Catch Air Closed Permanently In Sept 2022

Catch Air Grand Rapids

Catch Air

2978 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Catch Air was a Grand Rapids, MI indoor play facility for children 10 and younger. 

It was located on 28th Street across from Woodland Mall in Kentwood.

After 10 years in business, Catch Air announced via Facebook that its last day in business would be Sunday, Sept 4, 2022.

Catch Air closing announcement

Fans of the children’s play area left hundreds of comments, many thanking the owners for providing wonderful memories and a play space for their kids over the years.

Catch Air closing comments

About Catch Air

My kids love going to Catch Air! Whenever we have mom-daughter dates, they ask to come here.

It’s great because both my toddler and 6-year old enjoy Catch Air because they have something for a wide range of ages.

Girl riding slide at Catch Air in Grand Rapids.

Catch Air is on 28th Street across from Woodland Mall in Kentwood.

Outfitted with a variety of obstacle courses and slides, my kids never tire of playing here.

I’m the one trying to keep up!

Thankfully, they have a seating area too for parents to catch their breath. You can relax for a moment with a refreshment and still supervise your kids in the play area.

Catch Air also has two 70-inch touch screen TVs with hundreds of interactive games

Most of the climbing and play toys are tucked away inside the massive play structure. Your kids will love to explore this area.

Outside of the play structure, kids can run, jump or climb their way through the 3-story maze, or bounce around in the two huge inflatables.

And, at the top of each hour, Catch Air has a fun bubble dance break! The lights are turned down, music plays, and everyone dances amidst a shower of bubbles. It’s a blast!

My kids love that part too!

Tiny Town is for Little Kids

There’s a separate play area for kids under 48 inches tall called Tiny Town.

Catch Air Field Trips

It’s a toddler magnet and gives parents peace of mind knowing that their kid can play without having to watch for the older, more rambunctious kids.

Fun for the Big Kids, Too

Catch Air is designed for kids up to age 10.

Everything is interactive and encourages kids to move, climb, run and innovate.

There’s even a ball-shooting pit!

catch air grand rapids

Catch Air Safety Checks

Your hand is stamped when you check in with invisible ink. Everyone in your party has the same number stamped on their hand and that is checked again when you leave.


Details About Visiting Catch Air

No outside food or beverages are allowed. They do sell pizza, snacks, and beverages on site.


Walk-ins are always welcome during normal business hours
Children 2 and under: $12
Children 3 to 10: $15
*They allow 2 free adults per group, not per child, $5 for each additional adult. Adults must arrive at the same time to be free. 


Monday: Closed
Tuesday & Thursday: 10am – 2pm
Wednesday – Sensory Friendly Day: 10am – 2pm
Friday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm

For hours and admission rates, please see their website.

Catch Air Field Trips & Birthday Parties

Catch Air Offers Field Trips for Kids

Catch Air is a great destination for field trips.

What you will find at Catch Air for Field Trips:

  • Soft Play Toddler Area & Tiny Town
  • Ball Cannon Area & Play Structure
  • Interactive Dance Floor with Bubbles and Big Screens

Catch Air offers a unique experience by providing separate areas for younger guests. The super fun dance parties, and the ability to meet Freddy, their favorite mascot frog, make the Catch Air experience so much fun for our guests.

Additionally, the safe and clean environment really allows the chaperones and parents to enjoy their time with the kids instead of spending their time counting heads.

catch air grand rapids

Catch Air offers affordable field trips to groups of all sizes. Whether you are a church group with 10 kids, or a school district with 200 kids, they will work to meet your needs.

They also do specialty field trips for autism groups, adoption groups, moms groups, and summer daycare groups such as the YMCA.

To book a field trip call at 616-200-6956 or email [email protected] to inquire about a field trip for your group.

Learn more at their website or on Facebook.

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21 thoughts on “Catch Air Closed Permanently In Sept 2022”

  1. I saw something where you can drop off a “toy for tot” and receive 2 free general admission tickets. What is the last day that you are able to still donate a toy and get the free admission tickets.
    Thanks for your help and time with my questions. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
    Barbara Loy

  2. i have 2 nine year olds who want to go are they to old or is this good for kids around there age to can i have someones opoinon who has been?

    1. There’s a play area for slightly older kids and there’s a designated play area for real little kids. Your kids would fit in with the slightly older kids and they would love it!

  3. Interested I birthday party info. For a soon to be 9 year old, or just walk in rate to play for a day. New to the area just moved here about 2 weeks ago.

    1. Michelle,
      Grand Rapids is blessed to have loads of awesome resources for planning birthday parties! I suggest you start with contacting Catch Air, since it seems that is who you are interested in. Clicking on the links in the above post will guide you to their website where you can get more information about Catch Air, including how to contact them. Catch Air partners with a nearby pizza place to bring in pizza for parties, so that might be a great option for your party! Catch Air will have more ideas for you on how to go about planning your party in their facility. Good luck!

  4. This place is awesome! Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. They are always walking around cleaning the equipment. They stamp every child’s hand and their parents to make sure nobody takes your child. There are security cameras everywhere. Lots to do and parts are sectioned off for the younger children so they aren’t gettinh run over by the older children. You can also leave for awhile and come back without being charged again. I wish they would open one up in Dayton Ohio. We really enjoyed ourselves.

  5. I am looking to book a birthday party for april 26 2014 for the package of up 27 people. I have a few questions on prices after that, as well, as does this place accomodate ages up to 12 years old. I saw posed ages to 12 but then someone saying not under 10. Please respond either by email or phone 616-610-3719 regarding my questions. Thank you

    1. Avatar photo

      Hi Lisa, It would be best to call the facility directly and ask them about their age requirements and check availability. Good luck and let us know what you find.

  6. I don’t see where on their website that it mentions pre-walkers are free. I’m definitely interested in this place though! Can you clarify? Thanks!

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