Buck Creek Preserve is an Urban Nature Park Ripe for Birdwatching, Deer Spotting & Wildflowers

Buck Creek Nature Preserve is for Nature Lovers who Don’t Want to Leave the City

Buck Creek Nature Preserve

4269 Burlingame Ave SW, Wyoming, Michigan 49509

natural hiking trails, Picnic Spots
Trail Length: 1.9 mile out and back
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Dogs Allowed? Yes, on a leash
Facilities: Modern Restrooms
Stroller Friendly? Yes
Time of Year Accessible: Open year-round.


Discover all the best birds, deer and other wildlife at Buck Creek Nature Preserve.

People love this paved path through the woods right in the middle of Wyoming city limits. It’s a short drive for many locals and easy to hit up on a lunch break or after work.

Buck Creek Nature Preserve is just one of over 85 hiking trails in west Michigan.

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Hiking at Buck Creek Nature Preserve

Buck Creek Nature Preserve is a 37-acre natural area that runs along Buck Creek and connects to Lemery Park.

The trail is just shy of 2 miles (out and back), and is relatively flat and easy to walk.


The wide paved path makes it wheelchair accessible, but heads up that this trail is also a favorite for biking so can be busy at times.

Benches and picnic tables along the way make this a great choice for younger kids, as you can stop for snacks. Or just to rest little legs.

There’s a paved pathway at the northwest end that connects to Lemery Park. Kids will like the pitstop to play.

Lemery Park playground at northwest end of Buck Creek Nature Preserve.

You can hook up with Palmer Park at the southeast end if you wanted to have a longer hike (about 6 miles). Head east on 44th street and cross to the south side to access Palmer Park.

Wildlife at Buck Creek Nature Preserve

You are sure to see all kinds of birds as you hike the trail. People have reported seeing ducks, loons, woodpeckers and bluejays.

And also, tons of deer. They’re super tame around here and sightings range from a couple to over a dozen.

Don’t be surprised to spot a fox or bunny, too.

Kids love looking for frogs near the creek.

Dogs are welcome, but they must be leashed and cleaned up after.

Buck Creek Nature Preserve is open year-round, from dawn to dusk.

Modern restrooms are available.

Bathroom at 44th street trailhead of Buck Creek Nature Preserve.

Buck Creek Nature Preserve Features

  • Natural hiking trails
  • Picnic spots
  • A nature preserve
  • Great for bird watching
  • Paved half-mile walking path
  • Forest
  • Fishing pond
  • Wild flowers
  • Nature building
  • Shaded

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Tour the Buck Creek Nature Preserve


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