We’re Letting the Secret Out – Brower Lake Nature Preserve is a Beautiful, Rustic Trail in Rockford

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Read this Before You Hike the Trails at Brower Lake Nature Preserve

Brower Lake Nature Preserve
8748 Je-NE-Be Dr NE, Rockford, MI 49341

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The Scoop on Brower Lake Nature Preserve

Tucked away between homes and cottages in Rockford, you’ll find Brower Lake Nature Preserve. This is a 63 acre nature preserve with about a one and half mile loop that winds through its pristine forest.

Finding this trail was a little tricky. The trial head is marked, but it is essentially in a neighborhood. Parking is very limited (only a few spaces) and road parking is snug. We had no problem snagging a parking spot early on a weekday morning.

The trail is near two lakes and it is vital that you wear bug spray during peak bug season (May through August).

Brower Lake Nature Preserve Trails at a Glance

Trail Difficulty: Mostly easy, some hills.

Dogs Allowed? Leashed pets are allowed.

Facilities: No.

Stroller Friendly? No.

Time of Year Accessible: Open year round.

The trail itself is quiet and secluded. There are several wooden benches scattered throughout the trail so you can stop and admire the untouched forest around you.

Despite being in the middle of bustling cottages, this trail feels like a very well-kept secret.

Trail Head Brower Lake

Brower Lake Nature Preserve was created to protect rare wetlands and a mature oak-hickory forest. The Land Conservancy is also trying to restore parts of the forest by using prescribed fire to selectively thin the dense canopy.

Currently you can see some areas that were recently burned near the top of the hill. It was an excellent opportunity to teach my son about conservation efforts. There is a sign near the burned area to help us all learn more about protecting our forests. 

The view from the highest point is also pretty spectacular. I imagine that you’d have a great view of the lake once the leaves are off the trees this fall.

Brower Lake Nature Preserve
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