Michigan Kids Modeling Agencies, Plus Questions to Ask Before You Start

Kids Modeling Agencies in Michigan

So, your little one wants to be a model? While kids and baby modeling agencies are tougher to find in smaller cities like Grand Rapids, and usually are housed in Chicago, there are places here to get the talent bug growing.

Unique Models and Talent in Grandville is a local favorite. Vonda Poll-Hartung, owner and director of this local agency is personal and responsive. It is always good to be able to connect to a person, which was hard to find among the many agencies available.

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4 Questions to Ask Before You Start With Kids Talent & Modeling

Vonda gave some tips to parents new to the modeling world.

1 – Is it Kids Modeling THEIR Passion, Or Yours?

The best tip to remember is not to shell out a ton of money at the start. Kids change their minds and become disinterested in what they were obsessed with a week before. Make sure this is the right direction.

“Make sure the child really wants to do this or it will not work,” advises Vonda.

“No matter how much you want this for them, it doesn’t matter. They have to love the spotlight and cooperate with other adults.”

2 – Can You Make the Time Commitment for Baby Modeling?

Do you have time to drive your child to photoshoots, possibly for hours at a time?

“Modeling is a demanding extracurricular activity,” says Vonda. “You will be driving.”

3 – Does Your Child Have the Personality for This?

As a photographer, I know that it is helpful if your child is responsive to other adults, friendly, cheerful, and outgoing.

Are they independent and comfortable being away from you? Are you comfortable giving other adults space and letting them work with your child? Great photos come from natural connection with others, emotional balance, and again, responsiveness.

The “deer-in-headlights” look, or “stranger-danger” looks won’t do.

4 – Do You Have Super Current Headshots?

Vonda says that to start, you can submit regular snapshots (professional photos are not necessary at the beginning stage) but make sure they are updated!

“Many parents will tell us ‘Oh, he has a mohawk now,’ or ‘Well, she has braces now,’” says Vonda. “We need to see updated photos at all times. (Grooming is also important, such as keeping nails trimmed, so don’t forget about the small things.)”

If you are submitting snapshots to start, solid colors for clothing work best; avoid prints and wording. Natural light is best for photos, and preferably shade. Try putting the sun to the child’s back, which gives a beautiful ring of light or “halo” around him or her. You don’t want squinting or harsh light, as it creates dark unflattering shadows. Shoot at their height or from above, aiming down, for flattering angles.

Remember that this is FUN. Keep that in mind, for both of you!

Michigan Modeling Agencies

Kids Modeling Agencies

Some are in town, and some are a drive, but these agencies are pros at kids and baby modeling.

  1. Unique Models and Talent2855 44th Street, Suite 165 North Grandville, MI 49418
  2. Rossa Casting Agency | Grand Rapids, MI (Please submit inquiries electronically)
  3. Bravo Talent Management | Based out of Chicago.
  4. QuickBook Agency | Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Lansing

General Modeling & Talent Agencies

  1. Endless Management | Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Point Modeling | BÜK STUDIOS & Co, 4423 West KL Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  3. John Casablancas Modeling | 9401 General Dr #131, Plymouth, MI 48170
  4. The Studio Group | 30095 Northwestern Highway #30A, Farmington Hills MI 48334

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  1. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Grand Rapids, the best agency in the Midwest for kids is IndyModels in Indianapolis. They actually have real work for kids ages 4-16 (especially ages 10-16.) We’ve been very happy with them.


    Thanks so much for all this useful information in one spot , all my questions were answered , nice set up

  3. My son is signed with Unique Models and has done 8 bookings with Meijer, we love unique! Vonda and Mary are amazing to work with and we can’t thank them enough for the opportunities they’ve given us!

  4. Hi Melody,
    Just a quick up date on Unique Models & Talent. We moved our offices to downtown Grand Rapids! Our new address is 77 Monroe Center NW, Suite 500, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. The phone number is still the same. Also, Submissions are now accepted through our website at uniquemodelsandtalent.com all they need to do is go to the “be a model” tab fill out the form, and they can upload pictures right from their computer. No need to mail submissions any more. 🙂
    My Best,
    Vonda Muller

  5. Hi I am the mother of a 6year old girl who is very smart and amazing little girl who’s will to do some modeling work.

  6. Victoria Hardy

    I sent my daughters pics to Unique and Legacy…Unique has put her pic in their book and Legacy just sent me an email and they want to interview her…can you tell me anything about Legacy? I’ve never heard of them and would appreciate any info you might have about them.
    thank you…

    1. Esther Rachel Lange

      Hey maybe you can help!
      im trying to model my little girl! shes little how did you do it? im trying to look for a good agency!!

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