Rosewood Park is a Smash Hit for Kids with its 2-Story Slide and Cool Splash Pad

Rosewood Park header

Rosewood Park in Jenison Has a Two Story Slide!

Rosewood Park
1899 Rosewood St Jenison, MI 49428

And a splash pad!

Do you even need to know any more about this place? Except that you need to get your kids over there for some FUN!

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Jenison Splash Pad

Rosewood Park at a Glance

  • Located in Georgetown Township
  • Kid magnet
  • Appeals to a variety of ages
  • Two playgrounds
  • Splash pad
  • Pavilions with picnic tables
  • Enclosed bathrooms
  • Shade trees for picnicking
  • Soccer field
  • Sledding
Rosewood Park

Prepare to spend more than a few minutes at the park, as your kids will be busy for a while. Something I appreciated about Rosewood is that there seems to regularly be lots of kids around, which makes playtime more exciting for my kids.

Where You’ll Find Charlie’s Dump and the Annual Giant Slip-n-Slide

Years ago I kept hearing about Charlie’s Dump being a great place to sled, but I had no idea where it was. It’s at Rosewood Park!

Next to the park there is a giant detention pond. When it’s not holding water (to prevent local flooding), the bowled area is home to the annual mega Slip n Slide they hold each summer. In the winter, it’s Charlie’s Dump, sledding fun for everyone!

Charlie's Dump

Tips for Your Trip from Other Parents

  • The bathrooms were very nice and clean.
  • The playground flooring gets very hot in the sun, so water shoes would be a good idea!
  • The slide works best with longer shorts or capris. (I tried going down with short shorts – the skin on my legs did not appreciate that.)
  • There were nice areas for picnic lunch, and you can even find a nice shaded area under a tree to hang out and eat.
  • The playgrounds are fenced, but with open area to the splash pad, so you’ll have to watch any fast kids, as they may whiz in and out of the two play areas.
Rosewood Park Splash Pad girl Ward 2

Rosewood Park FAQ’s

Is this park good for toddlers?

Rosewood Park small play structure Hunt

Toddlers will love the colorful splash pad that’s just their size. There are also a smaller playground that toddlers will enjoy.

How are the bathrooms?

The bathrooms are clean and well kept. They are open 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Are there picnic tables and grills?

Rosewood Park Pavillion Hunt

Rosewood Park has a pavilion with picnic tables. I did spot a grill by a picnic table under the shade trees, outside of the fenced playground area.

Is there any shade?

Rosewood Park Shade area picnic 2

You can find shade at Rosewood Park, though the splash pad and playgrounds are in full sun, as well as the soccer field. Shade trees surround the park and there is also a pavilion.

Can I fly a kite here?

The detention pond, located right on the opposite end of the parking lot from the playground, would be great for kite flying.

Is there an admission fee?

No admission fee for Rosewood Park.

When is this park open?

Rosewood Park is open year round with the exception of the splash pad. The splash pad is open Memorial Day – Labor Day.

What is parking like?

Both I and my friend had no problems with finding a spot in their large parking lot when we went.

Rosewood Park Boy in slide Hunt
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