New in Town: Video Games Can’t Compete With BattleGR’s New Huge Immersive Gaming Facility

BattleGR boy taking aim in archery tag

BattleGR is Not Like Other Sports Facilities

We could all use a little fun these days and a bit of normalcy. That’s what happened when I let a group of 12 kids loose at the BattleGR Tactical Games brand new amazing facility.

Now located in Comstock Park near the Fifth-Third Ballpark, this 24,000 square feet facility houses sports courts, an arcade, and a snack shop as well as its laser tag course. It has lots of open spaces, great lighting, and is very noticeably clean. 

BattleGR facility overview

Because the kids were able to spread out as they played, reasonable social distancing (while wearing face masks) allowed for some very energetic laser tag and intense archery tag. The kids, who are ages 6 – 16, engaged in games that require teamwork and strategic thinking to have a sweaty good time.

Battle GR girls aiming at boy Hunt

Owner Jenny Lashuay said she is excited about the variety of activities they provide that are appropriate for all ages.

She said BattleGR is a hybrid of a family fun center and a sports facility. Activities include private parties, sports league tournaments, and open gym time.

“We offer families and groups and corporations different ways to be active. We have a really good mix.”

BattleGR feature image boy taking aim

Safety Practices & Current Open Times

BattleGR’s safety practices are regularly changing to stay in line with CDC recommendations. Jenny encourages guests to check the BattleGR website for the latest in safety protocols. Most recently, they installed ionizers that turn over the air every 10 minutes for a cleaner, safer experience.

Jenny also encourages visitors to check their website or give them a call before heading out to see which activities are available, as regulations are changing daily for indoor facilities.


Laser Tag is Definitely a Hit for Kids And Adults

The big activity at BattleGR is laser tag.

BattleGR’s laser tag course is set in a course with walls, kind of like a town, with a variety of shelters to hide behind to recharge your weapon and “bases” for the teams to regroup. 

The laser sensors are on both the gun and a visor-type headpiece the players wear.

“I got hit a lot! I found recharging easy, though,” said Ella, age 14.

Battle GR laser tag boy sneaking through barricades Hunt

The kids were divided into teams and played several different games while a BattleGR employee “referee” guided them.

“It required a lot of energy. You have to think stratigically,” said Sophia, age 16.

“You had to have teamwork,” added Olivia, age 12.


Archery Tag Challenges You Mentally and Physically

The other structured activity was archery tag set up on one of the sports courts. It was kind of like playing “dodgeball” only with bows and arrows – the arrows have chunky foam tips, and the players all wear helmet/masks. 

“It was very intense. You need to dodge a lot and always be ready and alert.” said Luci, age 11.

Some of the younger kids in the group had fun with both activities, but preferred laser tag. The bows are four feet long, and may be cumbersome to smaller children.

BattleGR archery tag court

Twins Matthew and Ethan, age 10, agreed laser tag was faster paced and had more game variety and action.

 “It was more like a sport,” Ethan said.

Battle GR arcade skee ball Hunt


Good Times Include Good Food

BattleGR can now boast of their kitchen where pizzas are made on-site along with other high-quality, locally-sourced food. The menu includes chicken tenders, hot dogs, and baked treats. Jenny said their goal is to raise the bar on the typical food normally served at activity centers.

“A lot of entertainment places or sports facilities you go to, it’s all frozen pizza, bowling alley food. We kind of wanted to break that mold a little bit and make it more upscale,” she said.

Battle GR archery tag arrow in air Hunt


What Else Can You Find at BattleGR?

So, that’s not all. BattleGR is looking to be a versatile and accommodating facility that serves families, groups, and teams with a place to meet. Courts can be set up to host leagues and tournaments for almost any sport or game. They are offering basketball, volleyball, futsal, and will be running an archery tag “boot camp” with the intention of starting a league for that, too. 

BattleGR family playing laser tag

BattleGR also has facilities set up to host parties. Rooms are available for a seated meal if desired, and they offer party packages for individuals or groups.

Friday nights are “teenish” nights for kids 10 and older. This evening offers 3 hours of archery tag and laser tag, and use of the courts for basketball, soccer, futsal, volleyball, and yard games. Cost is $25 per person and includes food. 

This is the New Place to be Active and Have Fun

My kids seriously love this place, and so do the others who came with us. If you want to give your kids an experience that they will call “awesome” and “exciting,” this is the place. My kids are still recounting their laser tag strategies and discussing what they will do next time. 

There will definitely be a next time.

BattleGR new building in Comstock Park Hunt


BattleGR Tactical Games

284 Dodge NE, Ste 100, Comstock Park, MI 49321

FACEBOOK | (616) 345-0698


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