12 Exciting Interactive Art Exhibits for Kids at ArtPrize 2023

2023 Interactive art ArtPrize Oasis

From Dragons to Dinosaurs: Interactive Art for Kids at ArtPrize

Art and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly—especially when the art is interactive! ArtPrize is the place to be for soaking up creativity and inspiration in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This year, there’s a lineup of interactive exhibits that are an absolute delight for kids and grown-ups alike.

(For more details about the ArtPrize event, make sure to check out this comprehensive article.)

ArtPrize Oasis – 555 Monroe NW

Fun & Kid-Friendly Interactive Art

Ready to take on an interactive art adventure?

Here are12 interactive art exhibits for kids to explore at this year’s ArtPrize!

Needs More Dinosaurs

Vote ID: #68814
Location: Courtyard Marriott
Step into a tunnel filled with twinkling lights and disco dinosaurs! Each dinosaur is hand-painted and sparkling in every color you can imagine. It’s like a dinosaur disco party!

Dinosaurs at ArtPrize 2023

Infinity Mountains

Vote ID: 64605
Location: Sixth Street Park
Stroll among large mirrored mountains and see yourself reflected in a brand-new way. It’s a magical walk that makes you a part of the art!

Infinity Mountains ArtPrize 2023 - Lavanya

What’s not Cool About a Dragon?

Vote ID: 9659
Location: Sixth Street Park
Get up close and personal with a dragon that breathes real fire! Covered in individually handcrafted scales and equipped with LED lighting, this dragon is spectacular, especially after dark.

Dragon ArtPrize 2023 - Lavanya


Vote ID: 87605
Location: First Park Congregational Church
Here’s your chance to become part of a wall of smiles created by a kindergarten class. Add your own smile to the art and feel the joy!

Smile! ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Paint the Calder

Vote ID: 20680
Location: Hyatt Place Grand Rapids
Grab a paintbrush and fill in one of the 1500 spots on the 6′ x 12’ Calder canvas.

Paint the calder ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Layers: A Hands-On Experience of Line and Color

Vote ID: 13401
Location: S I L V A
Shift transparent drawings in different colors to create new, collaborative designs. A fun way to engage with art and let your creativity shine.

Layers ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Be My Neighbor

Vote ID: 75104
Location: Monroe Community Church
Draw a house, paint someone else’s, and help build the golden neighborhood.

be my neighbor ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

There’s Always a Billy

Vote ID: 25837
Location: The Atrium
Tap the “Billy Button” to hear snippets of songs by famous musicians named Billy or Billie. Then cast your vote for your favorite Billy in the Billy Ballot box!

There's always a Billy ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Sticker Surprise

Vote ID: 50394
Location: Swift Printing
Pop in four quarters to get a mystery print or sticker from a tiny vending machine. It’s a quick, nostalgic treat.

sticker surprize ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Egg Prize

Vote ID: 05765
Location: Van Andel Arena
An 8-foot-tall vending machine dispenses art capsules! Just bring two quarters and take home a tiny piece of art.

egg Prize ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

PO Art Box

Vote ID: 36279
Location: 120 Monroe Center St NW Grand Rapids
Explore small-scale dioramas and micro-installations in this unique venue made up of Post Office Boxes. It’s a miniature world of creativity!

PO Art Box ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

International Living Statues

Vote ID: 27834
Location: Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum
Keep an eye out for living statues performing around the museum and city center. They bring art to life in the most unexpected places!

Live Statue ArtPrize 2023 - Crystal V

More interactive art to check out:

  • Optik at the ArtPrize Oasis (555 Monroe NW) Optik ArtPrize 2023 - Lavanya
  • Crane Dance at First Park Congregational Church
  • Augmented Reality Mural at ArtPrize Clubhouse Augmented Reality ArtPrize 2023 - Melody
  • Evolve – a 3-sided mural of Grand Rapids that you can stand in the center of. Located next to Social House Kitchen on Ottawa Ave SW evolve mural ArtPrize 2023 - Melody

Where Else Can We Find Interactive Art?

We’re sure there’s more – we haven’t been able to get to every venue, even after days of exploration and miles of walking.

Do drop us a line and let us know what else people should check out if they’re looking for interactive art!

ArtPrize is more than a gallery; it’s an experience that invites you to become part of the art. Make sure to get out there and enjoy these amazing interactive exhibits. And don’t forget to cast your votes for your favorites! Your participation helps to celebrate the talents and hard work of all the artists involved.

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