Spring and Summer Consignment Sales Calendar for Greater Grand Rapids

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Where You Can Find Consignment Sales Around Grand Rapids

I am constantly buying new clothes for my three kids. Just when I think I’m finally caught up, one of them rips holes in their pants or their toes start poking through their shoes. Being a West Michigan Mother, I cringe at the thought of buying so many brand new clothes for only a few months of wear – especially for my only daughter.

Fortunately for my wallet, Grand Rapids is a hot spot for consignment sales. You can find at least one sale nearly every month of the year. We’ve put together a list of where you can find consignment sales in West Michigan. Secondhand shoppers rejoice! (Submit your sale details here.)

5 Tips For Shopping Consignment Sales

  1. Bring a friend! It’s much more fun to browse through the racks with a buddy and get an honest opinion on items.
  2. If you have kids in tow, pack (lots of) snacks and give them a little bit of money to spend.
  3. Be ready with cash or check. Payment options vary from sale to sale. Also, some sales have an admission fee.
  4. Before you check out, find a quiet corner to re-evaluate your items. Take that extra few minutes to look over your items carefully and see that you have what you want and need. Most sales have set up quality standards for their sellers, but it’s always good to check for stains, missing buttons or broken zippers.
  5. Take along a large bag or two. You want to be able to hang on to large and small items as you go; I like to take my giant IKEA bags.
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Upcoming Consignment and Mom2Mom Sales Around Grand Rapids

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