Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center: Indoor Roller Coaster, Go-Karts, Laser Tag, Buffet Will Keep Your Family Entertained for Hours!

Craigs Cruisers Grand Rapids

Craig’s Cruisers is a Blast – Indoors and Out!

Craig’s Cruisers
5730 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming, MI 49509

I thought Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center might be too loud and too crowded for me to enjoy.

But after my recent visit, I’m changing my tune!

My concerns were smashed to smithereens after actually taking my family. If you’ve never been to Craig’s Cruisers you need to put it on your “fun things to do” list.

Turns out the building is not too loud or too crowded. Each attraction is set up intentionally to give space for all visitors plus the ceilings are so high it takes some of the would-be noise out of the equation.

12 Things You’ll Love About Craig’s Cruisers

Craig’s Cruisers-Grand Rapids offers over 120,000 square feet of indoor food & fun, plus four outdoor attractions. They are a one-stop-shop when it comes to family attractions.

Here are the top 12 things you’ll love when you take your family to Craig’s Cruisers:

(If your kids are like mine, they are going to want to do every single attraction. You’ve been warned!)


It’s Fun to Visit in the Summer & Warmer Months

We surprised the kids with a summer trip to Craig’s Cruisers and were met with instant shreeks and yelps: “Woo! Yay! Ahhh!”

The outdoor fun was a brand new experience to us after having only visited during the winter before. After doing the summer fun, our awe for Craig’s Cruisers ramped up to full on love.

I know this kind of sounds like a speal but it’s just true! All four of us legit laughed and smiled until our faces hurt. Plus, we got to say yes to everything outside with our wrist bands.

When you get The Works Wristbands you’ll have unlimited access to all the attractions both indoors and outdoors.

Zip Line:
If you’re not afraid of heights: DO THIS.

Holy moly, the zip line goes so high and moves very quickly. We could see downtown Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas from the top. But wow this ride made me scream like a little kid the entire time.

My 6 year old loved it so much he went 3 times in a row, but my oldest was a bit leary and didn’t try it. The height and speed of this ride are definitely not for the cautious hearted but the fun was worth it and I’ll not soon forget my screams of joy!

Height limit: You must be 48″ tall alone, 42″ tall with an adult.
Weight Limit: Single Rider – 300 lbs OR Double Riders – combined 450 lbs.

Mini Golf:
With the wristbands you can walk right up to the booth and grab your club, ball, and score sheets then you’re off to mini-golf fun!

This was a highlight because of the landscape filled with rivers, waterfalls, and the not too tricky course. It made golfing with the kids fun and lighthearted.

Plus, it gave us time to chat and really bond with them as we went along. I love this about Craig’s Cruisers. There are many attractions that are fast paced and others slow enough to take in the memories and special moments with the family.

Bumper Boats with squirt wars:
Bumper boats were a blast because we got to squirt each other. We loved that our youngest still felt apart of the experience with his own wheel and that our oldest rode on his own.

This is another attraction where Craig’s Cruisers gives kids the opportunity to feel like they are in the driver’s seat but parents steer. You can read more about this experience below in #4!

Drivers must be 18 years or older and passenger must be at least 36″ tall and fit securely in harness.

Zip Line Craig's Cruisers
Zip Line Outdoors at Craig’s Cruisers Grand Rapids, MI
Craig's Cruisers Mini Golf
Mini-Golf at Craig’s Cruisers
Go Carts outdoors at Craig's Cruisers
Mini-Golf at Craig’s Cruisers
Craig's Cruisers Outdoors
Outdoors Fun at Craig’s Cruisers, Grand Rapids, MI

It’s a Weather-Proof Destination, Too

In the winter months, the outdoor attractions aren’t open, but all indoor attractions are included with “The Works” Wristband Package.

With ease, we got through the entire family fun center in three hours, going back multiple times to the:
ninja course
cruiser coaster
indoor electric go-karts
bumper cars
laser tag
trampoline park
-and more!

Craig’s Cruisers was our oyster and each activity was a pearl!

My abs got a work out from laughing and cheering on my husband as he conquered the ninja course.

The best part was the kids telling him he was the coolest dad ever! I would have tried it out too but regrettably, I wore jeans (note to self – wear stretchy pants next time!)

The roller coaster was awesome, the go-karts were a highlight, and the trampoline park is like none other!

Click for the full list of attractions.

Craig's Cruisers trampoline foam pit

The Trampoline Park is a Destination in Itself

I expected a smaller version of many competitor trampoline parks since Craig’s Cruisers has so much else to offer.

Boy, was I wrong… there are trampolines galore, with boxes to jump from and side ramps for tricks. But that’s just the beginning.

Dodgeball was a favorite among my boys. Soft bright balls and bouncy trampolines provided had-to-drag-them-away fun for over an hour.

The slam dunk basketball court helped me to relive my high school basketball days, except I could make a basket there with the help of the trampolines and I didn’t have to sit the bench. Even smaller kids have their own basketball and play area, safely away from other activities.

We hopped up a level to the foam block pits and giant pillow. I dare anyone to have the restraint not to run and jump into the giant vat of foam cubes.

If that’s not enough, you can climb across a rock wall over a foam pit. I got really brave and challenged my son to the battle beam. We each took up a battering ram and tried to stay on the padded beam that crosses a pool of soft blocks. It’s a win-win, even if you fall.

The biggest, cushiest pillow I have ever seen is in the corner, surrounded by carpeted giant stairs, a box with a rope swing, and trampolines. We flung ourselves onto this pillow in any way imaginable and struggled to swim out between belly laughs.

Note: You’ll need to purchase Craig’s Cruisers trampoline socks. They are $3. You’ll also need to complete a Trampoline Waiver.

Craig's Cruisers Trampoline Park
Craig’s Cruisers Trampoline Park in Grand Rapids, MI
Trampolines at Craig's Cruisers
View of the Trampoline Park at Craig’s Cruisers in Grand Rapids, MI

Their Go-Karts are Great

Mention Craigs Cruisers and most people will tell you that they have Go-Karts.

Yep! That’s because Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Centers are famous for go-karts.
Outdoor, indoor, kiddie karts, electric, double – you name it, they have it.

Even with the wind whipping and the music playing, you can hear constant shouts of joy and laughter from kids as they make each lap.

Not sure how to drive a Go-Kart?
Don’t worry! The staff instructions are super clear. They have great signs and hand motions that will make you look like a pro.

(Drivers need to be 54”. Passengers as young as three-years-old can ride along with someone over 18.)

Indoor Go Karts Craig's Cruisers
Indoor Go Karts at Craig’s Cruisers Grand Rapids, MI
Outdoor go karts craig's cruisers
Outdoor Go Karts at the Grand Rapids Craig’s Cruisers location

They Even Have an Indoor Roller Coaster

Who would have thought you could put an exciting roller coaster indoors, in Grand Rapids?

The Cruiser Coaster is a safe thrill ride that we all enjoyed – over and over.

(Kids must be 36” and four-years-old to ride.  An adult must accompany children under 48”. For the tall parents, 6’5” is the maximum height.)

Craig’s Cruisers Indoor Roller Coaster in Grand Rapids, MI

You Can Have Your Birthday Party Here

Just the four of us went for my son’s birthday this year, but knowing how fun it was, going for another birthday and bringing friends along with sounds epic.

Here are the different options for booking a birthday party. (Times and packages are subject to availability. To secure your desired date and time, they recommend scheduling your event at least 2 weeks in advance.)

Birthday rates are available with a reservation and $50 deposit. Please book your event online or give them a call (leave a message and they will return your call).

Kid Town Food area Craig's Cruisers
Craig’s Cruisers Kid Center Food Area

Moms & Dad Enjoy Laser Tag, Too

The Laser Tag Area is a small scale model of Grand Rapids, complete with GR icons, La Grande Vitesse and the Blue Bridge.

Anyone who can wear the vest and carry the phaser is able to play Laser Tag at Craig’s Cruiers.

I was intimidated by all the options I learned in the briefing room. Entering the black-lit room with ramps, bases, and hidden nooks didn’t ease my insecurities. But once we started, I had a blast.

The best part was, when one of my three targets was hit, I just waited a few seconds and I could go again.

It was impossible to not get sucked into the game.

It was exciting to hide, strategize, and surprise my family. I think I surprised myself the most with the highest shot accuracy score, despite my team’s loss and my base being destroyed.


There’s a Ninja Warrior Course, Too

American Ninja Warrior” has come to West Michigan.

We especially loved the enthusiasm of the ninja course narrators! A commentator talks contestants through the course (and entertains onlookers) while they leap, bounce, run, climb, jump, and slide their way to the finish.

They truly added to the fun by encouraging my son, yelling:
“Ok, here he goes! Can he do it? Woo! He tries to clear the conveyer belt, oh and he does it! He goes for the wall! Can he do it?! Yes! Go, friend, go!”

(Participants must be 44” tall and sneakers are required.)

Craigs Cruisers kid trying the Ninja Course hanging on the wall
Tight rope Craig's Cruisers
Tight rope
Ninja Course Craig's Cruisers
Ninja Warrior Course

The Buffet is Tasty & All-Inclusive

The buffet has it all – Plus, There’s a Kid Section in the Buffet Area!

Coffee (yippee,) soft-drinks, salad bar, pizza, pasta, dessert! 

They have it all – even options for gluten-free-ers. (If you don’t see an option for GF, ask an employee, they will be happy to make something for you.)

There are four large stations of salad, pizza, pasta, chicken, hot dogs, fruit, soup, mac n’ cheese, cookies to die for, cobbler, and ice cream. Soda fountain beverages are also included in the buffet pricing. We never leave hungry or disappointed.

My son has lots of food allergies so we brought his lunch. The kid area made it so cool for the kids whether eating the food provided or bringing your own for a kiddo like mine. Craig’s Cruisers has it set up to create a special moment for the entire family outside of the actual food being eaten.

To top it off you can sit in one of three dining rooms and enjoy the latest Disney movie, catch the big game, or feel like you’re at the race track. Party rooms are also available.

If the buffet is closed or you aren’t raising teenagers, you can simply order pizzas, drinks, and snacks from the counter at any time. It is all delicious, but seriously those cookies…

Craigs Cruisers kids center in buffet area

Little Kids, Big Kids, Teens & Adults Enjoy Playing at Craigs Cruisers

They have Toddler Time! Plus, Most Attractions are Preschool to Adult Friendly

Even though our little one wasn’t tall enough to drive the indoor electric go-karts, he was tall enough to ride along.
(Check individual height requirements on each attraction here.)

The smiles from his sweet face after this were priceless – it was a big highlight for him.

Heading towards the Cruiser Coaster, he looked up and asked my husband, “can you hold my hand daddy?” After going on this mini-roller coaster over and over, he talked me and his cautious brother into going with them and just like that we had a special family memory moment we won’t soon forget.

If you’re not sure if you’re kiddo meets the height requirements contact Craig’s Cruisers. Their staff is very helpful and will get you the right information for your next trip.

Outdoor Go Kart Craig's Cruisers
Outdoor Go-Karts Craig’s Cruisers
Mini-Golf Craig's Cruisers
Mini Golf Craig’s Cruisers

It’s Spacious & Not Too Loud

There’s lots of room to move around helping you easily stay connected to your most precious gems! We experienced this first hand with our youngest. He likes to refer to himself as sonic the hedgehog – extremely fitting as he loves to dart at any moment especially in places like Craig’s Cruisers.

Since they’ve created an atmosphere where kids love doing the attractions with their parents, I can honestly say that I felt comfortable and safe throughout our visit while we kept up with our little runner.

It’s a Family Fun Center but It’s Not Too Loud

From the moment you walk through the doors, you’ll realize that they’ve designed sound components in a very positive way. Each activity area has its own feel and sound creating little mini-destinations distinguishing each from another.

Whether it’s from the extremely high ceilings or strategically placed sound barriers, either way, families seeking loads of fun and semi-chill vibes will be pleasantly surprised that Craig’s Cruisers truly is a delight to visit.

Craigs Cruisers Trampoline jump action shot 1
Arcade at Craig’s Cruisers

Craig’s Cruisers has 4 Locations

Grand Rapids
5730 Clyde Park Ave SW,
Wyoming, MI 49509

651 Chicago Dr,
Holland, MI 49423

1551 E Pontaluna Rd,
Norton Shores, MI 49456

Silver Lake
1551 E Pontaluna Rd,
Norton Shores, MI 49456

Craig’s Cruisers Q&A

How Can I Save on Admission?

Go All-Inclusive with a Wristband.

Then, you can be a YES MOM! and enjoy a playtime that is free of stress and full of fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed using this choice because it meant I could say yes to ALL attractions, go back as many times to the buffet (we let our 4-year-old eat way too much ice cream which may or may not have been the best choice –  eek!) and jump as much as we wanted.

There’s a reason people love all-inclusive…you know exactly how much you’re paying and that’s it!
Their “The Works” Wristband packages include 3+ hours of unlimited fun or food and fun.

I didn’t realize how crazy awesome The Works Package would be until it was all said and done. It was so nice not to have to think about a set budget for the day or have to pick and choose which activities to do.

Wristband Wednesdays are another way to save at Craigs Cruisers.

When Should I Visit?

There’s no right or wrong time to visit – every day of the week, every month of the year. But there are definitely things to consider when you visit.

– If you visit during the winter be aware that you won’t be able to do the outdoor attractions unless the weather permits.

– Visiting in the summer means you’ll need to be more strategic with your time because you’re adding 4 more attractions to your time table than you normally would just playing inside.

Days of the week:
-Craig’s Cruisers is much less crowded during the week and specifically on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Wednesday is special wristband day and a great time to go to save some money while checking out everything there is to explore.

Toddler time returns this fall. This is a great time if you have little kids and truly it’s much easier on us parents keeping our kiddos safe while they have fun.

 Should We Do Virtual Reality?

IT’S SO MUCH FUN! I want to go back for more!

The Hologate virtual reality set-up will be the first thing you see when you walk in. During our first time visiting we weren’t sure if it was included in the “attractions” portion of “The Works Package.”
Great news– it is!

We focused a lot on the other attractions and of course had a blast but left the Hologate Virtual Reality portion till the very end. My oldest and I picked the snowball fight course to play together while my hubby took our youngest to get more icecream!

A super nice Craig’s Cruisers worker helped us put on our gear. It was intense how much we felt like we were in a whole new world.

It was cloudy yucky weather the day we visited during the winter. Surprisingly, playing in “the snow and blue sky” of the virtual reality gave similar effects to being in it. We launched snowballs at each other feeling every hit as if it were real and hung out with penguins while listening to nice music.

There were more mature games to choose like zombies and other adventures, but the snowball fight was just perfect for my 7-year-old and I.

While virtual reality was surely a finale-type of attraction and we walked out having just done something SO COOL –  I wish I would have known how magnificent their virtual reality is! The four of us would have done this together and most likely more than once.

You’ll want to plan enough time for this, trust me!

Virtual Reality Craig's Cruisers
Virtual Reality Craig’s Cruisers
Craigs Cruisers virtual reality

What Should We Wear?

Wear comfy clothes.

Jumping, climbing, running, and racing are busy activities and much easier in clothing that moves. Sneakers are required in the Ninja Course and quieter when sneaking up on the enemy in Laser Tag.

Bring a hair tie.

If your hair is past your shoulders, they will have you tie it back for safety on the Go-Karts. There are mechanical components that don’t get along with long hair.

Are there Lockers?

Yes, there are Lockers.

You may want to limit the valuable items you bring in. I put a debit card and phone in my pocket.  

There are coat racks for outerwear and storage bins by the Ninja Course for shoes and everything else. Only clothing that will be worn can go into the Trampoline Park.

Lockers can also be rented near the storage bins.

Do I Need to Sign a Waiver?


Prepare to sign a waiver for EVERY jumper in the Trampoline Park.

You can fill it out online before your arrival.

Don’t Forget to Check for Specials Before Your Visit

Craig’s Cruisers makes indoor fun easy on the budget, too. They are always running specials and promotions to give you the most bang for your buck.

We found that a wristband was our ultimate pass to unlimited, worry-free entertainment. We didn’t have to count turns or check the clock, and we all did everything we wanted more than once. Wednesdays in Grand Rapids provide an even bigger deal. You get unlimited attractions, one hour of jump time in the Trampoline Park, and three hours of access to the buffet.

If you’re just popping in and want a select few things to do, Craig’s Cruisers has great deals and packages too.

Smaller ones can have enormous fun at Toddler Time. Kids six and under can explore the Trampoline Park with parental supervision and no worries of bouncing into bigger kids.

WIN a Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Pass for 4!

Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center is open daily for spring break! Make ‘staycation’ memories where the fun never ends. Vote in Craigs Cruisers Top Attraction 2022 Bracket to win a Family Fun Pass for 4! Includes: 4 Three Hour Works Wristbands (unlimited attractions, jump time, jump socks and buffet).

FINE PRINT: This giveaway will close on March 30, 2022 at 12PM EST and the winners will be notified via email. The winner will have 24 hours to respond by email accepting the prize. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to and not to Facebook. Entrants will release Facebook from all liability. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and reside in Michigan. Only one entry per household or IP address. GRKIDS’ liability is limited to the value of the prize.

Craig’s Cruisers

5730 Clyde Park SW, Wyoming, MI 49509
(616) 530-2900

Craigs Cruisers

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  6. My then 6 yr old loved the Ninja Warrior course. Now she’s looking forward to the trampolines. I’d also be looking forward to the trampolines, but I’m a 44 yr old mom, with a 44 yr old moms bladder, which means trampolines and I don’t really get along that well.

  7. Craigs crusier is so much fun. There things to do for all ages..rides for all ages.. Games, food what more could you ask for. My favorite is the wizard of oz game…

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