Higher Health Chiropractic is a Hit With Pregnant Mamas and Kids – And Anyone Looking for Complete Care

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Families are Kind of Obsessed With Higher Health Chiropractic

I was pregnant with my first child when I found myself desperately needing chiropractic care. I didn’t want to go just anywhere–I needed a practice that would take gentle care of me and my baby.

The number one place that was recommended to me was Higher Health Chiropractic–and for good reason! Their offices specialize in gentle spinal adjustments and are known in the area for their excellent care of pregnant mamas and their kiddos. They are the largest pediatric chiropractic office in the midwest!

GRKIDS readers agree that Higher Health is a great place for kids and families, as you voted them one of the top Chiropractors for Families!

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Chiropractors on a Mission: to Help You Live Your Best Life

Higher Health Chiropractic believes that everyone should be able to function at their optimal, God-given health potential through a well-adjusted spine. Without prescribing you medications or scheduling surgeries, they believe that proper spinal alignment can give your body the power to heal itself.

This thriving office (with three locations now!) is driven by faith and uses methods based on proven results. They’ve created a great atmosphere to help families cultivate health and wellness.

Higher Health Chiropractic Staff

“Why Bother with Chiropractic Care? My Back is Fine!”

There is a common misconception that a chiropractor solely relieves back pain. However, Dr. Erik Kowalke reports that most patients they see are seeking solutions for other issues.

“Most of the children we see are here to address ear infections, colic, bed wetting, and headaches through proper spinal alignment,” Kowalke says.

The testimonials from patients at Higher Health speak for themselves. People are finding relief across the board–from chronic pain to anxiety–all through spinal adjustments.

Higher Health Chiropractic Family

No Forceful Cracking or Popping Here!

Higher Health sees patients from infancy (patients have stopped by with their newborns on the way home from the hospital!) to the elderly–and everything in between. Their offices are often buzzing with families getting adjusted together.

If you’re worried about a trip to the chiropractor being too harsh on your kiddos, fear not! Higher Health uses a technique called a Torque Release Technique (TRT) which utilizes a small tool, it almost looks like a pen, to gently tap your spine back into alignment over time.

This technique is vastly different than the back-cracking or neck-twisting you might have in your mind when you think about a trip to the chiropractor. It’s gentle, precise, and effective.

Higher Health Chiropractic Torque Release

Ready to Find Your Optimal Health?

You can now find Higher Health Chiropractic offices in Wyoming, Walker, and Holland. Their office spaces are warm and inviting for you and your children.

Your first visit includes a consultation to get a clearer picture of your current issues using state of the art technology and x-rays to then create a plan to help you find relief.

From there you’ll need to attend a new patient orientation meeting (offered several times a week at all locations) before you schedule routine adjustments. It’s important to Higher Health that patients are well educated on their methods.

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Locations in Wyoming, Walker, and Holland


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