The 10 Best Orthodontists in Grand Rapids

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We Asked Parents to Name The Best Orthodontists

Who doesn’t love to see their child smile? An orthodontist can help children feel confident about their smile, but with frequent appointments, and sometimes a lengthy and expensive treatment plan, finding the right Grand Rapids orthodontist for your child is an important decision.

Thankfully, parents all over West Michigan have revealed to us the Grand Rapids orthodontists they love for their kids. Check out our list of the best Orthodontists in Grand Rapids, voted on by you, our readers.

Every name in this list received votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted in by our readers, and then were invited to offer more information on their practice if they wished.

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These are the pros that parents rely on to keep their children healthy and safe in Grand Rapids.

Best Grand Rapids Orthodontists

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Best Orthodontists for Kids

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Winner: Dr. Thomas Williams at Williams Orthodontics

TOP 10 Orthodontists for Kids

1. Williams, Dr. Thomas (Williams Orthodontics)

2. Knapp, Dr. Kevin (Knapp Orthodontics)

3. Swan, Dr. Kathryn (Swan Orthodontics)

4. Wierenga, Dr. Mark (Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics)

5. Heinz, Dr. Jeff (Heinz Orthodontics)

6. O’Grady, Dr. Paul (O’Grady Orthodontics)

7. Hannapel, Dr. Eric (Hannapel Pellillo Orthodontics)

8. Powell, Dr. Mark (Powell Orthodontics)

9. Armbrecht, Dr. David (Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics)

10. Shannon, Dr. Tom (Shannon Orthodontics)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Rockford

Williams Orthodontics FCP 2022

Thomas Williams DDS, MClD at Williams Orthodontics

in practice with Alexis Gallagher DDS, MS

"I wish more healthcare facilities were run like this one!

'From the front support staff to the docs, the service and experience are top notch.

'Well-organized, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable staff that care about their patients and take the time to explain options and treatment plans so that they make sense…

'You will be hard pressed to find better service than Williams Ortho anywhere, and they deliver it consistently, day-in and day-out!" - Paul K.

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Grand Rapids

OGrady Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Paul O'Grady at O'Grady Orthodontics

Dr. Paul O’Grady and our Grand Rapids orthodontic staff strive to provide family-friendly orthodontics for patients of all ages- children, teens, and adults!

Patients will benefit from the latest advancements in orthodontics which will make treatment more comfortable with fewer appointments, and reduce overall time spent in braces or Invisalign aligners.

With the most advanced equipment, Dr. O’Grady provides exceptional care for your family.

O’Grady Orthodontics looks forward to caring for the needs of each patient with the mission to build a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

Are you ready to build a brighter future with a brighter smile?

Great experience. Excellent staff that strives for a very positive patient experience. Would highly recommend! -L. Killebrew (Recent Google Review)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Caledonia

Swan Orthodontics FCP 2022

Kathryn Swan at Swan Orthodontics

Dr. Swan and her team cater to the needs of child, teen, and adult patients.

Swan Orthodontics is a state-of-the-art practice with 3D x-rays, digital scans (no more goopy impressions) and free Invisalign upgrades (even for complex treatment plans)!

Offering virtual monitoring for their patients to minimize interruptions from school and work.

At Swan Orthodontics, they do not let finances get in the way of the treatment you deserve. They offer extremely flexible payment plans to fit into nearly every budget.

The team strives to be the best part of your day while creating beautiful smiles for your entire family!

"The Swan team is great!! I would highly recommend them and my son has beautiful straight teeth to prove it! Thanks!" -Cassandra

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Grandville

Armbrecht and Wierenga Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Mark Wierenga and Dr. David Armbrecht at Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics

in practice with Dr. Katherine Randall

A&W Orthodontics is Grand Rapids' longest standing orthodontic practice, with more years of provider experience than any other local orthodontic office.

Our focus is on top quality care in a calm, friendly environment with individual treatment plans tailored to your child or teen.

All insurances accepted. High-tech imaging and intraoral scanning available. See a doctor at each visit.

We offer family discounts and flexible payment plans for every budget. Treatment options available for parents as well!

Open 5 days per week. Give one of our two locations a call, chances are we're within 10 miles of where you live!

We love A&W. Everyone is very friendly. The staff is great with kids. And my son has a great smile! - Mary V (via Google)

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Byron Center

Knapp Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Kevin Knapp at Knapp Orthodontics

Dr. Kevin Knapp is an Orthodontic Specialist treating children, teens, and adults with the most advanced and efficient orthodontic treatments available.

Our state-of-the-art office is 100% digital and integrates technology beautifully with patient care and overall experience.

Exceptional care, cutting-edge equipment, and the best materials mean beautiful outcomes in shorter treatment times.

We offer industry-leading flexibility in our financing, and no one is ever denied flexible payment plans.

During your free consultation we will discuss your customized treatment options, total time in treatment, and the overall affordable investment.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

Dr. Knapp and the rest of the team are some of the friendliest people ever. They truly love what they do and they deeply care about each patient. - Alex B.

Voted a Best Orthodontist in Rockford

Heinz Orthodontics FCP 2022

Dr. Jeffrey M. Heinz at Heinz Orthodontics

Heinz Orthodontics provides care for everyone in your family.

We offer both traditional metal and clear braces and clear aligner therapy.

Dr. Heinz has lectured nationally on how to straighten teeth efficiently and effectively with clear aligner systems and participates in clinical trials shaping leading-edge orthodontic products.

We look forward to providing world class smiles and service to your family.

Schedule a free consultation today!

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  1. I am looking for an orthodontist on the NE or NW side of town. Has anyone compared the cost of treatment plans in that area and who did you find the most reasonably priced with great care? Thanks

  2. Dr. John Monticello and Staff are wonderful! They did great work on all 4 of our kids, including 3 with special needs! All 4 have beautiful teeth! The whole staff is kind and helpful!!!

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