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The Childhood Nostalgia is Gone, but the New Playground is Amazing

This summer I let you know the sad news that the beloved Imagination Station of Grand Haven was going to be torn down. While I am sad to see a part of my childhood gone, I am happy to report that the new playground is now open to the public!

Spoiler alert: it’s beautiful!

A Playground Built for Grand Haven

The Imagination Station 2.0 features fun details that reflect the city of Grand Haven. Children can find a lighthouse, anchors, familiar street signs, and a Coast Guard boat while playing. In addition to cool landmarks, the new slides, rock walls, and rope structures are sure to be a hit, too!

Unlike the old play structures, the new playground is handicap accessible. The ground is soft and bouncy (no more dusty rocks!) and there are ramps in place of stairs.

Dream Big, Plan Big, Volunteer Big

Over the past year fundraising and planning efforts were underway. Fun fact: they used the same company and planning process that they used when they built the original in 1990!

The old playground was torn down just a few weeks ago and the new playground was quickly built by a team of fearless volunteers.

On Nov 1, 2018, the new playground was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Grand Haven Mayor Geri McCaleb, Michigan Economic Development Corporation representative Lindsay Viviano, and Reimagine Project co-chairpersons Chris and Kristi Streng were all present and thanked the community for rallying behind them.

Get ready to make a bunch of new memories at this wonderful place!

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