Pinewood Park has a Splash Pad, Colorful Playground, and Lots of Wide Open Spaces for Kites and Running

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Pinewood Park is Vast and Offers Something for Every Age

Pinewood Park
2000 Wolfboro Dr SE, Kentwood, MI 49508

Pinewood Park is a large open area park offering playing fields and courts, colorful play structures, a covered pavilion, and a splash pad! Families love the spacious area that has play options for all ages.

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Located in the heart of Kentwood’s Princeton Estates neighborhood, the park has two entrances. Their listed address (2000 Wolfboro Dr SE, Kentwood, MI 49508) will take you to the entrance closest to the splash pad.

Pinewood Park Splash pad

Pinewood Park at a Glance

  • Lots of open area
  • Soccer field
  • Baseball diamond
  • Skateboarding ramps
  • Basketball courts
  • Lots of playground area
  • Two pavilions
Pinewood Park Hunt kids slide

Tips for Your Trip from Other Parents

  • The splash pad water is COOLLLDDD.
  • Bring your own water to drink, as there are no drinking fountains.
  • There is only one bathroom (one toilet) so take a restroom break before heading to the park.
  • This is a great park for airplane loving kids – I was there a half hour and 5 planes flew overhead!
  • Wear sunscreen – this place is in full sun.
  • Plenty of open space to fly a kite and blow bubbles.
  • There are TWO entrances. There is one by the splash pad and one by the baseball diamond, that is a short walk to the splash pad.
Pinewood Park Hunt tire swing

Pinewood Park FAQ’s

Is this park good for toddlers?

Pinewood Park Ward 2

Yes, toddlers will love Pinewood Park. Besides the play structures, there is a sandy area for digging and playing, and the splash pad would obviously be a delight for toddlers.

How are the bathrooms?

There is an indoor bathroom (one stall) near the playground.

Are there picnic tables and grills?

Pinewood Park Hunt Picnic Pavillion

There aren’t grills, but the covered pavilion has a lot of seating and there are plenty of trash cans near the pavilion.

Is there any shade?

Pinewood Park Hunt skateboard basketball

Shade is at a minimum at Pinewood Park, so come prepared! Bring lots of water to drink, wear sun hats and sun screen.

When is this park open?

Pinewood Park Hunt amenities

Pinewood Park is open May 1 – Oct 1.

What is Parking like?

There are two entrances with parking available.

Pinewood Park Shaffer girl

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