Here’s a No-Stress, 1-Hour Christmas Lights Route for Kentwood, Byron Center & Caledonia

Byron Center, Caledonia & Kentwood Christmas Lights Route

Dazzle the kids (or just yourself!) with the best Christmas lights south of Grand Rapids.

This route includes the popular Princeton Estates neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas houses!

Start the adventure at Horrocks Market, arguably Grand Rapids’ favorite unique grocer, to get the best road snacks. (And don’t miss their popular outdoor beer garden.)

End your trip at Everett’s Gardens, where you can roast a s’more at the campfire after driving through their Christmas lights show (open through Dec 17).

You’ll love this quick, one hour route that’s packed with impressive light shows and neighborhoods.

Stops on the Byron Center, Caledonia & Kentwood Christmas Lights Route

Here are details for each stop on the route.

Click on a (map it) link to access Google Maps driving directions to that destination.

STOP # 0
4455 Breton Rd SE, Kentwood MI 49508
(map it)

Stop at GR's favorite grocer to load up on snacks for your Christmas lights drive.

Try house made popcorn in an array of flavors, or maybe some specialty candy like rainbow licorice and toffee-covered chocolates.

Savory treats include a cheese Advent calendar and a hot soup bar.

Plan extra time if you want to do some holiday shopping. Horrocks has loads of holiday decor, holiday outfits for kids, poinsettias, fresh flowers and more.

It's the perfect stop for gifts + treats.

Horrocks is open until 10 PM Mon - Sat and 9 PM on Sunday

STOP # 1
1959 Rondo St SE, Kentwood MI 49508
(map it)

Tune your radio to 88.3 and enjoy over 4000 lights programmed to Christmas music!

Show runs everyday from 5 PM to 10 PM through January 8

Check to find us on social media for updates and behind the scenes

STOP # 2
1821 Lockmere Dr, Kentwood MI 49508
(map it)

Begin your driving tour of Princeton Estates at this Christmas light show.

Tune to 88.7 FM

Show runs every night at 6, 7, 8, and 9 PM

STOP # 3
5345 Surrey, Grand Rapids MI 49508
(map it)

The lights dance at this Star Wars themed light display
STOP # 4
5374 Effingham, Kentwood MI 49508
(map it)

Don't miss this amazing display in Princeton Estates!

This house on Effingham Drive is called the countdown clock house for obvious reasons once you see it.

It has every inflatable figure imaginable, complete with lights and music.

Small displays throughout the entire neighborhood make it well worth a drive.

“If there was a Christmas neighborhood contest, I think they’d win,” said one second grader.

STOP # 5
887 Pembroke St SE, Kentwood MI 49508
(map it)

Blow ups, lights and sound.

Tune to 88.7 FM

Show starts at dusk, about 5:00 pm, and runs to 10:30 pm every day until January 10, 2023.

STOP # 6
4784 Wolf Run, Kentwood MI 49548
(map it)

Corner of 48th St and Wolf Run. Playing music - roll down your window to hear.
STOP # 7
4671 & 4679 Southstone Dr SE, Kentwood MI 49548
(map it)

Lots of lights and some inflatables.
It is in the same neighborhood as the Wolf Run house.
STOP # 8
5970 Tumbleweed Dr Sw, Wyoming MI 49534
(map it)
Abby's Lights is now "Lights on Mount Crumpit."

When you come to our show, please be polite and do not block driveways, turn off your lights, and please do not litter.

STOP # 9
3111 64th St SW, Byron Center MI 49315
(map it)

Tune to 89.9 FM

We have things going on in both side yards as well.

Tons of blow-ups and other large decor.

STOP # 10
2081 Canopy Dr, Byron Center MI 49315
(map it)

Musical light show running 11/23-1/2.

Shows start at 5:30 till 11:00 every day.

Fireworks show on opening night, Wednesday the 23rd at 7:00pm! (Weather dependent)

STOP # 11
7975 Verona Dr SW, Byron Center MI 49315
(map it)

Hoping to open around 11/26

Come check out the synchronized Christmas lights Sun-Thurs 6 PM - 9 PM, and Fri & Sat 6 PM - 10 PM through New Years.

Tune your radio to 90.5 FM.

STOP # 12
7869 Jonagold Dr SE, Grand Rapids MI 49508
(map it)

New show, 1500+ Lights synchronized to music

Tune to 103.5 FM

6 PM -10 PM nightly

STOP # 13
8414 Kalamazoo Avenue Southeast, Caledonia MI 49316
(map it)

1890 schoolhouse in Gaines Twp. at 84th Street and Kalamazoo Ave.

Surrounded by 30 foot pines with lights, deer, icicles, and candy canes, and with 60,000+ lights

Thanksgiving night through early January

STOP # 14
240 84th St SE, Byron Center MI 49315
(map it)

November 18-December 17, 2022- every Friday and Saturday 6 pm-8 pm.
Cost: $5/vehicle

Enjoy the Christmas Drive Thru Light Display throughout the entire gardens.

At the end of the light display, park your vehicle by the mass amount of Christmas trees!

There will be a warm fire waiting to greet you and s’mores ready to be roasted.

Games for the children and Christmas sleighs to take family photos on.


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