Did you Know That Even Toddlers can Create Masterpieces at The Mud Room? They Have Creative Endeavors for Everyone

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Get Your Hands Dirty at The Mud Room

Any parent understands the importance of giving children room to be creative, and The Mud Room agrees! My oldest son was just one year old the first time I brought him to The Mud Room and he absolutely loved it.

It’s actually become a staple outing when my niece is in town and for play dates with other mom friends and their kiddos.

The Mud Room offers four different ways for families to experiment with art. With pottery painting, glass fusing, wood signs, and the potter’s wheel, everyone is sure to find a cool way to spring into creativity!

Get the Little Kids Involved!

Pottery painting is probably the most suitable activity for toddlers at The Mud Room.. There is a huge selection of pottery to choose from, like animals, vases, dishes, and so much more.  And, of course, there are tons of paint colors to mix and match!

Pottery painting (starting as low as $10) includes your choice of pottery, use of supplies and art studio, and glazing and firing. There is also the “Pottery To Go” option that allows you to paint your pieces in the convenience of your own home and then return them to the studio for glazing and firing.

The Mud Room Julians Handprint Pottery

The Mud Room also offers handprint art for little kids. With handprints and footprints and a little help from parents and/or artists at The Mud Room, your child can create special keepsakes and gifts!

Prices vary and can include a $25 artist fee; however, there is a special event called Handprint Happy Hour where custom artwork is priced at $12 per item! Take a look at the calendar to find out when this event will be happening again.

The Mud Room Julians Pottery Pic

Big Kids Have Options!

While pottery painting can be done with children of any age, it is recommended that children are at least 7 years old to participate in glass fusing, creating wood signs, and using the potter’s wheel.

Glass fusing and potter’s wheel projects can be scheduled through a visit or a class. You can paint pottery or wood signs during open hours. 

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But I’m Not Very Artistic…

Neither am I, and my kids and I still managed to create some super cool pieces! The Mud Room artists love to help. They can show you how to create certain designs or just help to develop ideas.

After your art is completed either during open hours, a class, or a scheduled visit, pieces are left at The Mud Room so that their artist can complete the finishing touches of glazing and firing. They will call you to pick up your pieces when they are ready or you can have them shipped to you.

You might want to take a look at the some of The Mud Room’s FAQs to learn more about what you can expect during your visit.

Classes and Camps and Parties, OH MY!

The Mud Room offers some kind of event or class almost every week! During the summer, you can even enroll your child in Camp Mud, where students ages 7-15 can learn different artistic techniques and create awesome themed artwork. The Mud Room is also a great place to host your kid’s next birthday party or even your own shindig!  

All in all, it’s a fantastic creative experience that welcomes a little messiness, a lot of exploration, and a boat load of fun!

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