These Chiropractors Can Set You Straight!

Chiropractors aren’t just for adults who throw their backs out. Many kids, starting as early as newborns, have found chiropractic care to be helpful for a variety of medical issues. Looking for a great chiropractor to treat your kids? We polled West Michigan parents to find the best chiropractors around. Check out the list below!

If you’re new to Grand Rapids or find yourself needing a new medical professional, check out our comprehensive guide to the Top Dentists, Pediatricians, ETC for Kids in Grand Rapids. See the number-one-voted doc for several categories, and lists of excellent runners-up.

Every name in this guide received votes from our readers. Any sponsors you see were first voted in by our readers, and then were invited to offer more information on their practice if they wished.

Chiropractors for Families in Grand Rapids

Have you ever pulled something in your back or neck and the pain is so bad that you want to see a chiropractor immediately? Many of us have been there before!

Other families simply prefer to seek chiropractic care for general health and maintenance throughout the year.

Whatever the reason is that you’re looking for a trusted chiropractor, check out these top recommendations below.

Voted Top Chiropractor for Families

Dr. David Ward at Active Life Chiropractor

Dr. Ward at Active Life Chiropractic

Dr. Ward is the only Cox Technic certified physician in the greater Grand Rapids area. Through this technic he is helping people from near and far with their low back and cervical disc pain. The Cox technic is the use of spinal decompression to relieve the pressure on the discs in the spine. By using flexion and distraction, Dr. Ward gently stretches the spine to change the force and position of the spine. This helps take the pressure off of the discs and get you back to a healthier, pain-free you.

2700 5 Mile Rd NE #101 | Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Erik Kowalke, Dr. Marc & Dr. Katie DeMeester, and Dr. John Deyo, Higher Health Chiropractic

Our mission is to help kids and their families achieve their God-given optimal health potential through Principled Chiropractic Care. We utilize harmless, state of the art chiropractic technology to locate nerve interference, which causes health concerns. Without the typical twisting, cracking and popping, we are able to make specific, gentle, pain-free adjustments. We believe the power that made the body can also heal the body without the use of drugs or medication. We are driven by faith, our methods are proven by results, and we are committed to creating an extraordinary experience!

As one of the largest pediatric chiropractic offices in the Midwest, we see kids and adults for a number of symptoms. Here are testimonials showing amazing results through principled chiropractic care:

Maxton, age 6, had chronic ear infections requiring tubes. Since under care, his ear infections are gone and surgery was avoided! “The doctors adjust infants as small as 5 days old, which gave me comfort for treating my children!” Shari, Maxton’s mom

Pam is a mother of five, who suffered from severe anxiety and depression. Since being under chiropractic care, “my depression has decreased dramatically from not wanting to leave the house to needing to leave the house!” Pam

“Emily suffered from epilepsy and loss of verbal/motor skills. At her worst, seizures would be 10 minutes several times a day. Medications provided no relief. Since under care, Emily has fewer seizures and better verbal/motor skills. Several of her specialists have been amazed at her improvements!” ~Emily’s mother

1027 Gezon Parkway SW Wyoming, MI 49509 | 616-301-8300
4735 Lake Michigan Dr. NW Walker, MI 49534 | 616-214-7782
98 Douglas Ave, Holland MI 49424 | 616-294-8376

1 – Ward, Dr. David (Active Life Chiropractic)
2 – Kowalke, Dr. Erik (Higher Health Chiropractic Wyoming)
3 – Bumhoffer, Dr. Nicole (Thrive Chiropractic)
4 – Finkbeiner, Dr. Brittnie (Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center)
5 – (TIE) Deyo, Dr. John (Higher Health Chiropractic)
(TIE) Le Bon, Dr. Alexander (Simple Truth Chiropractic)
7 – Osmer, Dr. Theresa (Flow Chiropractic – in Renew Mama)
8 – Wilcox, Dr. Ronald (Zeeland Chiropractic Center)
9 – Babbitt, Dr. Rachel (Rise Wellness Chiropractic)
10 – Hartman, Dr Eric (Hartman Family Chiropractic & Wellness Center)

Nicole Bumhoffer, Thrive Chiropractic Center

Thrive Chiropractic provides superior health and balance through chiropractic care and massage. Through wellness care, we aim to improve your quality of life and empower you to lead a healthier, happier and more fulfulling journey. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where families wanting better health can feel motivated to reach their goals at any stage of life.

7199 Kalamazoo Ave SE | Grand Rapids, MI
WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | 616-554-5070