Grand Rapids Estate Planning Attorneys That My Friends Keep Talking About

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If You Have Kids, You Need an Estate Planning Attorney

I’m constantly wondering what will happen to my kids or nieces and nephews if they are suddenly orphaned. Who will care for them? What would be best for them? What if surviving family disagrees about the arrangements?

A will is basically a love letter from you to your kids. You loved them so much you made a plan so they didn’t have to. It takes the guesswork out of everything when it’s the last thing a grieving family wants to do.

I used to think that simply writing wishes down on a piece of paper and getting it notarized was all you had to do. Once I sat down with my in-laws to go over their estate plans, I realized that there is a LOT more to a will or trust than that. There are dozens of if/thens to consider.

And a Grand Rapids estate planner knows all these questions. They take the time to learn your family situation and can see all the possible scenarios to consider. They get it all set up so there are no questions if something happens to you.

Grand Rapids estate planners are plentiful, so we asked our audience who their favorite area estate planners are to pare down the list. Here’s who they said was tops in our annual Grandtastic Awards: The Best of Grand Rapids.

Best Estate Planning Attorney – Wills & Trusts

1 2Winner: Jordan Bush (Alles Law)

1. Bush, Jordan (Alles Law)
2. Alles, Tim (Alles Law)
3. The Law Offices of David L. Carrier, P.C.
4. Gleason, Linsey (Varnum)
5. Hofstee, Mark (Bolhouse Hofstee & McLean PC)
6. Muilenburg, Sara (Law Office of Sara Muilenburg)
7. Warner Norcross + Judd LLP
8. Brown, Christopher (Brown Law Firm)
9. Waalkes, Timothy (Verspoor Waalkes PC)
10. Brian J. Plachta
10. James M Mc Ewen Law Office (James Mc Ewen)
10. Sheridan, Kathlene (Sheridan Law PLC)

About Alles Law

At Alles Law, we know there is nothing more important than family. Proper planning with LifeMap™ focuses on what your family needs and provides you with confidence knowing that your family’s future is secure.

Alles Law in Grand Rapids

Alles Law grandtastic 2022

Top Attorney - Wills & Trusts

About Alles Law

At Alles Law, we know nothing matters more than family.

Personalized and meaningful estate planning is the key to understanding what your family needs and provides you with confidence knowing your family’s future is secure.

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