12 Best OBGYN Docs in Grand Rapids

The Best OBGYN is There Through Life’s Biggest Changes

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, already pregnant, or just want to take care of your reproductive health, finding the right OBGYN matters, and you need the best care there is.

These are Grand Rapids’ best OBGYNS as voted on by local women in our best Grand Rapids doctors awards.

These practitioners are good listeners, advocate for their patients, and have the experience women want in their doc.

best OBGYN list in Grand Rapids.

Find the Best OBGYN in Grand Rapids Here

Check out the 12 best OBGYN practitioners in Grand Rapids!

Recommended by their patients, here are some of the best you will find in West Michigan.
(Every name in this list received votes from our readers.) 

winner icon 70x70 Dr. Michelle Klyn
at Grand Rapids Women’s Health

 555 Mid Towne St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Dr. Klyn has been with Grand Rapids Women’s Health since 2017 and has quickly grown a popular following.

As the largest independent OB/GYN practice in West Michigan, Grand Rapids Women’s Health offers a dynamic combination of physician expertise, advanced technology, and a skilled, compassionate staff.

Both providers and staff will take pride in providing exceptional experiences to women of all ages.

winner icon 70x70 Dr. John LaGrand
at Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology

 230 Michigan St NE # 102, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Dr. LaGrand at Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology has regularly been voted a best OBGYN with GRKIDS readers for years. He takes his time with appointments and patients love feeling like more than just a number to Dr. LaGrand.

Because education and partnership with women is their focus, appointments at Advanced Ob-Gyn are typically longer than what you would experience in other offices. If there are any questions about a procedure or diagnosis, docs will take the time to discuss the situation until you feel fully informed.

3 – Dr. Judith Florido at University of Michigan Health-West

2221 Health Dr SW #2100, Wyoming, MI 49519

Dr. Florido at UofM Health-West is known for her compassion toward patients and good listening skills.

Patients appreciate Dr. Florido’s very personal approach and that she can share pros and cons with health options so they can make informed decisions.

4 – Dr. Steven Lown at University of Michigan Health-West at the Village

2221 Health Dr SW #2100, Wyoming, MI 49519 – web

4 – Dr. Sarah Mattson Grand Rapids Women’s Health

555 Mid Towne St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – web

6 – Dr. Anita VanDeBurg at Grand Rapids Women’s Health

555 Mid Towne St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – web

7 – Dr. Susan VandenBosch at University of Michigan Health-West

2221 Health Dr SW #2100, Wyoming, MI 49519 – web

8 – Dr. Peter Kaczkofsky at University of Michigan Health-West at the Village

2221 Health Dr SW #2100, Wyoming, MI 49519 – web

9 – Dr. Robyn Hubbard at Grand Rapids Women’s Health

555 Mid Towne St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – web

9 – Dr. Heather Jereb at Grand Rapids Women’s Health

555 Mid Towne St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – web

9 – Dr. Tami Michele at Advanced OB/GYN

230 W Oak St # 201, Fremont, MI 49412 – web

9 – Dr. Rosalie Pilbeam at SHMG OB/GYN – Michigan St

221 Michigan St NE #600, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 – web

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101 thoughts on “12 Best OBGYN Docs in Grand Rapids”

  1. I love Erin Hoekstra and GR Woman’s Health! Only thing about the office is that they have close to 20 Doctors on staff… you don’t meet anyone other than your doctor and often have never met the doctor who ends up being at the birth. I do love their office tho! I’ve had 3 Vbacs with them.

  2. Anita VanDeBurg is outstanding! An amazing doctor and friend! She helped me through a very difficult pregnancy and safely brought my son home to us. Since then she has been there as we added two more children. I could not imagine going through motherhood without her.

  3. Dr Brad Irving is hands down the best!! His super nice and never seems to rush even how busy they are I love that especially if you have questions you want to feel like you matter not feeling in a rush.

  4. Dr. Jessica Gibbie is just as wonderful as her amazing partners Dr. Bennett, Dr. Gorsuch, Dr.Turke, Dr. Anderson, & Dr. Zylstra, and I am so glad she is part of their team. I look forward to one of them delivering my baby at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s in July. I know we are in wonderful hands with any one of them. Thank you Mercy Health Physician Partners – OB/GYN East Beltline, you are all amazing at what you do!

  5. Dr Brenda Dainels!! I love her. she delivered my sister 19 years ago, was the midwife for my sister and niece and now is my midwife!! will go to her for my next baby too

  6. Mary Beth Stearns

    I remember so many of these wonderful physicians from their residencies at Blodgett Hospital in the OR! I am an RN who worked there from 1984 until 2004. Congratulations!

  7. Dr. Dalm is THE best ob !!! LOVE Him and his staff !!
    He delivered 4 of my siblings, 2 of my nephews, and my 2 kids !!! I have never felt more comfortable !!

    1. I agree 100%! Not only is he a great doctor who delivers babies, he delivered both of mine, but he’s great at explaining women’s health, in general! When I had questions regarding my Endometriosis, he was very compassionate. Not only did he answer all of my questions, he explained them in great detail, until I understood everything. He always made me feel comfortable! His staff is just as compassionate and friendly as he is!

  8. Dr. Anita VanDeBurg is the best Doctor I have ever had. For anything ever. I have every confidence in her knowledge, but, her interpersonal skills are what put her towards the top of the list. She actually cares about her patients. I wouldn’t consider even having another baby if she couldn’t be my doctor. ( I had two high risk pregnancies and switched to her after receiving less than stellar care at Spectrum)

  9. The only female only practice I could find was the downtown office of Mercy Health Obgyn. They deliver at St. Mary’s. All of the other practices told me they cant promise they wouldn’t make me see a male doctor. If they won’t respect my wishes to only see females at their practice then I don’t have much hope that they will respect my laboring wishes either.

  10. Dr VanDeBurg and Dr Monica Gary at GR Women’s Health are both wonderful, gentle, and caring. Each doctor has their own nurse and you get your nurse’s direct line for ANYTHING. The office is clean and modern. There’s a spectrum health lab right in the building if you need any blood work done. They’re wonderful.

  11. Dr Florido. I love how relatable she is! She also doesn’t worry about things that don’t need to be worried about (had a doctor talk to me about my weight.. Dr. Florido didn’t tell me I’m gaining too much and try to worry me about it, but when I had an issue with my liver she let me know and told me what to worry about)

  12. Michigan OBGYN. They have multiple locations but I see Dr. Florido and I absolutely love her! I am 32 weeks with my third child and have been to her for each of my pregnancies. Her PA is awesome as well! I would highly recommend her and you deliver at Metro Health Hospital which is also really nice.

    1. Love Dr. Lown! Have been seeing him since I was 18 now 36. He delivered both my babies. Couldn’t ask for a better OBGYN.

  13. Women’s Health Center – Dr. Elena Tanner is amazing! She can put up with my not so serious personality very well but make things serious when needed and has answered my billion questions about having a second baby after our first was 8 weeks early!!! I love all the Drs in the office but especially her!!

  14. Dr. Anita Vandeburg at GR Women’s Health is hands down the best. I so appreciated every single interaction (and there were lots) during my higher risk pregnancy and since. I can’t praise her and the whole office enough (personable, attentive, caring staff across the board).

    1. Thank you for letting us know that Dr. Wolfe is now no longer practicing. We contacted Spectrum Health to verify and have taken her name off of the list.

  15. #23 (Roger Edvenson, GR Women’s Health) is my OBGYN. He’s fabulous! If he ever retires I don’t know what I’d do.
    He makes sure you understand what is going on. How things look. If he has concerns. He answers the most ridiculous questions. I like to keep him on his toes. He doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂
    I’d recommend him to anyone!

    1. Mary Beth Stearns

      I love this! I’m an RN that once worked in Blodgett OR and I remember Roger as a resident. I’m glad you keep him on his toes! I sure did! Tell him I said “Hi” if you get the chance.

  16. Dr. Steensma & Dr. VanderSlooten at West MI OBGYN. Delivered my son 11 months ago. Great experience from first visit to the final visit.

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