Aman Park Trillium & Bluebells Make for a Breathtaking Springtime Hike

aman park wildflowers

Hike Aman Park While the Wildflowers are Out

Aman Park
0 -1859 Lake Michigan Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Aman Park is a Grand Rapids hidden gem filled with streams, rolling, forested hills and wildflowers.

If you’ve never walked a trail flanked by springtime bluebells and trillium, you’re missing out.

If you’re reading this and it’s not spring, know that Aman Park is still a worthy hiking spot any time of year. It’s just extra special in the spring.

Trillium in Bloom at Aman Park Grand Rapids
Trillium in Bloom at Aman Park Grand Rapids

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Aman Park is a Hit With Hikers & Dogs Alike

Aman Park is located off of Lake Michigan Drive just outside of Grand Rapids in the Walker/Standale area.

It’s not far from Grand Valley University.

Aman Park offers several different trail loops allowing you to customize the distance to your needs (the main loop is about 1.5 miles).

The trails are densely wooded; I would strongly recommend packing your bug spray (and applying it generously).

The trails are mostly sandy, well-maintained, and have a few decent hills throughout.

There is a map at the trailhead, but there are not any maps throughout the trail. It is helpful to know which trail you hope to hike and remember which color it is on the map.

There are several wooden posts throughout the park indicating which color trail is in which direction–which is only helpful if you know the trail you want to follow.

If you want to find the wildflowers in the spring, choose the red trail.

aman park trail map
Click the map for a PDF version from GR Parks and Recreation

Aman Park Trail Details

Trail Difficulty: Moderate, with some hills.

Dogs Allowed? Yes, but they must be leashed. It is a very popular spot for dogs!

Facilities: There is one port-a-potty by one of the parking areas.

Stroller Friendly? I would not recommend.

Time of Year Accessible: Open year-round.

Owned by: City of Grand Rapids

Park Size: 331 acres with approximately six miles of looping trails

When to Walk the Trails at Aman Park

Aman Park is a great place to visit year-round. 

It’s open through the winter to brave hikers and cross country skiers (which would be a fun challenge with some of those hills). 

Spring is my favorite time to hike for two reasons: the wildflowers, and the bugs aren’t out like they are later in the year.

bluebells aman park
Bluebells in Bloom at Aman Park Grand Rapids

Get yourself and your family over to Aman Park in the springtime and you’re in for a treat to delight the senses (don’t forget your camera!).

Aman Park wildflowers trillium

It’s a spectacular place to visit in the spring as local wildflowers flourish in this wet woodland habitat.

Here are some natural Michigan beauties: Trillium and Bluebells.

Aman Park Grand Rapids Mi Bluebells

Late April to Mid-May is the best time to catch these breathtaking sights. 

Aman Park bluebells

More Park Features to Enjoy

Sand Creek plays an important role in shaping the trails here as it winds its way through the park.

If you visit Aman Park after a heavy rain, crossing the creek could be an adventure.

From the top of the trail, you wouldn’t necessarily know the creek is there since it lays in a small canyon.

Aman Park water crossing

There are a couple of stick shelters along the pathway to hide out in. So much fun for kids.

Aman Park stick shelters

There are two bridges that cross the creek (which are a favorite trail feature for my family) as you work your way around the trail.

Aman Park bridge

There are several places you can step off the trail a little to see the creek up close. 

The creek water is crystal clear if it hasn’t rained recently – we could have spent all day looking for creatures! 

Aman Park trail

All in all, plan to spend at least an hour exploring the park. Mix and match the trail loops to make the perfect adventure for your family.

Leave a comment if you’ve visited Aman Park in Grand Rapids!

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6 thoughts on “Aman Park Trillium & Bluebells Make for a Breathtaking Springtime Hike”

  1. Seriously breathtaking right now. Felt like I was in a fairytale and pictures just don’t do it justice

  2. Great memories of our 2 families having fun in Aman Park starting back in the 50’s. The 4th of our 2 sets of parents just died yesterday at 101 years of age!!!

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