GR Gymnastics has Discovered How to Develop Proud Athletes of All Levels, Starting With their New BumbleBee Class

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GR Gymnastics Encourages Fitness and Excels at FUN

Grand Rapids Gymnastics has figured out the recipe for kids who are passionate about gymnastics, no matter their level: each young athlete moves at their own pace, and not by an arbitrary training system. 

Some facilities would group a child by their age and expect them to move up each level as the entire class does. But at GRG, kids feel completely at home, no matter their age or gymnastic ability. They have the freedom to race ahead of their peers in some areas or take it slower to master a skill.

Athletes at Grand Rapids Gymnastics succeed through highly trained coaches, a top notch training facility, and a philosophy based around the proper principles of gymnastics. Coaches adapt training based on individual skill level, maintaining safety and maximizing fun

“We instill the values of being fit for life,” says Kerri Johnson, GR Gymnastics Director.

Gymnastics promotes lifelong skills like dedication, leadership, positivity, commitment, and integrity

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Preschool Meets Gymnastics at BumbleBee Camp

If you have a preschooler who’s looking for an energy busting day of movement and learning, you need to check out BumbleBee Camp.

BumbleBee Camp is a clever alternative to the typical preschool setting where learning and motion combine.

Students at BumbleBee Camp participate in mobility-based learning, offered Monday-Friday in Fall and Winter/Spring sessions. Parents can sign up students for as many days as they like with pricing based on registration. 

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Bumblebee Camp Encourages Social Awareness and Gross Motor Skills

Typical learning activities center on gymnastics-based activities with integrated educational play. Parents can expect their kids to play games on the floor like jumping between letters of the alphabet, or balancing on the beam while pointing to colors and shapes.

Young children explore their world and learn through play; at GRG,  you will jump-start their education with stimulation for their brain and a workout for their body. 

GR gymnastics preschool teacher and child

Picture this… it’s dinner time and your toddler just fell asleep with their face in their spaghetti, completely satisfied and exhausted from their amazing day at Bumble Bee Camp.

Gymnastics provides the perfect outlet to get rid of all that pent up energy built throughout quarantine. 

Play utilizes all gymnastics equipment available in age-appropriate settings including the beam, floor, bars, foam pits, trampolines, and vault. Imagine the fun waiting for them while they balance, jump, soar sky high (safely of course), and tumble. 

Highly Qualified GRG Coaches Help Prepare Tots for Elementary School

With guidance from Lead Coach Lindsey (she has a degree in early childhood development and lots of experience working with kids), kids prepare for kindergarten and elementary school in the best way possible: physical activity and brain stimulation

“Studies show that gymnastics-related activities accelerate and enhance the skills necessary for kindergarten and elementary school,” says Kerri.

“It’s a great addition for your child because it’s activity-based. The only time they will be sitting at a table is during snack.” 

Imagine how the unending days of iPads and DisneyPlus will fade into memory, replaced with the thrilling new adventure of active preschool with peers.  

Group activities like those in BumbleBee Camp encourage social awareness, patience, focus, and fun. 

“Forward, backward, and lateral movement promote reading and writing readiness,” adds Kerri. 

In addition, all children in BumbleBee Camp have a daily age-appropriate class, focused on gymnastics. So, even though BumbleBee camp combines kids aged 3-6 together, each age group attends their own age-based gymnastic class with their peers during the day.

The six year olds can be in KinderBugs without feeling held back, while the toddlers head to TumbleBugs without feeling left behind. 

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BumbleBee Camp has adjusted class sizes and other functions to keep in line with Covid-19 precautions. 


Multiple Classes Launch Gymnasts of All Levels to New Heights

In addition to the BumbleBee program, GR Gymnastics offers fun for kids from age 6 months and up. 

These classes offer maximum benefit by working on young childrens’ ability to maintain attention, follow instructions, and interact with peers while simultaneously working on gross motor muscle movement through exercise!

  • GRG Babies (6 months-walking) In this class, babies learn through playtime, sensory exploration, and tummy time on the gym mat.
  • ParentsTots (18 months-3 years) Parent participation is required in this class focused on running, tumbling, jumping, and playing.
  • TumbleBugs (3-4 years) Tots in this class focus on tumbling, coordination, and fun!
  • KinderBugs (4-5 years) Teaches basic gymnastics skills, body positions and terminology.
  • Dragonflies (4-6 yrs, boys only) This class centers around male olympic gymnastic events such as the pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, and high bar. 
  • MiniNinjas (3-5 yrs) MiniNinjas spend the class training for activities like obstacle courses and the sport of parkour. Activities increase coordination, cardio strength, agility, grip strength and physical fitness. 
  • Ninjanastics (various ages) Ideal for homeschoolers with the entire gym available at their disposal. 

GRG has Classes for Older Kids, Too

GR Gymnastics teaches recreational gymnastics for kids who want to continue their learning after preschool. Designed to create skill and athletic development, recreational gymnastics gives kids experience with equipment such as uneven bars, tumbling, balance beam and vaulting.

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Ready to see your kid launch to new heights?

Find more information about Bumble Bee Camp on the GR Gymnastics’ website with a sample of the daily schedule in the BumbleBee Camp handbook.

Call them at 616.975.2992 or email to learn more about Bumblebee Camp or other exciting classes at Grand Rapids Gymnastics. 


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  1. We love GR gymnastics!! We just go during their open gym time!!! I love that they have that!! I didn’t realize they had a preschool offered there. So I went to their site to check it out and it wasn’t what I was thinking. They are gymnastics classes for preschoolers not a preschool class at least the way a perceive it. Just thought I should let other parents know 🙂

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