These #1 Voted Grand Rapids Eye Doctors are Tops With Kids

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Your child’s vision impacts everything.

I got glasses when I was three, so I watch my children like a hawk, looking for signs that they may need glasses. Every morning I put on my glasses and am reminded just how much my world would be affected if I didn’t have corrected vision, and I don’t want them to struggle if they have eyes like me.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have a thorough eye exam at age 3 and again just before entering kindergarten or first grade. If you are looking for a great eye doctor for your family, check out this list of the top-voted eye doctors in West Michigan.

If you’re new to Grand Rapids or find yourself needing a new medical professional check out our comprehensive guide to the Top Dentists, Pediatricians, etc for Kids in Grand Rapids. See the number-one-voted doc for several categories, and lists of excellent runners-up.

Every name in this guide received votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted in by our readers, and then were invited to offer more information on their practice if they wished.

Eye Doctors for Kids

You probably tell your kids that eating carrots will help their eye sight, but offering our kids vegetables isn’t the only thing we should do when it comes to our kids’ vision. Children also need to see an eye doctor.

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children have a thorough eye exam at age 3 and again just before entering kindergarten or first grade. If you are looking (pun intended) for a great eye doctor for your family, check out this list of the top-voted eye doctors in West Michigan.

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Voted Top Grand Rapids Eye Doctors

Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, Wow Vision Therapy

Dr. Alyssa Bartolini, O.D., FCOVD at Wow Vision Therapy

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At Wow Vision Therapy, we are a world-class developmental and rehabilitative Vision Therapy practice. Our board-certified doctors and vision therapists dedicate each day to helping our patients acquire improved vision abilities. In doing so, we deliver innovative Optometric Vision Therapy through the principles of neuroscience. After treatment, our patients typically obtain significantly improved visual function, visual comfort, attention and concentration, academic abilities, work and sports performance, and overall quality of life. These improvements often empower our patients with a greater sense of efficiency, productivity and confidence.

During treatment, our patients experience a highly personalized approach with each session one-on-one (therapist-to-patient), conducted under doctor supervision. Our doctors and board-certified vision therapists apply state-of-the-art technology and procedures, making treatment enjoyable and productive. Our advanced approach incorporates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing and cognitive abilities. This methodology allows our patients to develop their visual abilities and improve daily living in the classroom, the workplace, and in sports.

“Vision Therapy has been the best gift ever given to Madelyn and our family. Now Madelyn has more focus when she is working on something and can sit still for longer periods of time. Madelyn is now on track to be a successful First Grader, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. We are so blessed to find this place and would highly recommend Wow Vision Therapy to everyone.”

Parent of patient at Wow Vision Therapy

Jeffrey Kenyon, OD at West Michigan Eyecare Associates

West Michigan Eyecare Associates 1

Dr. Jeff Kenyon is committed to providing exceptional care and personalized service to each of his patients, from infancy to adulthood. With expertise in pediatrics, amblyopia care, vision-related learning disorders, and vision therapy, we are equipped to meet your eye care needs from the routine to the more complex. The friendly doctors and staff at West Michigan Eyecare will help your child feel at ease from the moment they walk into the office. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

West Michigan Eyecare providers: Jeffrey Kenyon, OD, Cynthia Geneva, OD (Pediatrics & Vision Therapy), Jon Wieringa, OD (Cornea & Specialty Contact Lenses), J. Gregory Ford, OD (Dry Eye & Contact Lenses), and Laura Kenyon, OD (Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration)

“Dr. Kenyon and his staff do an excellent job of making young clients feel comfortable and heard during their appointments. My daughter always enjoys her visit and was very excited to choose new glasses this year. She feels connected, which is so important in ensuring she gets the best care for her eyes.” 

Patient at West Michigan Eyecare

1 – Alyssa Bartolini (Wow Vision Therapy)
2 – Droste, Dr. Patrick (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)
3 – Kenyon, Dr. Jeffrey (West Michigan Eyecare Associates)
4 – Conley, Dr. Julie (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Ophthalmology)
5 – Coon, Dr. Kiersten (Family and Pediatric Eyecare)
6 – Geddie, Dr. Brooke (Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital- Ophthalmology)
7 – Huizenga, Dr. Angela (Grand Rapids Ophthalmology)
8 – (TIE) Anderson, Dr. Gary (Anderson Eye Care)
8 – (TIE) Ecenbarger, Dr. Staci (Ecenbarger Eye Care)
10 – Peters, Dr. Robert J. (Pediatric Ophthalmology and Ocular Motility)

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