Jurassic World Grand Rapids: Unlock $15 Tickets & See Monster-Sized Dinos this October!

Prehistoric Giants Come to Life at Biggest Dino Event of the Year

Stepping into the fantasy land of Jurassic World, surrounded by walking life-sized dinosaurs, might sound too good to be true.

But your dreams can become reality if you grab a ticket to Jurassic World Live when it comes to Grand Rapids October 20-22, 2023. (Dinosaur fans in Michigan, this is one event you cannot miss.)

Jurassic World Grand Rapids Highlights

This is an epic, on-the-edge-of-your-seat production. Yeah, there are a lot of dino shows out there these days. But this the THE one you want to go to.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Life-like dinosaurs come right up to the audience in Jurassic World Grand Rapids! (Don’t worry – they haven’t eaten anyone – yet.)
  • The show is more than just animated dinosaurs roaring at each other. As part of the Jurassic World franchise, the story involves many memorable dinosaurs from the big screen.
  • And, all ticket holders can walk among these amazing creatures in a (free) pre show experience that will probably be just as unforgettable as the show itself.

Dates & Times for Jurassic World Grand Rapids

Fri, Oct 20, 7 pm – Preshow at 6 pm

Sat, Oct 21, 11 am – Preshow at 10 am

Sat, Oct 21, 3 pm – Preshow at 2 pm

Sat, Oct 21, 7 pm – Preshow at 6 pm

Sun, Oct 22, 12 pm – Preshow at 11 am

Sun, Oct 22, 4 pm – Preshow at 3 pm

Tickets for Jurassic World Live are on sale now.

CODE: Use Unlock code JWKIDS to get the $20/$30 tickets for just $15 (valid for 7 PM shows on Fri & Sat, and 4 PM show on Sunday.)


Van Andel Arena: 130 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Your Ticket Includes the Preshow

Bonus! Every Jurassic World Grand Rapids ticket includes admission to the preshow.

Show up an hour before showtime to unlock photo ops with moving dinosaurs  – like Triceratops – and other show favorites, like Baby Bumpy and the famous Jurassic World Jeep.

Ready to Get Face-to-Face with the Dinos?

Want to feel T-rex’s breath on your face? Choose the Premium Floor Seats.

This exclusive seating section puts you and your kids in the middle of the adrenaline-pumping adventure.

It looks both extremely exciting and terrifying. Adventurous fans will LOVE this.

Event Recap

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