WIN! Passes to the Grand Rapids Maker Faire

Have you been to the Grand Rapids Maker Faire yet?
The Grand Rapids Public Museum invites you to come on down for this “interactive, family-friendly two day event that showcases creativity, design, invention and robotics.”

This third annual faire will have your kids seeing science and engineering in a new way. 

Grand Rapids Maker Faire Shows Kids how to Dream […]

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Greater Grand Rapids Bike Trail Guide

We are so fortunate here in Michigan to have it all – from downtown life to beaches and bike trails.

Former grkids writer Katie Gilbert has this to say about biking around Grand Rapids:It’s often hard to know where to ride and how long a path will take you so here is a list of some […]

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31 Days of August for Kids in Grand Rapids

Adventure Awaits in August!
August invites us in, with open arms. A month of sunshine, warmth and countless ways to check summer fun off the bucket list, you’ll find enjoying the dog days an easy task.

From pirates to Harry Potter, to street fairs and sand, adventure awaits you. Find a list of 31 things to enjoy […]

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The Academy of Music is Grand Rapids’ Top Music Program. Find Out Why!

Does your child want to learn how to play a musical instrument?
Have you been looking for music lessons for your kids?
Check out West Michigan’s #1 Music Lesson School, The Academy of Music in Grand Rapids!

They recently received a Grandtastic Award and were voted the top music program in greater Grand Rapids by GRKIDS parents. You […]

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WIN! $50 Shopping Spree to Village Kids of Ada

Cute, Quality Clothes For Less!
My kids seem to grow so fast, I can hardly keep up! If you’re a parent, then you know the feeling of realizing your child just went through a growth spurt. Suddenly, their pants are looking more like capris and their t-shirts like crop tops. That’s when you know it’s high […]

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Weekend Idea! Taste of Grand Rapids

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head to Taste of Grand Rapids 2016
My husband and I love attending community events. We decided to take our boys with us to Taste of Grand Rapids at the John Ball Zoological Garden tonight when we saw there was free admission, free parking and live music. Score!

*Photo from woodradio.iheart.com

Food, […]

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Grand Rapids Daycare Centers that Families Love

As a parent, choosing the right Grand Rapids daycare can feel like an overwhelming process. With so many options, it is hard to even know where to start the search for the best daycare for your family. Enter the GRANDTASTIC AWARDS.

Earlier this year, parents voted on their favorite places to play and live life in greater Grand Rapids. Parents […]

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Excellent Hiking for West Michigan Kids

Hiking for West Michigan kids is a snap — so many places to choose from, and so much beautiful scenery at each location.

Our readers chimed in on their favorite hiking spots around Grand Rapids for kids for this handy list.
TIPS for Hiking Around Grand Rapids

Bring sunscreen and bug spray
Wear long pants if walking through […]

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6 Free & Affordable Air-Conditioned Things to Do in West Michigan

Free or Affordable & Air-Conditioned Places to Play in Grand Rapids
We’re in for some heavy heat over the next few days.

We’re lucky to have a lot of water options for cooling off, with local splash pads popping up across the region and beaches galore. But sometimes being outside takes it’s toll and you just want […]

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A Parent’s Guide to West Michigan Drive-In Theaters

West Michigan Drive-In Theaters
The drive-in movie is still alive in Michigan – and a ton of fun for kids and adults alike. It’s good to know a few tips to make the most of your time out, though, because there are some things that make a night out at the drive-in much different than your […]

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Grand Rapids Ice Cream Lovers, Here’s Your List!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for the BEST ice cream shops and candy stores in West Michigan!

Earlier this year, parents voted on their favorite places to play and live life in greater Grand Rapids in our first ever GRANDTASTIC AWARDS.

You told us the best spots to go when our sweet tooth starts calling.

Check […]

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Why Families are Loving Grand Rapids FC

Grand Rapids FC Means Family Fun
I’ll admit it…I’m a soccer mom.
While I no longer sport the mini-van, I spend a ridiculous amount of hours toting my 10 year old to games, practices and conditioning and cheering from the sidelines. I take kicks to the shins in the backyard, can tell you what off-sides means, carry […]

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WIN! Kent County Youth Fair 5-Day Mega Pass & Knockerball Passes

Get Ready For Some Old-Fashioned Fair Fun!
I’m just going to come right out with it and declare unabashedly how much I love fairs. Growing up in Michigan, I looked forward to the fair pretty much all year round.

I couldn’t get enough of the technicolor rides, climbing on tractors, petting animals, and, of course, the fair […]

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Parent’s GUIDE to Everything Pokémon GO Grand Rapids

Family Fun with Pokémon Go
I woke up to find that I was out of Pokéballs. 

I was surprised that it felt a lot like being out of coffee in the morning… the drive to get up and secure this missing essential was there, and it was strong!

That’s just how addicting Pokémon GO is, and if you’re not already playing, […]

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Child Headed to College this Fall? Here’s Something to Consider

This article was submitted by local mom, Sharon Spungen, and is based on her personal experiences.
No Files for You
As a parent, I am not always as ahead of the game as I mean to be.

It’s true. So when I realized the weekend before our oldest son left for college registration that I was going to need his […]

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