Pinspiration: This *New* Art Studio Glows in the Dark & Lets You Throw Paint!

Pinspiration Art Studio Grand Rapids

Wild New Art Studio Opens in West Michigan

Wyoming, MI, has just gotten a lot more colorful with the opening of Pinspiration, a DIY craft studio inspired by the wildly popular social media platform Pinterest.

Their grand opening on March 15, 2024 promises a world of creativity and fun, and they’re already taking reservations. This is sure to become a happy spot for anyone in Grand Rapids looking to literally unleash their inner artist, and adds another destination to West Michigan’s growing hands-on art scene.

(There’s also a Pinspiration location in Kalamazoo.)

Pinspiration Splatter Art Studio Grand Rapids

Suit Up & Throw Paint at Canvases in The Splatter Room!

Get ready to channel your inner Jackson Pollock at Pinspiration’s star attraction – The Splatter Room.

This is where you get messy in the most artistic way possible. The studio provides full splatter gear – goggles, shower caps, booties, and coveralls – because when they say mess, they mean it.

While the paint is washable, the memories are permanent, so wear something you won’t miss and get ready to fling paint with abandon. $25 per person. The splatter room can hold up to 5 people at a time.

Pinspiration Tips and Tricks splatter room

Glow-in-the-dark mode?!

And, if you’re looking for a unique date idea or an unforgettable birthday bash, the Splatter Room will definitely make a strong first impression. Switch your splatter paint session to glow-in-the-dark mode, add a strobe light and you’ve got a party in motion.

Pinspiration Splatter Art Studio Grand Rapids

100s of Projects: Choose Your Craft

Pinspiration is not all about splattering paint, though. It’s a treasure trove of crafting options.

Hundreds of projects line their shelves, from string art featuring sports teams like the Detroit Lions to candle making and seasonal projects.

Walk through the door and you’ll be – wait for it – inspired. Want to make a fairy house or a gumball machine? Yep, you can.

All self-guided painting projects come with step-by-step instructions.

Pinspiration Projects Grand Rapids

Some projects and prices include:

  • Celebrate Perpetual Calendar – $68
  • Ceramic Elephant – $15
  • Mermaid Wooden Silhouette – $44
  • Wall Mounted Beer Opener – $37
wall mounted beer opener
Ceramic elephant pinspiration

Boutique, Splatter, or Craft Parties

Bring your crew along and you can choose from the three main party options:

  • Pinspiration Boutique parties offer a VIP experience with custom decor
  • Splatter parties bring the action-packed fun of group painting
  • Craft parties let guests pick projects to fit the theme and budget for a personalized crafting experience

(They also do team-building events, birthday parties, summer camps, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and fundraisers.)

Pinspiration Group Projects Grand Rapids

Visit Pinspiration Wyoming

Located at 2300 Health Drive SW Suite B Wyoming, MI 49519, call (616) 980-2032 to book your spot or walk in. Walk-ins are just as welcome as reservations.

If you make a reservation online, a $20 deposit will be applied to your ticket balance at the time of your reservation. There is a $1.50 booking fee.

Ready, Set, Create!

Pinspiration is just what it sounds like: Pinterest meets inspiration. With everything you need – tools, supplies, space, and they even clean up the mess – this place sounds like something that’s going to get popular, fast. Plus, you can BYOB!

If you’re ready for a pinspiring experience, mark your calendars for March 15, grab your friends or go solo, and get ready to create something amazing!

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