Try the Pickerel Lake 2-Mile Hiking Loop for an Easy Nature Escape

Pickerel Lake Park

Read this Before You Hike the Trails at Pickerel Lake Park

Pickerel Lake Park / Fred Meijer Nature Preserve

6001 Ramsdell Dr NE, Rockford, MI 49341

natural hiking paths through woods & hills and a boardwalk over the river
Trail Length: 2 mile loop
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate, some big hills
Dogs Allowed? No
Facilities: Modern restrooms May – Oct; port-a-potty the rest of the year.
Stroller Friendly? Yes for the boardwalk, not so much on the rest of the trail
Time of Year Accessible: Open year-round.


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Pickerel Lake spans nearly 80 acres, with the park offering over 300 acres of walking and wildlife observation. This is a popular place for nature enthusiasts of all ages. 

Pickerel Lake Park is one of over 50 walking trails in West Michigan.

Pickerel Lake Park Details

This 2-mile loop takes you around Pickerel Lake in Rockford. 

You’ll see great views of the lake and surrounding woods while you walk.

While there are some hills, part of the trail is a boardwalk over the water.

Bonus: This part of the trail can be easily accessed by stroller.

Pickerel Lake Park map
Photo from Kent County Parks

If you’re feeling extra-ambitious, there are also a number of offshoot trails if you want to get in extra miles and more challenging terrain. But many visitors simply enjoy the quick walk of the main loop. 

Also known as Fred Meijer Nature Preserve, Pickerel Lake Park is a fun place to fish. (The boardwalk is a good spot for this).

With such diverse terrain and varying environments, you’ll want to keep a lookout for a range of wildlife as you hike.

The trails are open through the winter for cross country skiing.

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