4 Simple Reasons to Choose Fast Lane’s Grocery Pickup Over the Competition

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Grocery Pickup is Becoming Hugely Popular With Young Families

Imagine being relieved from one of your most time-consuming and dreaded household tasks: grocery shopping. 

And grocery shopping during a pandemic probably ranks right on the top of your list as one of the things that you would definitely rather not do.

I know that I’ve felt the pull toward simplifying my family’s out-of-the-house trips, and I appreciate any time I can get someone else to do something for me.

With this super busy fall, back-to-school season upon me, I think it might be time to give it a try. I love the thought of someone else filling my grocery cart with the exact items I want while I tend to a million other things. Enter: Spartan Nash’s Fast Lane Online Grocery Shop.

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Fast Lane is Different From Other Grocery Pickup Services. Here’s How.


1 – Fast Lane Shoppers Get to Know Their Clients and Pay Attention to Detail

Putting your family’s grocery shopping in someone else’s hands sounds a little risky to me. We’ve got certain brands we like and can be fussy about the ripeness of our produce.

I think a leap of faith must be made when you sign up for any grocery delivery place. However, Fast Lane strives to not only be a safe and convenient way to shop, but a service that specializes in providing the personal touch. 

Toria Grant, the ecommerce coordinator for Spartan Nash, said if you use Fast Lane you can have a personal shopping experience. She said the Spartan Nash “personal shoppers” become accustomed to their clientele and pay attention to detail.

“Our shoppers get familiar with what products and brands you like, and if you like your bananas more ripe or not.”

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2 – Anything in the Store is Available on Fast Lane… for the Same Price

Fast Lane allows the user to add anything available in store to their online cart, and any sales the store is having at the time will also be applied to the online experience. 

“I think the fact that our prices as far as being the same online as in store is different than other online shopping services. Some stores have fewer items available, and their online options are relegated to only non-sale items.

“If we have sales, our shoppers can get those sales, too,” Toria said.

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3 – Nutrition Icons Help You Buy for Any Diet

As an additional service to clients, Spartan Nash has introduced our nutrition icons to the shopping experience.

“Basically if you are concerned about your health or on a diet, you can filter out options by category such as low sodium and heart-healthy options,” Toria said.

Fast Lane Grocery Pickup Nutrition Icons

4 – Fast Lane has Increased Staff to Accommodate Same-Day Grocery Pickup

Same-day service time slots are even available for customers!

Toria said early in the pandemic it was difficult for customers to get a time slot because of the dramatic increase in people wanting the service. Spartan Nash has since increased employees designated as personal shoppers and resources to make it easier to shop and pick up in a timely manner.

Another problem to resolve was what to do if an item was out of stock in the store due to people trying to stock up on supplies early in the pandemic.

Now if an item is out of stock, personal shoppers will communicate with and offer substitutions to their clients.



Enjoy the Simplicity of Ordering All Your Groceries Online

Ordering online is simple. You set up an account and a profile and decide if you are going to pay an annual membership fee of $49.00 or pay $4.95 service fee for each online order. Toria recommends clients opt for the annual membership if the service is used often. 

“It pays for itself after a few shopping trips. Most people grocery shop once a week or every other week.”

While the membership saves money for regular clients, it is not necessary. The shopping experience is the same with either option.

Most of Fast Lane’s Grocery Pickup Clients are People Like You and Me

Toria said their clientele demographic is made up mostly of people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s – generally busy people who are raising families. The service, which was created around two years ago, has had a definite growth in sales since the pandemic started.

“I definitely think more people have been utilizing it since before the pandemic started,” Toria said. “I think because many people are scared, they are looking for services like Fast Lane because of low contact.

Simply Choose Your Groceries and Pick Them Up

After you’ve picked out your groceries and chosen the Spartan Nash store at which you’d like to pick up, you choose a pick-up time slot. You will receive a text both when order is being assembled and again when it is ready. There are designated parking spots for Fast Lane clients. Simply text the store when you arrive, and your shopper will bring out your groceries.

At-home delivery is also available to certain areas for $9.95 each shopping trip. Tipping for all of Fast Lane services is optional. West Michigan stores that offer Fast Lane include D&W Fresh Market, Family Fare, Family Fresh Market, and Forest Hills Foods.

With the busyness of life and the unexpected extra chore juggling so many of us are tackling right now, this would be a great time to try Fast Lane. It sounds like a convenient way to save time and lower stress for busy families.



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