Sky Zone Grand Rapids is a new sponsor of and they generously donated the tickets for this review.  All opinions are my own.

by Melody

With an age gap of six years between our oldest and youngest child, it can be hard to find activities the whole family can do together.  So when I heard that I could bring my toddler to Sky Zone, I was ready to make it a full-family outing.

We found Sky Zone tucked next to Watson’s on 29th St in Kentwood.  When you arrive, plan for a few minutes of filling out waivers and deciding if you want to wear shoes or go barefoot.  (No street shoes are allowed- this helps keep the trampolines clean.)

shoes skyzone grand rapids

You also decide how long you’re going to jump. You’ll be given a sticker to wear that corresponds with your jump time.  Prices correspond to the length of your jump time and start at $9 for 30 minutes.

stickers skyzone grand rapidsAt first, I thought an hour of jumping wouldn’t be long enough.  I was wrong.

One hour of jumping is plenty, especially if it’s your first time.

By the end of our hour, every person in our five-member family was sweaty.  (Side note: I wore yoga pants and a sports bra and was glad I did.  Other people had shorts or jeans on. Just make sure to wear clothes that are comfortable to move in and don’t overdress- you’ll get warm once you get moving.)

food area sky zone grand rapids

Our first stop was the big trampoline in the back.  It only took a few minutes for my kids to find their jumping legs.

This mom was a little more cautious, but even I was jumping over dividers, dancing, and doing seat drops by the end of our hour.  I found myself dancing along to the upbeat music more than once!

There’s more to Sky Zone than just the big jumping area, though.

My son (8 years old) could not get enough of 3-D Dodge Ball.  The games were well supervised and fast-paced, making them fun and accessible for a wide variety of ages.

There are three separate smaller courts at Sky Zone that can be used for Dodge Ball, separating jumpers out by size during busy times, and private rentals.

My two girls (ages 2 and 5) spent a considerable amount of time jumping into and climbing out of the foam pit.  The staff did a great job making sure that people didn’t jump on each other or get hurt.

foam pit skyzone grand rapidsHubby and son also bonded while perfecting their trampoline-based slam dunks on the basketball court.

basketball skyzone grand rapids

We left Sky Zone right before lunch time.  Everyone was a happy kind of tired.  My son is looking forward to going back with some of his friends from school.  My husband wants to get some friends together and play 3-D Dodge Ball.  I’m hoping to go back and try out the SkyRobics with a girlfriend or two.

If you’re hoping to visit Sky Zone with your family, be sure to enter our ticket giveaway for some free jumping passes (enter here.)

Special Events:

Sky Zone also offers a special Toddler Time on Fridays with a great rate- $12 per family!


Sky Mania is offered on Friday nights from 9-10:30 pm for middle school students.  Kids get to jump for an hour & a half and receive 2 slices of pizza and a pop after their jump time.

About Sky Zone:

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