Choosing and Hanging Your Hammock

When my family heads out on an outdoor adventure my husband typically asks, “should we bring the hammock?” Who doesn’t love to find a relaxing spot between two trees to nap, read or catch a quick snuggle with your kids?

Grand Rapids hammock spots

If you haven’t been hammock shopping recently you will probably find them to be quite different than the hammock you may recall from your younger days.

My hammock is made of a thin nylon material that easily fits into a small carrying case. When purchasing a hammock make sure that the hammock is large enough to meet your needs. After that, it’s fairly simple.

Find a spot with two trees approximately 13 to 16 feet apart. Using ropes that typically come with your hammock hang the hammock at an angle, meaning your head should be approximately 30 degrees higher than your feet. Make sure the tree is healthy and any branches you are attaching to are solid.

Where to Hammock in Grand Rapids


11 Hammock-Worthy Locations Around West Michigan

If are looking for the perfect place to hang your hammock options are endless throughout West Michigan! We’ve found these 11 but know there must be more. Tell us about your favorite spot in the comments. 

Hammock Spots With a Water View

PJ Hoffmaster State Park | 6265 Lake Harbor Rd, Norton Shores, MI 49441

Why it’s good: If you are looking for a relaxing day at Lake Michigan check out PJ Hoffmaster State Park. The park features two and a half miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan. Take the climb to the top of the dunes and you will find the perfect location for a hammock.  

Adams Street Landing | 10363 Adams St, Holland, MI 49423
Why it’s good: This ten acre park has 1200 feet of frontage along the Macatawa River. It’s a great choice for a day of fishing, kayaking/canoeing and of course hammocking.

John Collins Park | 650 Lakeside Dr SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Why it’s good: Located on Reeds Lake it’s the perfect location to enjoy a day in your hammock watching boaters or perhaps catching a crew practice.

Ada Township Park | 1180 Buttrick Ave SE, Ada, MI 49301

Why it’s good: For a family friendly option Ada Township Park is a great choice. The park features various sports fields, a playground, paved and natural wooded paths, and a stocked fishing pond. Perfect hammock trees are plentiful throughout the property.

Millennium Park | 1415 Maynard Ave SW, Walker, MI 49534

Why it’s good: Millennium Park is another great family friendly option. In one location you can play on a sandy beach, enjoy the 18 mile trail system, check out the splash pad, fish or even rent a canoe or stand up paddle board. Millennium Park has it all including endless hammock locations!

Wooded Hammock Options

Luton Park | 5950 10 Mile Rd, Rockford, MI 49341

Why it’s good: The park features nearly ten miles of rolling hills and interconnected trails.  The wooded trails are designed and maintained for mountain-biking, but hikers, trail runners, and hammock enthusiast are welcome.  

Provin Trails Park | 2900 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Why it’s good: It’s a perfect location for hammocks with 50 acres of dense pines forests and rolling hills. The trails are also open in the winter for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Hammocking in the winter is fun too!

Cannonsburg | 6800 Cannonsburg Rd, Belmont, MI 49317

Why it’s good: Cannonsburg offers much more than skiing. Miles of wooded trails are perfect for biking, hiking or laying in a hammock. While there, be sure to check out the zipline!

camping hammock lower tahquamenon falls state park

Urban Hammocking – Yes, It’s a Thing

Ah Nab Awen Park | 220 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Why it’s good: Adjacent to Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum this park borders the Grand River with city views in the background.

Rosa Parks Circle | 135 Monroe Center St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Why it’s good: A great choice for a resting spot if you are looking to be in the heart of city. Rosa Parks Circle hosts free concerts and swing dancing throughout the summer.

Calder Plaza | 300 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Why it’s good: You will find a cluster of trees on the north end of the plaza perfect for a hammock. Layback and enjoy the urban setting.  If you are there during lunch check out the food trucks.

Follow These Basic Hammock Etiquette Tips to Help Ensure you Have a Successful Trip

  • Try to give others space when choosing where to hang your hammock.
  • Do not disturb the peace by being loud.
  • Be kind to the trees. Hammocks do not typically harm trees, but there are situations where using a hammock could hurt a tree.
  • Clean up any messes before leaving.
  • Do not place your hammock above someone else’s without permission.
  • Get permission before hammocking on private property.

If you haven’t been hammocking, it’s time to get out there and give it a try!

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