Think You’ve Done It All? Muskegon’s Zipline, Rock Wall, Summer Slide, Archery & Escape Forest Say Hold My Faygo!

Muskgeon Adventure Sports Rock Wall and Zip Line

Rock Wall, Zip Line & More Summer Fun – Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Calling all daredevils!

The Muskegon Adventure Sports Park’s zipline, 38-foot rock climbing wall and archery range are just some of the cool things to do in Muskegon you can do this summer, and now they’ve sweetened the pot for visitors that show up on a Thursday.

Muskegon Adventure Sports

If you are looking for a new way to get the adrenaline flowing this summer, read on. You can build your own family experience from the exciting options outlined below:

Adventures Start on Thursday at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Scale the towering rock wall, hit bullseyes at the archery range, speed down the wheeled luge, or zip line through the air at the Muskegon Adventure Park.

Or keep your feet on the ground with the trail quest, which is basically an outdoor escape room set in the depths of a forest.

Muskegon Adventure Sports Park (462 N Scenic Dr, Muskegon, MI 49445) has been around for years – you might be familiar with the sports park’s wintertime ice skating trail through the woods.

But their newer summertime attractions are making them a warm-weather destination, too.

Thursday Night Deals

New Thursday night hours were just added to their calendar.

3-9 PM Thursdays = Enjoy 25% off all packages.

- Fly Michigan's longest dual zip line
- Climb our three sided, 38 ft. rock climbing wall
- Slide the only wheel luge track in the United States
- Take aim on the brand new archery range
- Use our Trail Quest maps to find hidden locations on the trail and solve riddles
- Play yard games or take a hike to Lake Michigan with the family

Ultimate Adventure Package

– Fly Michigan’s longest dual zip line
– Climb three-sided, 38 ft. rock climbing wall
– Slide the only wheel luge track in the United States
– Take aim on the brand new archery range
– Use Trail Quest maps to find hidden locations on the trail and solve riddles
– Play yard games or take a hike to Lake Michigan with the family

Whenever you visit, you’re in for a good time at this ultimate outdoor playground!

Rock Climbing Wall

The new Muskegon adventure sports outdoor rock climbing wall is taking climbers! Visit this summer and learn the art of rock climbing on their impressive 38-ft climbing wall.

Muskegon Adventure Sports Rock Climbing Wall

After orientation and gear fitting from the guides, it’s your turn to learn and conquer the wall. Equipped with three sides of rock holds and a cargo net climbing option, both kids and adults are welcome.

An auto-belay system is used for added safety.

Summer Hours
thru Sept 1, 2024
Fall Hours
Sept 2 – Oct 20
Thursdays: 3 – 9 PMSat: 10 AM to 5 PM
Fridays: 10 AM to 5 PMSun: 10 AM to 5 PM
Sat & Sun: 10 AM to 5 PM

For $20, you can enjoy three attempts to conquer the wall. *Minimum height requirement is 48 inches.

Muskegon Zip line

This Zip Line is long!

It’s a side-by-side zipline, which means that you can race your family member to the end.

Zip Line at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park
Zip Line at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

You’ll literally be hanging out for 50-60 seconds as you cruise the 1400 feet to the landing platform.

Muskegon Zip Line Adventure Sports Park
Zip Line at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Once you’ve completed the run you can take the stairs down from the platform – or you can get down the fun way – via the twisty slide!

Choose a zip line package with one or two runs, or get a bundle.

Zip Line Landing at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park
  • Minimum height: 48″
  • Minimum weight: 65 lbs
  • Maximum height: 6’4″
  • Maximum weight: 250 lbs

Close-toed shoes and hair tied back is needed for the zip line.

Fly Down the Summer Luge Slide

Muskegon Luge’s summer track is the only wheel luge track of its kind in North America!

The luge track is 320 ft. with two banked curves to steer through.

Summer Luge Slide at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park
Summer Wheeled Luge Slide at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Wheel luge uses the same sleds as they use on the ice, but with in-line (rollerblade) wheels attached to the bottom.

You’ll get a lesson, coaching, and three trips down the luge with a luge package.  

You’ll be outfitted with a sled, helmet and elbow pads. Coaches will teach you how to hold the sled, position your body on the sled, and how to control the sled when you’re sliding. Coaches are available to assist you at the top and bottom of the track.

Muskegon Adventure Sports Luge Summer

The luge sleds are heavy and participants need to be able to carry them to the top.

  • Minimum height: 48″
  • Minimum weight: 65 lbs

Archery Range & Lessons

Each archery session comes with a 10-15 minute lesson (a knowledgeable instructor who will teach you proper posture and positioning for handling a bow) as well as several rounds of shooting.

Your instructor provides a range of equipment options, ranging from lightweight bows for kids to heavy-duty ones for adults.

Archery at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park
Every Archery Session Comes with a Lesson

After several practice rounds, take aim at the targets to see if you can hit that bullseye!

This archery range uses lightweight compound bows.

Archery at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Trail Quest Game

Trail Quest is like an escape room, but in the woods.

Participants trek through the forest to find lock boxes that can only be opened by solving the clues.

Muskegon Adventure Sports Park is Dog-Friendly

Each team gets a map ($10) showing the checkpoints at the Sports Complex. When you solve a lockbox, you earn a token from inside that is worth points.

The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible in a set amount of time. 

Trail Quest at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park
Muskegon Adventure Sports Park Trail Quest
Muskegon Adventure Sports Park Trail Quest
Muskegon Adventure Sports Park Trail Quest

Chill Garden – Yard Games

Hammocks, yard games, slack line and and the other fun stuff in the Chill Garden are free for you to use with your Adventure Sports Park ticket.

Chill Garden at Muskegon Adventure Sports Park

Located next to the concessions area, this is a great place to hang out after all of that family fun.

Dog-Friendly, Yay!

That’s right. Muskegon Adventure Sports Park is dog-friendly. As long as you clean up after your pup and keep them under control, your dog can come out to the park.

Muskegon Sports Complex is Dog-Friendly

While they won’t be able to zip line, ride the luge, or participate in archery, they are welcome to go on the Adventure Quest and hang out with their family while at the facility.


A Michigan Recreation Passport is required to park at the Sports Park as it is located inside Muskegon State Park.

All MI State Parks require any vehicle parked within the park to have a Recreation Passport.

Michigan residents often purchase the Passport at the time they register their vehicle at the Secretary of State ($14). Passports can be purchased at the Sports Park Lodge or in the parking lot on weekends ($18).

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