Dr. Swan and the Swan Orthodontics Team are the Smile-Makers You Want to Work With

Kids’ Smiles Transform Under the Swan Orthodontics Team

Over the last 26 months, my son has worked with Swan Orthodontics in Caledonia to help make his smile something really great.

If the time has come for you or your kids to see an orthodontist and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, let me help by sharing a bit of our journey with you. 

This article will answer some of those burning orthodontia questions you may have, like “How long does the process take?,” “What’s better – braces or Invisalign?,” and  “What are my financing options?” 

I’ll walk you through our experience to give you an idea of what being a Swan Orthodontic patient is like.

First Things First, Schedule a Free Consultation

You picked up the phone and scheduled a free new patient consultation (or scheduled it online) and now what happens?

At my son’s first appointment, we met with Jessie, Swan Ortho’s Treatment Coordinator. 

Her upbeat personality made the whole appointment really enjoyable. She gave us a tour of the office and took a panoramic x-ray, photos, and a 3-D digital scan of my son’s mouth. (Good riddance, goopy impressions!). 

Dr. Swan came in for an exam and gave us her recommendation for treatment and when we should start. 

Common Braces Questions

Treatment plans vary for every patient, but in my son’s case, he was ready to start treatment right away. Jessie wrapped up our appointment by going over everything, including answering those burning questions:

How long does the braces process take?

A: It all depends on the patient! The average length is 12-24 months. My son was in treatment for 26 months.

What’s better – braces or Invisalign?

They’re both great! We opted for traditional metal braces because this option meant a shorter treatment time and the convenience of never forgetting to wear (or possibly lose) Invisalign trays.

BONUS: Swan Orthodontics offers both and there is no difference in treatment cost.

What are my financing options?

Swan Ortho wants everyone to have access to a beautiful and healthy smile.

They offer payment plans that work within your family’s budget, along with offering discounts for payments made in full and for additional family members that start treatment. They’ll work with your insurance company and they have a variety of financing options, too.

Before we left, we set-up an appointment to have braces put on and my son was officially a Swan Orthdontics patient!

What’s Ahead: Stepping Into the World of Orthodontia

The exam and consultation are complete and you’re ready to start treatment, but what lies ahead?

The first big appointment you’ll have will be to get your braces or Invisalign. I can only speak to our experience with braces, but this first appointment takes a little longer (around an hour or so). 

My son had an amazing Orthodontic Assistant that prepped his teeth and then attached brackets and a wire. She explained everything before she did it so there were no surprises.

Wearing braces comes with added responsibility on behalf of the patient. Our Orthodontic Assistant went over the importance of brushing and flossing and avoiding foods that could cause potential issues. 

And of course, when coaxing teeth into a perfect smile, there’s going to be some soreness and discomfort. 

It’s never a bad idea to plan on softer foods and having some over-the-counter pain relievers on hand the first few days after an appointment.

After that first big appointment, you’ll return every four to eight weeks. 

You’ll see an Orthodontic Assistant who will make any necessary updates to your hardware (i.e. brackets and wires). Dr. Swan also checks in with you at every appointment to see how things are progressing.

Over the two years my son and I went for his regular six week appointments, we really got to know the staff. 

We can say without hesitation that Dr. Swan and the Orthodontic Assistants are incredibly kind, approachable, and friendly. 

There’s a reason why Dr. Swan has consistently been voted a Top 10 Orthodontists for Kids by Grand Rapids Kids readers!  

When you reach the finish line of your treatment, the braces will come off and you’ll be fit for a retainer to ensure your teeth don’t shift from their straight position. 

Then it’s time to celebrate by taking a ton of selfies to show off your perfect new smile!

Swan Orthodonics Amps Things Up For Patients With These 5 Perks

1 – Wooden Nickel Incentive Program

Rewards can go a long way in getting your forgetful kid to brush their teeth or wear their elastics and Swan Ortho does a great job of encouraging them with this fun program.

Every appointment, patients can earn Wooden Nickels for good brushing, no broken hardware (brackets, etc.), regular wearing of elastics, and wearing your Swan Ortho t-shirt. Nickels can be turned in at any time for some pretty sweet prizes – from gift cards to Michigan’s Adventure passes to an iPad!

2 – Swag Bags Before and After Treatment

At my son’s first appointment, Swan Ortho loaded him up with everything he needed to take care of his braces along with a t-shirt. And when his braces came off, the whole team came out dancing and congratulated him before sending him on his way with a bag of goodies. 

3 – Complimentary Slushies

Their slushee machine was a nice way to soothe a sore/dry mouth after an appointment. 

4 – Relaxing Atmosphere Makes for Best Experience

Their reception area has everything from a cozy fireplace to a perfect nook with a tv to keep younger siblings entertained.

Take a walk back to their treatment area and you’ll find big windows and partitioned exam areas.

And to keep the general fun, laid-back vibe going, Swan Ortho has a killer music playlist. Elevator music, what’s that?

5 – Helpful Appointment Reminders

From an email delivered promptly to my inbox when an appointment was scheduled, to a reminder text the week before and day of, I miraculously never forgot an appointment thanks to their help.

And on the occasion we needed to reschedule, the Swan Ortho staff was always kindly accommodating. 

All these perks made going to the orthodontist more enjoyable and definitely added to the overall value of our experience!

More About Swan Orthodontics

Swan Orthodontics serves patients throughout West Michigan.

Located near the corner of 68th Street & Kalamazoo in Caledonia, their office is only minutes from M-6. 

Schedule a complimentary consult at (616) 698-2323 or visit their website for more information.

Swan Orthodontics

1723 68th Street SE, Caledonia, MI 49316

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