Car Detailing: GR’s 9 Best Car Wash Detailing Pros

Car Wash Detailing is Worth It – They Can Get Places That You Can’t

If your family is like mine your car is like a second home. You’re in it all the time for trips up north, sports, school pickup, family events, and errands, errands, errands.

Add in rainy days with muddy shoes, endless snack moments and kids pressing their noses to the glass, and the car becomes … quite gross.

You might have a cleaning schedule for your house, but adding in the car, too? With all those nooks and crannies? Sounds overwhelming.

Thankfully, nearby there are car wash detailing places to your car back in order. (And many will even come to you!)

Grand Rapids Car Detailing That Will Make Your Car Feel Like New

A snazzy, clean car is always a good pick-me-up.  These are the places that the locals turn to for a good car wash detailing – inside and out!

And this isn’t just your run of the mill, “vaccuum and wipe down.”

Many of these detailers do a “remove the seats and shampoo” kind of cleaning. Even the oldest, hardest-worked car can come back looking like NEW.

So remember to tip those hard working auto detailers – especially if they are the ones that finally discovered that old milk bottle hiding under your kid’s chair!

1 – Breton Auto Wash

1970 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Take the kids along and watch the cleaning magic from outside your car.

Breton Auto Wash offers a wide range of detailing options. Book exterior or interior separately or bundle them for a 10% discount.

Add-ons for an extra cost include odor control, salt removal and rim cleaning.

Car detailing is available by appointment only.

Prices range from $173 for cars to $223 for large vans and SUVs. (Note this pricing is for interior OR exterior, not both.)

2 – Alpine Shine Shop

2658 Alpine Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544
616- 361-5405

Variety is key at Alpine Shine Shop (part of Millennium Auto Wash & Detail Center).

The interior detail package cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes. The seats and carpets are shampooed and extracted while the interior trim leather is cleaned and conditioned. Pricing starts at $199 for small cars and $279 for vans and large SUVs.

Alpine Shine Shop offers two exterior car wash detailing options. The Clay and Wax Package is designed specifically for lighter-colored vehicles that do not show surface scratches. Your car will get a chemical bath and clay bar exfoliation followed by a polymer seal coat. Pricing starts at $129 for small cars and $169 for vans and large SUVs.

The exterior restoration detail includes all of the above plus removal of scratches, hazing and swirl marks. Pricing starts at $279 for small cars and $359 for vans and large SUVs.

Combine the exterior and interior car detailing options for discounted pricing.

In a hurry? Try the 30-minute mini-detailing! This option includes vacuuming, surface wipe down and shampooed floor mats. And it comes with a car wash. Pricing starts at $49 for two rows, $10 cargo, and $74 for three row vans / SUVs. Add-on services include pet hair removal, seat shampoo and removal, and leather seat conditioning.

Additional specialty service offerings include motorcycle detailing and boat detailing (starting at $15 / ft).

Car detailing by appointment only.

3 – Touch of Class Auto Wash

5505 Lake Michigan Dr, Allendale, MI 49401
(616) 895-5040

714 Elliott St, Grand Haven MI 49417
(616) 846-2341

Touch of Class Auto Wash offers four car detailing options to meet your budget.

The Works complete exterior and interior detailing begins at $250. The service includes windows cleaned, clay bar treatment, tire and trim sealant, carpet vacuuming and shampooing and more.

The Deluxe option for $150 includes a car wash and carpet shampooing & vacuuming.

The Express option for $135 is for a complete exterior car wash and detail.

The TOC Special is only $65 and includes a car wash and inside vacuuming.

Car detailing by appointment and is only available at the Allendale and Grand Haven locations.

4 – Crystal Clean Auto Detailing

3413 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

This highly recommended service is a fav around town. They even offer pick up and drop off services.

Try their Fly n’ Shine service next time you fly out of Gerald R Ford Airport. Drop your car off at their Valet stand and return to a sparkling clean car!

The interior package cleans away dirt & stains, washes all windows, cleans out the console and glove compartment and more. Prices start at $220 for a sedan, $260 for a minivan and $400 for extra large vehicles.

The exterior package includes a complete hand wash with steam rinse, tire cleaning, window washing, and wax sealant application. Prices start at $160 for a sedan, $200 for a minivan and $250 for extra large vehicles.

The deluxe detail package combines both of these and lasts for eight hours. Prices start at $280 for a sedan, $320 for a minivan and $400 for extra large vehicles.

If you need a little extra help, add-on scratch removal, dent removal or interior repair.

Car wash detailing by appointment only.

5 – AutoBody Xperts

3483 Highland Drive, Hudsonville, MI 49426

AuotBody Xperts has locations in Hudsonville, Holland, Zeeland and Wayland providing more convivence to those farther away from Grand Rapids.

They will detail the vehicle interior from top to bottom and also give it an extensive exterior wash.

Car detailing by appointment only.

6 – Fox Shine Detail and Appearance Center

2890 Acquest Avenue SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

Fox Shine Detail and Appearance Center services all makes, manufacturers, cars, SUV’s and trucks.

The exterior car wash detailing includes a hand wash with a clay bar plus washing windows. Additionally, they will wipe down jambs, clean wheel, wheel walls, rims, treat tires, trims, and grill – finishes with a wax and polish. Pricing starts at $137 for small cars and $168 for minivans and SUVs.

With an interior car detailing, Fox Shine will vacuum the entire vehicle and remove stains. They’ll also shampoo and scrub carpets and floor mats and wipe down surfaces. Pricing starts at $169 for small cars and $208 for minivans and SUVs.

Combine both services for a discounted rate.

Add-ons for an additional expense include ceramic coating, wheel rim repair, and dent / scratch / stripe / decal removal.

Car detailing by appointment only.

7 – Supreme Shine Auto Detailing LLC

1224 Rosewood St, Jenison, MI 49428
616- 916-2107

Customers rave about the service from Supreme Shine Auto Detailing LLC.

Call for details and pricing.

8 – Pro Shine Mobile Detailing

28th St SE and Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Doesn’t get easier than this – with Pro Shine they come right to your driveway!

Vacuuming, steaming and conditioning are all included with the interior package. Prices range from $150 – $300 depending on the size and condition of your vehicle.

Choose from three different exterior car wash detailing packages. Packages begin with the basic wash, polish and sealant and can be upgraded to include sanding, buffing and more. Pricing ranges from $200 to $1000.

Get the basic exterior combined with the interior for $300 – $425.

Plus get your boat detailed for $18 – $35 per foot.

Detailing by appointment only.

9 – Interior Express LLC

Ada, MI 49301

These guys come to you!

A full interior car wash detailing includes steam cleaning and sanitizing. The carpets and floor mats are also thoroughly cleaned. Plastic and vinyl is dressed with a UV protectant and leather is conditioned. Pricing starts at $265.

Add-ons include salt, sand and odor removal.

Interior Express LLC does NOT do exterior so this would not be the option for you if you need that service as well.

Call or text for an appointment.

And while they don’t offer car detailing, we’d be remiss not to mention a trip to Tommy’s Car Wash in the fall for their Tunnel of Terror Haunted Car Washes. It’s a total trip.

Little girls practicing car detailing. Car wash detailing in Grand Rapids gets the job done.

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