractic office in the heart of Cascade and Ada area.

Our mission is to serve our community and provide gentle Chiropractic care to children of all ages.

Our focus is on improving the function of children to create a healthier next generation!

Maggie started care with a primary complaint of bedwetting, only having a few dry nights ever! Shortly after staring care Maggie now only has dry nights!!

Voted a Best Chiropractor in Grand Rapids

Rise Chiropractic FCP 2022

Dr. Annie Bishop DC CACCP at Rise Wellness Chiropractic

in practice with Dr. Rachel Babbitt DC

Rise Wellness is a pediatric and pregnancy focused chiropractic office.

Dr. Annie and Dr. Rachel are passionate about helping moms through all stages of pregnancy, helping them feel and heal their best throughout, and helping their babies and kids grow and thrive.

Both doctors have advanced training in pediatric chiropractic and are Webster Technique certified.

Our office is fun-loving and playful, while also taking a scientific approach to connecting and healing from the inside out!


Today’s dentist office has changed drastically since we were kids. There are friendly, colorful waiting rooms. Understanding, patient hygienists and dentists. And of course, prizes for a job well done.

Visiting the dentist is more like a fun experience fro kids now, especially when you see these top rated dentists below.

Best Dentist for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Jessica Massie at Valleau, VanDeven and Massie

TOP 10 Dentists

1. Massie, Dr. Jessica (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie)

2. VanDeven, Dr. Chris (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie)

3. Valleau, Dr. Aimee (Valleau, VanDeven and Massie)

4. Kloostra, Dr. Stephanie (Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan)

5. Swanson, Dr. Katie (Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan)

6. Kingma, Dr. Brett (Mitten Kids Dentistry)

7. O’Callaghan, Dr. Daniel (Gaines Pediatric Dentistry)

8. Powell, Dr. Chris (Hudsonville Dental)

9. McCone, Dr. Meggan (Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry)

10. Rediske, Dr. Michael (Great Lakes Family Dentistry)

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Voted a Best Dentist in Grand Rapids

Valleau VanDeven Massie FCP 2022

Dr. Jessica Massie at Valleau, VanDeven, and Massie Dentistry for Children

in practice with Dr. Chris VanDeven and Dr. Aimee Valleau

Dr. Aimee Valleau, Dr. Christopher VanDeven, and Dr. Jessica Massie are board-certified pediatric dentists, each with more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge in caring for children’s oral health, from infancy through adolescence.

They offer kind, gentle, and compassionate care, with an understanding that children’s bodies and minds are constantly growing and developing.

All three doctors are approachable and make themselves available to their patients for questions and concerns.

They enjoy getting to know the kids and keeping up with their activities, pets, wiggly teeth, and lives.

Patients are truly family at VVMKids!

"Amazing staff! Very welcoming atmosphere, and very patient and willing to explain everything! I recommend them a hundred times over!" -Chelsea C.

Voted a Best Dentist in Grand Rapids

Pediatric Dental Specialists dentists

Dr. Stephanie Kloostra and Dr. Katie Swanson at Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan

in practice with Dr. Taryn Weil

Pediatric Dental Specialists of West Michigan is designed for kids, from infancy to adolescence.

Our doctors are board certified pediatric dentists with specialized training in child development and behavior enhancement.

Drs. Katie and Stephanie also specialize in laser frenectomy procedures to treat a lip or tongue tie for infants breastfeeding/bottle feeding or children with eating, speech or growth issues.

Whether you’re scheduling your child’s first dental visit or looking for a new dental home, this team helps kids and their parents experience going to the dentist in a positive way so they look forward to their next visit!

Every detail has been carefully thought out to make this not your average dentist. Truly a one of a kind practice! My daughter keeps asking when she can go back!

Voted a Best Dentist in Hudsonville

Great Lakes Family Dentistry FCP 2022 1

Dr. Michael Rediske DDS at Great Lakes Family Dentistry

Our goal at Great Lakes Family Dentistry is to provide a welcoming place where patients of all ages can feel right at home while receiving exceptional dental care.

Dr. Rediske and his excellent staff specialize in quality and comprehensive dentistry for the entire family.

We are committed to making you feel comfortable during your visit and helping you achieve a confident and healthy smile!

We look forward to welcoming your family!

Voted a Best Dentist in Grand Rapids

Gaines Pediatric Dentistry FCP 2022

Daniel O'Callaghan, DDS at Gaines Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Daniel O'Callaghan and the entire team love caring for the smiles of your children, whether they're just starting to get teeth or already having visits from the tooth fairy.

We know the dentist can seem like a scary place so we've worked to create a fun and welcoming environment.


From dry skin to warts to rashes – unhealthy skin is super uncomfortable. And being the largest organ in our bodies, we need to take care of it!

These Grand Rapids doctors specialize in skincare – our local dermatologists know their stuff and can help manage any skin issues you or your kids face.

Best Grand Rapids Dermatologist

1 2

Winner: Dr. Ryan Freeland at Wolverine Dermatology

TOP 10 Dermatologists

1. Freeland, Dr. Ryan (Wolverine Dermatology)

2. Ashack, Dr. Richard (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

3. Laarman, Dr. Rachel (SHMG Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital – Dermatology)

4. Meyer, Kristen (PA-C) (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

5. Ashack, Dr. Kurt (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

6. Jansen, Dr. Rebecca (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

7. Cahill, Dr. Stephen (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

8. Dapprich, Dr. Daniel (Dermatology Associates of West Michigan)

9. VanderVeen, Kurt (PA-C) (West Michigan Dermatology)

10. Green, Dr. Bridget (Dermatology Center of Grand Rapids)

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Doulas are the bffs of birth journeys. They take your hand and guide and encourage, they help you ask the right questions and know what to expect. If you want to maximize your birth experience, these are the women in Grand Rapids to call.

Best Grand Rapids Doula – Birth

1 2

Winner: Carrie Stephens at Ginger Blossom Doula Services

TOP 10 Doulas – Birth

1. Stephens, Carrie (Ginger Blossom Doula Services)

2. Barr, Brenda (Eastown Birth Partners)

3. Hollemans, Ginger (Eastown Birth Partners)

4. Revere, Kristin (Gold Coast Doulas)

5. Rodenbeck, Mandi (Great Lakes Doulas)

6. Reifinger, Jennifer (Lighthouse Doulas of West Michigan)

7. Retzlaff, Emily (My Doula GR)

8. Forton, Ashley (Gold Coast Doulas)

9. Utter, Lauren (Luco Birth and Family)

10. Dexter, Heather (Earth Mother’s Natural Health & Birth Services)

10. Baskin, Kiara (Bump to Birth Doula Services)

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Best Doula – Postpartum

1 2

Winner: Carrie Stephens at Ginger Blossom Doula Services

TOP 10 Doulas – Postpartum

1. Stephens, Carrie (Ginger Blossom Doula Services)

2. Hollemans, Ginger (Eastown Birth Partners)

3. Revere, Kristin (Gold Coast Doulas)

4. Figg, Stacey (The Village Doula)

5. Rodenbeck, Mandi (Great Lakes Doula)

6. Reifinger, Jennifer (Lighthouse Doulas of West Michigan)

7. Kraft, Gina (Gold Coast Doulas)

8. Veneklase, Alyssa (Gold Coast Doulas)

9. Utter, Lauren (Luco Birth and Family)

10. Schultz, Cassie (Great Lakes Doulas)

Gold Coast Doulas FCP

Best Doula Postpartum in West Michigan

Gold Coast Doulas offers daytime and overnight postpartum and infant care services.

We are experienced, certified and insured.

Gold Coast also offers sleep consulting support.

We serve Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore.

Call us for a free consultation.

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ENT Specialists

Ear, nose and throat specialists are no strangers to kids. These Grand Rapids doctors are ENTS – Ear infections, tonsilitis and sinus issues are just some of the things that they help with.

Best ENT Specialists for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Joseph Taylor at Grand Rapids ENT

TOP 10 ENT Specialists

1. Taylor, Dr. Joseph (Grand Rapids ENT)

2. Afman, Dr. Chad (SHMG Ear, Nose & Throat )

3. Cox, Dr. Claudell (Grand Rapids ENT)

4. Winkle, Dr. Mark (Ear Nose and Throat Center PC)

5. Kosta, Dr. John (Ear Nose and Throat Center PC)

6. Postma, Dr. Keith (SHMG Ear, Nose & Throat)

7. Heaford, Dr. Andrew (SHMG Ear, Nose & Throat)

8. Hart, Dr. Francis (SHMG Ear, Nose & Throat)

9. Foster, Dr. Michael (Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists)

10. Artz, Dr. Gregory (Grand Rapids ENT)

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Eye Doctors

One of the most transformative experiences for a kid with poor sight is putting on that first pair of glasses. The trees have leaves! The letters on the blackboard are clear!

And nowadays glasses are so stylish that picking out the perfect pair to help you see those leaves on the trees is super fun.

Best Eye Doctors for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Alyssa Parz at WOW Vision Therapy

TOP 10 Eye Doctors for Kids

1. Parz, Dr. Alyssa (WOW Vision Therapy)

2. Stites, Dr. Carl (Stites Eye Care)

3. Droste, Dr. Patrick (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)

4. Conley, Dr. Julie (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology)

5. Kenyon, Dr. Jeffrey (West Michigan Eyecare Associates)

6. Burton, Dr. James (Grandville Eye Care)

6. Coon, Dr. Kiersten (Family and Pediatric Eyecare)

8. Peters, Dr. Robert J. (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)

9. Anderson, Dr. Gary (Anderson Eye Care)

10. Conflitti, Dr. Richard (Allendale Eye Care)

10. Wilke, Dr. Andrew (Grand Rapids Ophthalmology)

10. Rosen, Dr. Samantha (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology)

West Michigan Eyecare FCP 2022

Best Eye Doctors in West Michigan

in practice with Cynthia Geneva, OD Jon Wieringa, OD Laura Kenyon, OD Gregory Ford, OD

Dr. Jeff Kenyon is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized service to each of his patients, from infancy to adulthood.

With expertise in pediatrics, amblyopia care, learning disorders, and vision therapy, we are equipped to meet your needs from the routine to the more complex.

The doctors and staff at West Michigan Eyecare will help your child feel at ease from the moment they arrive.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

"Dr. Kenyon and Staff are AMAZING! He's been caring for our family’s eyes for 13 years. I wouldn't trust our eyes to any other doctors in the world."

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Mental Health Professionals

Demand for mental health professionals keeps rising, as families are seeing the immense benefits it gives to their kids.

From anxiety to depression to other struggles, therapists come alongside your kid and teach them coping techniques and more, so they can move through life with the best tools for mental health.

Best Mental Health Professionals for Kids

1 2

Winner: Renee Orr, LMSW, at HRA Psychological Services

TOP 10 Mental Health Professionals for Kids

1. Orr, Renee LMSW (HRA Psychological Services)

2. Warholic, Christina PSYD (BRAINS)

3. Wiersema, Chelsea LSMW (Human Kind Counseling Group)

4. Dykstra, Eric (Anchored Family: Psychology & Counseling Associates)

4. Maurer, Dr. Jennifer (BRAINS)

6. Bowden, Dr. Jennifer (Helen DeVos Behavioral Health)

6. Bergsma, Alyssa (Mindful Counseling GR)

6. Bridges, Brad (BRAINS)

7. Brouwer, Brooke LMSW (Anchored Family: Psychology & Counseling Associates)

7. Wolff, Dr. Michael (BRAINS)

7. Zinser, Carrie LMSW (BRAINS)

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Best Midwives

1 2

Winner: Sarah Kent at Spectrum Health Medical Group OB/Gyn

TOP 10 Midwives

1. Kent, Sarah (Spectrum Health Medical Group)

2. LaGrand, Sarah (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)

3. Badger, Sara (Simply Born)

4. Holshoe, Jennifer (West Michigan Midwifery)

5. Porter, Kim (Michigan Born and Raised)

6. Visser, Yolanda (Birth Song)

7. Reinsma, Breck (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)

8. George, MaryAnne (Spectrum Health OB/GYN)

9. Slater, Laura (MI Home Birth)

10. Dib, Kristen (Advanced Obstetrics & Genecology)

10. Bratschie, Alexandra (Spectrum Health OB/GYN)

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Having a baby? These Grand Rapids doctors for women specialize in not only childbirth but can assist you with birth control and into menopause.

Best OB / GYNs

1 2

Winner: Dr. Robyn Hubbard at Grand Rapids Women’s Health

TOP 10 OB / GYNs

1. Hubbard, Dr. Robyn (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

2. Klyn, Dr. Michelle (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

3. LaGrand, Dr. John (Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology)

4. Michele, Dr. Tami (Advanced OB/GYN)

5. Florido, Dr. Judith (University of Michigan Health-West OB/Gyn)

6. Jereb, Dr. Heather (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

7. Van De Burg, Dr. Anita (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

8. Brandt, Dr. Ruth (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

9. Bollin-Richards, Dr. Brooke (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

10. Hoekstra, Dr. Erinn (Grand Rapids Women’s Health)

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Occupational Therapists

Best Occupational Therapists for Kids

1 2

Winner: Kaylie Stearns at Sensational Steps Therapy, Inc.

TOP 10 Occupational Therapists for Kids

1. Stearns, Kaylie (Sensational Steps Therapy, Inc.)

2. Benvenuti, Katelyn (BRAINS)

3. Kerbs, Kendra (Paper Plane Therapies)

4. Westerhuis, Jennifer (Easterseals of Michigan)

5. Rodgers, Megan (Paper Plane Therapies)

6. Chorney, Shelby (BRAINS)

7. Hicks, Olivia (Paper Plane Therapies)

8. Evans, Jenny (Paper Plane Therapies)

9. Ballard, Stephanie (Family Tree Therapies)

10. Langley, Chelsey (Paper Plane Therapies)

Sensational Steps Therapy FCP 2022 800x200 1

Best Occupational Therapists in West Michigan

At Sensational Steps Therapy, Inc., we utilize a play-based approach to ensure occupational therapy treatment is meaningful, individualized, and intrinsically motivating to each child.

Kaylie Stearns, OTR/L is a Sensory Integration certified therapist, DIRFloortime® provider, handwriting specialist, and feeding therapist.

Our practice proudly offers clinic-based, in-home, and teletherapy OT services.

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Orthodontists are about more than a pretty smile – although that is a big part of what they do. These specialists work to correct alignment issues and other functional components of the anatomy as well. Here are the best orthodontists for kids:

Best Orthodontists for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Thomas Williams at Williams Orthodontics

TOP 10 Orthodontists for Kids

1. Williams, Dr. Thomas (Williams Orthodontics)

2. Knapp, Dr. Kevin (Knapp Orthodontics)

3. Swan, Dr. Kathryn (Swan Orthodontics)

4. Wierenga, Dr. Mark (Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics)

5. Heinz, Dr. Jeff (Heinz Orthodontics)

6. O’Grady, Dr. Paul (O’Grady Orthodontics)

7. Hannapel, Dr. Eric (Hannapel Pellillo Orthodontics)

8. Powell, Dr. Mark (Powell Orthodontics)

9. Armbrecht, Dr. David (Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics)

10. Shannon, Dr. Tom (Shannon Orthodontics)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Rockford

Williams Orthodontics FCP 2022

Thomas Williams DDS, MClD at Williams Orthodontics

in practice with Alexis Gallagher DDS, MS

"I wish more healthcare facilities were run like this one!

'From the front support staff to the docs, the service and experience are top notch.

'Well-organized, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable staff that care about their patients and take the time to explain options and treatment plans so that they make sense…

'You will be hard pressed to find better service than Williams Ortho anywhere, and they deliver it consistently, day-in and day-out!" - Paul K.

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Grand Rapids

OGrady Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Paul O'Grady at O'Grady Orthodontics

Dr. Paul O’Grady and our Grand Rapids orthodontic staff strive to provide family-friendly orthodontics for patients of all ages- children, teens, and adults!

Patients will benefit from the latest advancements in orthodontics which will make treatment more comfortable with fewer appointments, and reduce overall time spent in braces or Invisalign aligners.

With the most advanced equipment, Dr. O’Grady provides exceptional care for your family.

O’Grady Orthodontics looks forward to caring for the needs of each patient with the mission to build a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

Are you ready to build a brighter future with a brighter smile?

Great experience. Excellent staff that strives for a very positive patient experience. Would highly recommend! -L. Killebrew (Recent Google Review)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Caledonia

Swan Orthodontics FCP 2022

Kathryn Swan at Swan Orthodontics

Dr. Swan and her team cater to the needs of child, teen, and adult patients.

Swan Orthodontics is a state-of-the-art practice with 3D x-rays, digital scans (no more goopy impressions) and free Invisalign upgrades (even for complex treatment plans)!

Offering virtual monitoring for their patients to minimize interruptions from school and work.

At Swan Orthodontics, they do not let finances get in the way of the treatment you deserve. They offer extremely flexible payment plans to fit into nearly every budget.

The team strives to be the best part of your day while creating beautiful smiles for your entire family!

"The Swan team is great!! I would highly recommend them and my son has beautiful straight teeth to prove it! Thanks!" -Cassandra

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Grandville

Armbrecht and Wierenga Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Mark Wierenga and Dr. David Armbrecht at Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics

in practice with Dr. Katherine Randall

A&W Orthodontics is Grand Rapids' longest standing orthodontic practice, with more years of provider experience than any other local orthodontic office.

Our focus is on top quality care in a calm, friendly environment with individual treatment plans tailored to your child or teen.

All insurances accepted. High-tech imaging and intraoral scanning available. See a doctor at each visit.

We offer family discounts and flexible payment plans for every budget. Treatment options available for parents as well!

Open 5 days per week. Give one of our two locations a call, chances are we're within 10 miles of where you live!

We love A&W. Everyone is very friendly. The staff is great with kids. And my son has a great smile! - Mary V (via Google)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Byron Center

Knapp Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Kevin Knapp at Knapp Orthodontics

Dr. Kevin Knapp is an Orthodontic Specialist treating children, teens, and adults with the most advanced and efficient orthodontic treatments available.

Our state-of-the-art office is 100% digital and integrates technology beautifully with patient care and overall experience.

Exceptional care, cutting-edge equipment, and the best materials mean beautiful outcomes in shorter treatment times.

We offer industry-leading flexibility in our financing, and no one is ever denied flexible payment plans.

During your free consultation we will discuss your customized treatment options, total time in treatment, and the overall affordable investment.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

Dr. Knapp and the rest of the team are some of the friendliest people ever. They truly love what they do and they deeply care about each patient. - Alex B.

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Rockford

Heinz Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Jeffrey M. Heinz at Heinz Orthodontics

Heinz Orthodontics provides care for everyone in your family.

We offer both traditional metal and clear braces and clear aligner therapy.

Dr. Heinz has lectured nationally on how to straighten teeth efficiently and effectively with clear aligner systems and participates in clinical trials shaping leading-edge orthodontic products.

We look forward to providing world class smiles and service to your family.

Schedule a free consultation today!

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Grand Rapids doctors just for kids! That’s where pediatricians come in, at least. Most pediatricians offer care for infants, children, adolescents, and young adults until around age 20-21. Here are the top pediatricians in our area:

Best Pediatricians for Kids

1 2

Winner: Dr. Jeffrey Mantia at Grandville Pediatrics

TOP 10 Pediatricians for Kids

1. Mantia, Dr. Jeffrey (Grandville Pediatrics)

2. App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)

3. Hofman, Dr. Ron (Alger Pediatrics)

4. Veenema, Dr. Jeremy (Alger Pediatrics)

5. Alt, Dr. Kim (Rockford Pediatrics)

6. Fox, Dr. Lindsay (SHMG)

7. McMahon, Dr. Stephen (MiKids Pediatrics)

8. Letts, Dr. Tiffany (University of Michigan Health-West: Southwest)

9. Addy, Dr. Akuorkor (Alger Pediatrics)

10. Rauwerda, Dr. Jayne (Alger Pediatrics)

Grandville Pediatrics 2022 FCP Updated 2

Best Pediatricians in West Michigan

Grandville Pediatrics believes that children are not little adults.

Our treatment involves specialized pediatric knowledge and care, closer follow-up, a higher dedication to care of the entire patient and an increased level of provider and nurse involvement.

We believe that patients and parents deserve thorough explanations about growth and development as well as illnesses, behavioral/developmental issues, and their management.

Our providers and staff will take the time to get to know you and your children and respond to your concerns.

The best part of our job is the relationships that we build with our patient families over time!

"We have been taking our 3 kids to Grandville Pediatrics their whole lives. They are all WONDERFUL. The atmosphere puts a child at ease instantly. Plus an a.m. walk-in clinic for sick patients!"

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Primary Care Practitioners

Treating the whole family is what some Grand Rapids doctors prefer. These primary care practitioners are often a one-stop shop for everyone under your roof.

Best Primary Care Practitioners

1 2

Winner: Dr. Michael App at Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan

TOP 10 Primary Care Practitioners

1. App, Dr. Michael (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics of West Michigan)

2. Dykstra, Dr. John ( University of Michigan Health-West)

3. Durfee, Dr. Gerald (Mercy Health)

3. Kern, Dr. Kristi ( University of Michigan Health-West: Cascade)

5. Woo, Dr. Jeffery (Christian Healthcare Centers)

6. Hoekstra, Dr. Anne (SHMG)

6. Letts, Dr. Tiffany ( University of Michigan Health-West: Southwest)

8. Decker, Dr. Brian (Mercy Health)

9. Vreeke, Dr. Tanya (Mercy Health)

9. Steen, Dr. StacyAnn (Advantage Health Physicians)

9. Zook, Dr. Brenda (SHMG Family Medicine Sparta)

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Speech Therapists

Best Speech Therapists for Kids

1 2

Winner: Tami Teshima at Duncan Lake Speech Therapy

TOP 10 Speech Therapists for Kids

1. Teshima, Tami (Duncan Lake Speech Therapy)

2. Joesel, Courtney (Building Blocks)

3. Ostrom, Amanda (Paper Plane Therapies)

4. Stasiak, Megan (Paper Plane Therapies)

5. Ingles, Rebecca (New Heights Speech and Language)

6. DeVries, Katie (Grand Rapids Speech Therapy LLC)

7. Busch, Kaitlin (BRAINS)

8. Jo, Kailey (Paper Plane Therapies)

9. Miller, Jill (Paper Plane Therapies)

10. Gravelyn, Lauren (Paper Plane Therapies)

Voted a Best Speech Therapist in Grand Rapids

Duncan Lake Speech Therapy

Tamiko Teshima, M.A, CCC-SLP at Duncan Lake Speech Therapy LLC

in practice with Anna Dubiak, M.S, CCC-SLP

Duncan Lake Speech Therapy, LLC is a small, private speech-language pathology clinic based in Grand Rapids.

Our goal is to provide client-centered, collaborative services, and to live into the values of representation, diversity, inclusion, and cultural responsiveness.

Our services include treatment for articulation/phonological disorders, apraxia of speech, expressive/receptive language disorders, stuttering, early language delays, orofacial myofunctional disorders, AAC, and speech disorders related to ASD, Down Syndrome, ADHD, and Cerebral Palsy.

We also offer gender-affirming voice modification for folks of all ages.

Contact us today for more information about how we can serve you and your family!

We are truly grateful for Duncan Lake Speech Therapy and highly recommend Tamiko's services.

Voted a Best Speech Therapist in Grand Rapids

Building Blocks Therapy Services FCP 2022

Courtney Joesel at Building Blocks Therapy Services, LLC

Building Blocks Therapy Services mission is to provide professional speech, language and feeding services from infancy to adulthood for a variety of disorders.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality, researched based treatment plans that are individualized to enhance the daily lives of the clients and families.

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3 thoughts on “Grand Rapids Doctors Awards: 10 Best Dentists, Pediatricians, OBGYNs + More”

  1. Proud to say Megan is now working at The Center for Childhood Development. She is a phenomenal therapist!!!

  2. This is an awesome list and resource and there are definitely some wonderful clinicians and therapists on here. Next time you publish this list I would also love to include a category for physical therapists.

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