The Best Grand Rapids Food Trucks & The 2024 Food Trucks Calendar


Grand Rapids Food Trucks are Serving Up Your Favorite Eats & Treats

Summertime fun means outdoor eats, and one of the best ways to eat outside is at a Grand Rapids food truck.

No matter who is with you, everyone can hit up their favorite food vendor for whatever they want to eat, and not have to compromise.

These guys pop up all over West Michigan so check out this list to find food trucks near you.

You can also check the food trucks schedule below to see who’s going to be cooking near you this week.

If you’re really digging their fare, many food trucks offer catering for birthdays, weddings or any other special event. And some even have brick-and-mortar locations.

Grand Rapids Food Trucks Schedule 

Hungry yet? Here’s when and where you can find food trucks around town.

Please note that these events can change this summer, so check with any venue before heading out.

Grand Rapids Food Trucks for Dinner

These trucks serve up the best dinner.

One night my husband and I both wanted Mexican. But I wanted tamales and he wanted a burrito. We both got our way because we found Los Jalapeños and Tamales Mary in the same spot. WIN!

It’s so fun to grab a bite and go for a summer walk or enjoy your meal while you listen to a concert at Rosa Parks Circle.

Street Chef Shaw


It’s hard to describe the amazing experience of Street Chef Shaw.

His tacos and incredibly creative dishes have built a big following for Shaw around Grand Rapids.

Must try: Cactus red pepper hash, or any quesadilla.

Street Chef Shaw’s Schedule

The Corner Twist (Formerly Beecher’s Handcrafted Soft Pretzels)

Bavarian Soft Pretzels

Pretzel fans rejoice – The Corner Twist delivers the most authentic soft pretzel in West Michigan, complete with craft beer cheese on the side.

You can occasionally find other pretzel specials like garlic parmesan, pepperoni provolone or cinnamon sugar.

Must Try: The classic handcrafted soft pretzel, which is their mainstay at the truck.

The Corner Twist also has a brick and mortar on Burlingame in Wyoming with occasional walk-up hours.

The Corner Twist’s Schedule

Patty Matters

Burgers & Fries

Patty Matters Food Truck serves up the best burger in Grand Rapids according to many.

That’s because their gourmet mobile food kitchen offers a variety of burger types with customized toppings.

To preorder, you can order online or call in orders at 616-446-5210

patty matters food truck grand rapids

Must Try: The Brewster, Senorita Cha Cha, The Wrappin Crab

Patty Matters Schedule

Pizza Parliament


Pizza Parliament Food Truck serves hand-tossed personal pizzas on a fresh homemade crust.

Menu item names follow a political theme – for example, you could order Obama’s Birth Certificate or a Straight Ticket pizza.

They also carry Smitten Mitten Ice Pops for those hot summer days.

Must Try: Any pizza, cheese bread, cinnamon sticks

Pizza Parliament Schedule

Fire & Rice Paella


Paella is a rice dish meant for sharing with roots dating back to the 1500s.

Fire & Rice Paella Food Truck creates a dish with meat or seafood or a combo – along with rice and saffron imported from Spain.

They are often found at the Food Truck Fridays downtown GR.

Fire and Rice Paella food truck

Must Try: Chicken & Sausage Paella, Vegan Paella

Fire and Rice Paella Schedule

The Everyday Chef and Wife


Local. Organic. Handmade.

Their cute mobile kitchen brings the freshest meals possible right to you!

They also offer in-home meal delivery and catering.

The Everyday Chef and Wife Food Truck

Must Try: Banh Mi Sandwich, Chicken Curry Salad Sandwich, G&T Turkey Leg

The Everyday Chef and Wife Schedule

El Caribe

Caribbean Fusion

Sandwiches, tacos, empanadas and more.

Must Try: Empanadas, loaded fries, tacos al pastor Turkey Leg

El Caribe Schedule

Pressed in Time

Grilled Specialities

Delicious sandwiches pressed with a cast iron press on the hot grill.

Special events, weddings, catering.

Grand Rapids food trucks pressed in time

Must Try: Mahalo taco, pressed pork Cuban, Texas Steak Press

Pressed in Time Schedule

Tamales Mary

Authentic Mexican

18 different varieties of authentic Mexican tamales plus tacos, elotes and more.

And if you miss their truck, you can still experience epic tamales at their Wyoming or Eastown locations.

Must Try: Black beans, dessert tamales

Tamales Mary Schedule

Los Jalapenos

Authentic Mexican

Regulars at Ada and Fulton Street Farmers Markets.

Must Try: Burritoes are on point. Try it with their green sauce.

Los Jalapenos Schedule

Pig Out on the Fly


Creating incredible barbeque for their customers!

They do a lot of weddings and special events, so if you like their food, bring ’em out for your special occasion.

Must Try: Mootine Fries, Pork Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Sausage

Pig Out on the Fly Schedule



Enjoy all your fav classic BBQ foods – they are all mouth-wateringly delicious.

Plus weddings and special events.

Must Try: Pulled Pork, Ribs

BD’s BBQ Schedule

Saladino Smoke


BBQ the “old school way” – low and slow with traditional wood fired pits and grills

Catering and events.

Must Try: Smoked Italian beef, brisket, pulled pork

Saladino Smoke Schedule


Authentic Mexican

**Closed for the 2023 season, but may return in 2024. (no updates as of 5/3/24)

Warning: once you’ve had Mexcellente, you won’t be able to get them out of your head. Fans are addicted to everything on their menu, and their customer service can’t be beat.

Must Try: Nachos, nachos, nachos. Especially the marinated pork nachos.

Mexcellente’s Schedule

Desserts & Treats at Grand Rapids Food Trucks

Ice cream, donuts, waffles & more.

Get the funky dessert of your dreams from one of these tasty trucks.

Olly’s Donuts


Makin’ sweet and savory mini doughnuts!

Their donuts are made fresh and on location. Watch your donuts being made and choose from a wide variety of flavors.

Must Try: Maple Bacon, S’mores, Cinnamon Roll

Olly’s Donuts Schedule

Crepes by the Lakes


West Michigan’s only mobile creperie. It’s French for “pancake.”

Breakfast crepes, savory crepes, and sweet crepes, too.

Healthy, fast, local food made with organic ingredients.

They bring a twist to this traditional Parisian street food.

crepes by the lake food truck grand rapids

Must Try: Ham Jam, Cubano, Nutella Strawberry Crepes

Crepes by the Lakes Schedule

Coffee Rescue


The amazing coffee comes to you! Get all your favs including lattes, hot chocolate, espresso.

Online shop offers bags of coffee, shirts, K-Cups and more.

Must Try: Everything is delicious

Coffee Rescue Schedule

Waffle Stix


Amazingly decadent waffles – on a stick!

Offering savory options like pepperoni pizza or hot dogs as well as sweet options like Cinna Bun Stick.

Must Try: Unicorn Poop, PB & Choc stick, Cinna Bun Stick

Waffle Stix Schedule

Bumblebee Ice Cream

Nostalgic Ice Cream Treats

Find the truck out and about around Grand Rapids or book an ice cream cart to come to you.

bumblebee ice cream truck grand rapids

Must Try: Rainbow popsicles, chocolate-dipped ice cream pops

Bumblebee Ice Cream Schedule

Ananda Ice

Shaved Ice

Soft-shaved ices (tons of flavors to choose from – this is NOT a snow cone!) and hand-rolled ice cream.

Shaved ice flavors have no artificial colors or flavors.

Must Try: Shaved Ice, Mango Rolled Ice Cream

Ananda Ice Schedule

Underground Cookie Club

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Epic, colorful ice cream sandwiches that wow ice cream lovers of all ages.

Perusing their menu of wild combinations is a treat in itself.

Cookie Shop: Underground Cookie Club

Must Try: Chubby Unicorn

Underground Cookie Club Schedule

Barry G’s Italian Ice

Italian Ice

Amazingly creamy ice cream and Italian ice

Italian ice is dairy free, gluten free, and dye-free.

Must Try: Cookie Monsta

Barry G’s Italian Ice Schedule

Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars

Ice Cream Bars

Artisan-made gourmet ice cream bars with a focus on local and quality ingredients.

Huge, unique ice cream bars.

Must Try: Summertime S’mores, Strawberry Lemonade, Green Dragon

Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars Schedule

Kona Ice

Shaved Ice

Shaved ice: a little taste of Hawaii right here in west Michigan.

Travels to any event imaginable: weddings, parties, cook-outs, reunions.

Must Try: All flavors are amazing – sometimes even special “flavors” for adults.

Kona Ice Schedule

Ohana Hawaiian Ice

Shaved Ice

Perfectly fluffy shaved ice, tons of flavors – plus toppings.

Available for weddings and any other special event.

Must Try: Sour green apple with caramel topping, strawberry with dark chocolate topping, blueberry lemonade with sour spray, and butterbeer with with snowcap

Ohana Hawaiian Ice Schedule

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  1. Don’t forget Doughrunts…mini donuts like s’mores, cookies and cream, maple bacon. Kids love them.

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