My Kids are Begging to Return to Deer Tracks Junction

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A few weeks ago we drove up to Cedar Springs to Deer Tracks Junction with only one piece of information about the place: my boss Melody had simply said, “Don’t tell my kids you’re going or they will beg me to take them, too.”

I can’t keep this secret any longer.

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Deer Tracks Junction girl and bunny Hunt

Deer Tracks Junction is the Hands-On Animal Experience You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

What started as a whitetail deer farm has grown into a full-fledged animal interaction bonanza.

Elk, deer, reindeer, yaks, goats, bunnies, camels, pigs  … I can’t even remember them all, we saw so many! And we got to pet or feed most of them!

Deer Tracks Junction Goat Sunlight

**Deer Tracks Junction provided admission for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Ride the Stagecoach Through Elk and Deer Territory

The Wildlife Safari Tour was our first adventure. We boarded an air conditioned stage coach and learned all sorts of fun facts about the deer, elk and yaks living on this sprawling farm. There were several stops along the way where we were encouraged to feed and pet the animals.

Deer Tracks Junction elk feeding

Deer Tracks Junction can’t guarantee that an animal will wander over to say hello, but they plan their tours for evening when the animals are more active. The day we went, dozens of animals said hi.

Deer tracks Junction girl feeding deer
Deer Tracks Junction girl petting deer rack

The elk were the most amazing to me. Their racks are incredible, and so velvety soft when they have the fur coating on them. You even get feel how heavy their full racks are, and try them on for size!

Deer Tracks Junction girl elk rack heavy

Tours often sell out, so it is a good idea to get your tickets in advance online.

Hands on Farm and Deer

After the stagecoach ride we ventured into the Hands-On Deer section. Here we were greeted by several adorable fawns. They came right up for a pet. My kids spent a lot of time here.

Deer Tracks Junction kids and baby deer fawns

We eventually convinced them to head to the Hands on Farm side and boy, was that place loaded with excitement!

Deer Tracks Junction baby goat and man

Baby goats wandered among us while pigs, goats and camels came over for attention. (And food! You can buy special cups of food to share with the animals.)

Deer Tracks Junction dad kids goats

I think my kids’ ultimate delight was the bunny barn.

Deer Tracks Junction boy and bunny

Fun fact: Deer Tracks Junction even sells bunnies! (No kids, we are still NOT getting a bunny!)

These guys all live in a Wild West setting, with the barns fashioned after buildings you’d expect to see in 1800s Montana. You’ll even find pretend jail cells and an outhouse (pretend), for authenticity.

Deer Tracks Junciton Barber shop building farm

You Won’t Believe the Play Structures at the Hands On Farm

Owner Kelly Powell designed the crazy cool play structures at Deer Tracks Junction and built them with his son, Tyler. They’re something to behold. I’m jealous that I’m a little too old to play on these.

Deer Tracks Junction Play structure girl climbing
Deer Tracks Junction girl on play structure VanderWeide

And Last, but not Least, Ice Cream

As with everything else at Deer Tracks Junction, even the ice cream is homemade! They’ve come up with some clever flavors, like Super Buck and clever sundaes like snappy turtle and pig in a tub.

The shop is open 10 am to 9 pm, 7 days a week, all summer long and you don’t have to buy admission to get these tasty treats.

Deer Tracks Junction Ice Cream

Details About Visiting Deer Tracks Junction

Deer Tracks Junction
7850 14 Mile Road
Cedar Springs, MI 49319
616-863-DEER (3337)

Plan on spending at least 2 hours at the farm, and a bit more to allow time for the play structures and ice cream.

IMG 2353

They’re open daily from 10 AM – 9 PM, with safari tours in evenings Wed-Sunday. Book your tour ahead to guarantee tickets.

Cost for admission

  • Hands-On Farm | $7 per person, 2 and under FREE
  • DO-IT-ALL COMBO | $23.00 per person, 2 and under FREE (admission only)
    • includes the WILDLIFE SAFARI TOUR, admission to BOTH Hands-on Areas, 1 bottle to feed 1 animal of choice, and 1 Souvenir Cup of pellets
  •  Tour & Hands-on Combo | $18.50 per person, 2 and under FREE
    • includes the WILDLIFE SAFARI TOUR and admission to BOTH Hands-on Areas
  • Wildlife Safari Tour ONLY | $11 per person, 2 and under FREE
Deer Tracks Junction Slide Girl

Have you been to Deer Tracks Junction? What was your favorite part?

6 thoughts on “My Kids are Begging to Return to Deer Tracks Junction”

  1. My grandkids had the time of their lives at DTJ! They are still talking about it. A great family experience.

  2. My grandson loves going to Deer Tracks Junction! We usually take him there two times a year. Once during the summer and then at Christmas time. He especially loves feeding the deer!

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