Parent’s Guide to Schools of Choice in Greater Grand Rapids

What is Schools of Choice?
The Schools of Choice program, established by the Michigan Department of Education, allows a student to attend a school outside of his or her residential public school option. Individual districts decide the extent of their participation, and a district may opt out of the program completely if desired.
Schools of Choice in […]

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How to Explore the Real Grand Rapids

Sure, we’ve got the fast growing and nationally recognized Medical Mile. We’ve got the internationally recognized ArtPrize that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to our town for three weeks each year.

But what’s it like to be a local here? What’s the real Grand Rapids like? What do we do in Grand Rapids in the […]

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How do Language Immersion Schools Work? Grand Rapids Christian Explains.

Immersion programs have been offered for many years and being fluent in a second language has become increasingly valuable in today’s global society. Nevertheless, many parents still have questions as to what immersion is and whether or not it is right for their children.

Grand Rapids Christian Schools offers Spanish Immersion in preschool through 4th grade […]

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Triumph Music Answers 4 Big Questions About Starting Your Child in Music Classes

by Guest Contributor James Hughes,

Director of Student Bands and Artist Development at Triumph Music Academy

4 Commonly Asked Questions About Your Child Starting Music Classes
There are many parents who feel lost when it comes to getting their kids involved with extracurricular music. So many questions! Here are some of my tips, inspired by four of the most frequently […]

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Nichole’s Top 5 Grand Rapids Mommy and Me Classes

Our Top 5 Mommy (and Daddy!) & Me Fitness Go-Tos
If you’re anything like me your New Year is off to a booming start! But perhaps not the sort of ‘boom’ you were expecting. Instead of making time for fitness and food like I had planned, I find myself compromising my health because I’m limited on […]

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29 Days of FEBRUARY Fun for Kids in Grand Rapids

Call us crazy, but we love February in Grand Rapids! Yes, we’re ready for spring, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had outside and opportunities for stay-cation fun abound.

This month will leave you looking at ice (and skating on it too), cooking up fun and staying active indoors. Below, we’ve listed at least […]

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Joyful Sounds Music Studio Brings Kids the Wonder of Music

Experience the Joy of Family Music ™ this winter with Music Together® at Joyful Sounds Music Studio
Music is everywhere. We hear it in cars, homes, offices, stores – it’s all around us. However much of the time we listen to music rather than create it ourselves. Active music making is so important to children’s music […]

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Alyssa Albers Photography Gets A’s in Customer Service and Experience

“Customer service is huge. It’s super super important to me because photographers are a dime a dozen but customer service is a lost art many times.”

“Not with my business,” says Alyssa Albers, owner of Alyssa Albers Photography in Cascade.

“My goal for my clients is just to be amazed from the moment we first talk.”

From their […]

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Grand Rapids Preschools Guide – 2016

We’ve got preschool information for you, whether you are in Grandville, Rockford, Ada, Wyoming or Caledonia. Our preschool program list includes preschools for kids ages 2 and up. Every preschool is different, so you will want to look for one that best fits your child’s needs.

Some parents aren’t sure whether their child is ready for […]

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How to Tell the Kids You’re Getting a Divorce

Breaking it to the Kids Makes it Official
Probably one of the most gut-wrenching parts of getting a divorce is breaking the news to your children. Even if they’ve had inklings that things weren’t going well in your marriage, making that official statement will rock their worlds and be forever cemented in their memories. 

But this is […]

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Navigating the World of Middle School Sports

Got Sports?
Middle school can be an awkward and challenging time for kids. But it can (and should) also be a really fun time. Participation in sports is packed full of good stuff for kids this age. Here are some of the reasons why I think sports are an important part of a happy middle school […]

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Tooth Fairy Ideas and the Going Rate for Grand Rapids Teeth

I love keeping wonder alive in my kids.
So when my daughter lost her first tooth over the summer, I was all about it. Even though we were on vacation in the Upper Peninsula, I was able to get a hold of our tooth fairy and inform her of our whereabouts. And in the night, she […]

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GR Gymnastics is Where Preschoolers and Toddlers Love to Bounce and Fly!

Gymnastics Can Make You Smart, Too!
Did you think that gymnastics just strengthens your muscles and flexibility? It does these things, and so much more!

For instance, gymnastic movement is good for your kid’s brain.

“Brain connections are made through the activation of an important system that lies deep within the inner ear, called the vestibular system. It’s […]

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Visitor’s Guide to Grand Rapids with Kids

Grand Rapids, MI is a fantastic family travel destination. Four seasons of fun are waiting for you in the our little corner of the mitten. Come visit!
FIRST STOP: Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park
Why families love Meijer Gardens:

Huge interactive children’s area
Hands-on features
Kids will play for hours
Visit the sand and tree house […]

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17 Signs You Grew up in West Michigan

As a transplant from Michigan’s east side, I can attest to the cultural differences within our state. We do have a lot in common, too. We all have a lot of state pride. We love our Great Lakes. We all have a very staunch side in the MSU/UofM debate. We all drink pop. And we’re all […]

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