Huff Park’s Extensive Wetland Boardwalk is an Easy Nature Escape, Without Leaving the City


Huff Park Trails are a Hidden Gem on the Northeast Side of GR

Huff Park is nestled in Grand Rapids’ northeast side and is sure to be a welcomed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life with its extensive wetland boardwalk and lush trails.

Located at 2399 Ball Ave NE in Grand Rapids, visitors can access the trail parking lot around the corner on Aberdeen.

The trails at Huff Park are pretty straightforward. There’s a loop (about a mile in length) that consists of a paved path with a lengthy boardwalk that cuts through the middle.

The boardwalk also features a wetland overlook that’s a great spot to rest your legs and watch for birds.

It’s an easy walk for kids, and a super fun way to look for wildlife in the woods and wetlands areas.

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Please note: the trail entrance, parking lot, playground, and picnic area are located off of Aberdeen, not Ball as the address suggests. Use “1435 Aberdeen NE” as the address in your map app. You should see a sign and a parking lot on the south side of the road.

Huff Park Trail Details

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Dogs Allowed? Yes

Facilities: Yes, near the baseball fields–not by trail parking lot

Stroller Friendly? Yes!

Time of Year Accessible: Year round


There are smaller, unpaved (and unmarked) paths that shoot off from the paved path if you’re looking for more of an adventure.

We were very enticed by these secretive, wooded paths, but we had a stroller that we couldn’t abandon–I think we’ll be back again to explore more!

My friend’s kids spotted deer super close to them on their walk. It was so thrilling to them! Because this park surrounded by a more urban setting, you may discover some woodland creatures that are slower to flee from the sound of humans. It makes for some good animal spotting!

There is an updated playground and covered picnic area by the parking lot. It’s a great spot to pack a lunch and stay for the afternoon! 


The Perfect Spot for Little Hikers and Stroller Companions

Between the playground and the paved paths, this trail is great for strollers and younger hikers. We were happy to stroll and scooter the afternoon away. (Note that bikes, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards are not permitted on the boardwalks).

The boardwalk goes over wetlands and crystal clear streams. We had fun looking for creatures whenever we passed over water. The wetlands are home to lots of birds, too, most commonly spotting some vibrant red-wing blackbirds who love the marshy habitat. 


My son has already asked (several times) to go back to Huff Park! We do a lot of hiking (and more often than not, hiking near Lake Michigan) and this has become a fast favorite in my household.

See Things From a Fresh Perspective

The boardwalk at Huff Park is pretty spectacular. It snakes through the wetland area as far as the eye can see. We were truly captivated by this little trail!


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