Children’s Workshop Offers 2 Year Old Preschool – And They Don’t Have to be Potty Trained

Find the Perfect Preschool Class for Your Child at Children’s Workshop

Once upon a couple years ago, I broke down in tears at my local preschool office while trying to register my little boy. He was going to be gone for two hours, two days a week, and I could not manage my emotions.

Starting your first child in preschool can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider: Public? Private? For how many days? Half a day? Whole day? Spanish immersion? Montessori? The options seem endless.

Children’s Workshop in Grand Rapids would like to put your worries at ease. They aim to “build better kids” by offering a nurturing environment for students to develop a love of learning through a balance of structure and play.

They’ve been around since 1976, have no religious affiliation, and are loaded with options to make sending your little one off to school as easy as possible.

Their 2 Year Old Preschool Program Doesn’t Require Potty Training

Here’s something I know many local parents are looking for: Children’s Workshop has 2 year old preschool, and your kid doesn’t have to be potty trained!

(How many of you are trapped between registering your kid for preschool before spots fill up for fall, but needing to wait till they’re potty trained?? Will they be potty trained by fall? Or will they have to drop out of the class? you wonder.)

Children’s Workshop sees you and that two-year-old of yours. They’re licensed to changed diapers and they’re ready for your cute toddler to come to class!

Find a Class for Every Age and Stage at Children’s Workshop

With classes for ages 2 to 5, Children’s Workshop is a perfect transition from home or daycare to kindergarten.

They offer the following preschool classes:

  • Toddler: this is for children who are 2 years old. This class encourages the development of children’s social skills. Students in this class do not need to be toilet trained. (Children’s Workshop is licensed by the state to change diapers.)
  • Tween: this is for children who are 2 and a half years old or a young 3 year old who may not yet be toilet trained–but who are advanced enough to experience a simplified preschool program. This class focuses on learning skills through play.
  • Preschool 3: this is for 3 year olds who are toilet trained and serves as a stepping stone between the toddler program and full preschool. This class encourages students to be more independent as they gain confidence and transition toward a more structured school day.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: this is for 4 year olds and includes a broad spectrum of kindergarten readiness activities. They offer full-day class options for Pre-Kindergarten.

Children’s Workshop staffs highly qualified teachers that are chosen based on their ability to create a loving environment for students. They are committed to giving your child the best education and all Lead Teachers are certified by the state as an Early Childhood Educator.

With so many classes fully staffed with outstanding teachers, you can find peace of mind when you send your little one off to school.

Register Your Child Today

Curious about how your child would fit here?

You can take a peek inside Children’s Workshop in this video. Kids can get a glimpse of teachers and classrooms in action and get excited for

You can also register for the upcoming school year here and contact Miss Beth with any questions you might have about any of their great programs.

Don’t find yourself in tears at your child’s preschool registration–visit Children’s Workshop and find the perfect class for your child’s needs!

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