Find out why Parents and Kids Say, “GRG is the Place to Be!”

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Families Love Grand Rapids Gymnastics

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Kids Learn More than Gymnastics at GRG

Grand Rapids Gymnastics is a fantastic place for kids to master gymnastic skills like tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars and vault techniques. Even young babies can begin to hone their gross and fine motor skills at the FREE GR Baby class, which takes place every Tuesday, from 11-11:45 AM (no registration required, just show up).

Beyond growing physically through GR Gymnastics’ programs, kids grow cognitively and socially, too. Gymnastics is amazing for kids’ growing brains and improves their overall development in tremendous ways. One GRG mom shared, “Our son learns about hard work, respect, friendship, loyalty and so much more!”

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Gymnastics Makes Kids Smart!

Coach Teri at GRG explains the science behind why gymnastics is good for kids’ brains.

“Brain connections are made through the activation of an important system that lies deep within the inner ear, called the vestibular system. It’s the Olympic gold winner when it comes to brain development. Specific types of movement common to gymnastics help the vestibular system develop properly.” -Teri Schmuker

The coaching team at GRG really work to coach the whole person, says Tiffany Wagner, another GRG mom. Tiffany said the coaches take into account “personality, emotional strength and readiness, other events going on in the athlete’s life and do so with respect and passion for the sport.”

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Grand Rapids Gymnastics Feels Like a Big, Loving Family

If you talk to GRG parents, you’ll quickly notice one common theme about their experience with Grand Rapids Gymnastics. Many of them remark that GRG feels like a big, loving family. One mom said she loves GRG because, “the coaches treat your kids like family.”

“GRG is one big family!” affirmed another parent.

What Else Do Families Love about GRG?

Families love many things about Grand Rapids Gymnastics, but a few more of their favorite things are highlighted below:

• You can join anytime!
• Programs available to both boys and girls.
• FREE trial class offered.
• You can view their current class schedule online.
• Monthly payment plan option.
• FREE Baby Classes each Tuesday.

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Enroll Your Grade School Kids in GRG’s Recreatioanl Program Today!

GRG’s grade school program (1st Grade and up) is based on proper skill development and athletic development. Participants move through the Recreational Program based on ability and skill progression, not necessarily by age. Program participants will learn tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars and vault techniques. They must demonstrate mastery of the skills and progressions to move from one class to the next. Learn more about the Recreational Program today.

If you have younger children, GRG also offers ParentTots class for 18 month old-3 years, as well as an exceptional Preschool Program.

If you aren’t sure what class is right for your family, the GRG staff is happy to help you figure it out. Give them a call at 616-975-2992 and schedule your FREE trial class today!

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