Deer Tracks Junction: Exciting Drive-Thru Safari, Massive Playgrounds & Farm Animal Fun

drive through safari Deer Tracks Junction

One-of-a-Kind Experience at Deer Tracks Junction

Have you ever wanted to feed a camel from your car? You can if you head to Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs, MI!

It’s a one-of-a-kind family-fun animal destination with incredible playground structures and interactive experiences. 

Deer Tracks Junction Drive Thru Safari
Deer Tracks Junction Drive Thru Safari

Whether you choose to visit one or both of their attractions (the giant petting zoo or Michigan’s only drive-thru safari) your family will be talking about this adventure for ages.

Certainly, Deer Tracks Junction is an animal lover’s paradise!

Here’s what you can expect when you visit – and why you should go:

Drive-Thru Safari

Buckle up, we’re driving through Michigan’s only Drive-Thru Safari!

As you cruise along at 5 mph, roll down your window and watch out for those sloppy, tickly-tongues. 

Deer Tracks Junction - Drive Thru Safari - Smugmug

The animals know you’re bringing them the good stuff and will flank your vehicle, waiting to be fed (no outside food allowed.)

On any day, you might feed Llamas, Alpacas, Bison, Tibetan Yaks.

Interact with the big, cool creatures as they nibble from your bucket. And be ready for exciting surprises along the way.

TIP: Check the hours of operation before your visit and familiarize yourself with the safari rules – they are strict about human and animal safety.

Deer Tracks Junction Adventure Park

This part of the park is accessed on foot.

You enter a world of farm animals and family fun when you step into this part of Deer Tracks Junction.

Deer Tracks Junction Animal Park

The park’s Wild West theme – with barns that resemble structures from 1800s Montana, pretend jail cells, and even a faux outhouse – set the stage for a hands-on animal experience.

Deer Tracks Junction - Goat Wanted Photo - Smugmug

This Fun List Checks All of the Boxes

Prepare for non-stop excitement in the giant play areas at Deer Tracks Junction. Here’s your Deer Tracks Junction to-do list:

  • Explore the FUN BARN with its climbing nets and tunnels
  • Visit the miniature Playhouse
  • Have a blast in the Sandy Gulch sandbox
  • Race rubber duckies in the Duck Race tank
  • Venture into the four-story Mine and train play area
  • If you’re over 4ft 7in tall, feed the gators!

Epic Play Areas

Imagine tunnels, forts, and mind-blowing slides that will keep the kids entertained for hours. 

For some families, the playgrounds are the BEST part of a Deer Tracks Junction visit.

play areas Deer Tracks Junction

Look for these fun things to do:

  • underground tunnels & mazes that lead to different places
  • fun entry ways like down an outhouse hole
  • huge climbing features and slides
  • nice shaded benches for parents under the biggest play structure
playground slides Deer Tracks Junction

Corn Silo

This is a huge silo filled with kernels to play in and wade through. There’s plenty of room for lots of kids to play – and space around the entire thing for those watching.

corn barn deer tracks junction

Feed the Gators

Alligators are a new attraction at Deer Tracks Junction this year.

Feeding the gators Deer Tracks Junction Animal Park

Tip: Schedule your time to feed the gators – similar to signing up ahead of time for bottle feeding baby goats.

Deer Tracks Junction - Gators - SmugMug

Hang Out with Farm Animals

From pigs, goats, bunnies, and donkeys to camels and alpacas, there’s no shortage of cuddly creatures to interact with here. 

corn barn deer tracks junction

You can even purchase food for the animals and enjoy a potentially slobbery, but definitely fun, feeding session. 

Deer Tracks Junction - Farm Animals - SmugMug

And, for an even more unique experience, check out the Deer Tracks Junction Animal Feeding page to book a bottle-feeding session or follow their Facebook page to learn about one-of-a-kind animal encounters.

Elevated Walkway Over the Bears

And, of course, don’t forget to explore the new elevated walkway that extends over the bear enclosure!

Elevated walkway over bears Deer Tracks Junction

You’ll get a fantastic view of the wildlife safari area and might even get the chance to feed the bears or drop a marshmallow down to them (with the help of a knowledgeable staff member.)

Deer Tracks Junction - Elevated Walkway - Smugmug

Also, it’s a lot of fun to watch cars driving through the safari from the elevated walkway (and you don’t have to pay the safari admission fee.)

Prairie Dog Town with Viewing Bubbles

It’s cuteness overload at Prairie Dog Town. 

Have your kids crawl through the tunnel and pop up into the Prairie Dog Exhibit.

Deer Tracks Junction - Prairie Dog Town - SmugMug
prairie dogs bubble Deer Tracks Junction

They’ll get an up-close view of these adorable creatures through the viewing windows and you’ll be saying awww all the way home.

Plop Plop Ice Cream Shop

Get your lickers ready, the Plop Plop Ice Cream Shop is on-site and ready to scoop!

Deer Tracks Junction - Plop Plop Ice Cream Shop - Smugmug

Our favorites here are the fun and yummy animal-themed sundaes. They make their own creamy, delicious ice cream and use it to build their sundaes.

Hours, Accessibility & Admission Information

Use this Deer Tracks Junction info to help you plan your visit.

Deer Tracks Junction sign tower

Essential details, including operating hours, accessibility features, and admission rates, are listed.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, give them a call: 616-863-3337 or check the Deer Tracks Junction website.


The Adventure Park is wheelchair and stroller-friendly, with paved paths and benches available in most areas.

Deer Tracks Junction - Accessibility Paved Pathways - Smugmug
Entrance to the Park


  • Open 10 am to 8 pm
  • 7 days a week
  • Weather Permitting
  • Admission stops 1 hour before closing
Deer Tracks Junction picnic area


*2024 Pricing TBA, 2023 pricing listed below*

  • Adventure Park: $15 per person
  • Safari Drive-Thru: $14 per person
  • Combo for Both Parks: $24 per person
  •  Children aged 2 and under: FREE
Deer Tracks Junction tractor

Where is Deer Tracks Junction located?

Deer Tracks Junction is conveniently located near Cedar Springs, just a short drive from Grand Rapids. 

Deer Tracks Junction Address:

7850 14 Mile Rd NE, Cedar Springs, MI

To get there from Grand Rapids, take US-131 North and exit at 17 Mile Road (Exit 104). Turn left onto 17 Mile Road and continue for about 6 miles until you reach Deer Tracks Junction.

Have You Visited Deer Tracks Junction?

If you’ve visited Deer Tracks Junction, we would love to hear about your favorite moments, the animals you loved, and your highlights from the drive-thru safari or adventure playground.

Deer Tracks Junction - Holding Bunnies - Smugmug
Animal Lovers Will Enjoy Deer Tracks Junction

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  1. My grandkids had the time of their lives at DTJ! They are still talking about it. A great family experience.

  2. My grandson loves going to Deer Tracks Junction! We usually take him there two times a year. Once during the summer and then at Christmas time. He especially loves feeding the deer!

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