15+ Best Places to Go Zip Lining in Michigan, Listed

zip lining in michigan

Ziplining in Michigan is a Blast!

Looking to add adventure to your Michigan vacation?

See the Mitten State in a whole new way on a zipline or canopy tour.

You’ll zip through dense forests, soar across valleys and get a bird’s eye view of stunning scenery.

Some Michigan zipline destinations are paired with aerial obstacle courses for added adventure.

We scoured the state for the best places to zipline in Michigan. Here they are, in no particular order:

Best Places for Zip Lining in Michigan

(1) Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, MI

mystery spot zip line

Upper Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Mystery Spot

You get to ride TWO DIFFERENT ZIPLINES!!! Totaling over 1000ft and reaching speeds over 25 mph!!!

Rides on Line 1 (approx 700ft) and Line 2(approx. 400ft).

Ziplining Requirements for Mystery Spot

Must be 5 years old.

Weight limit is 270 lbs, no minimum weight.

(2) Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs, MI

Boyne Mountain Resort autumn colors zipline

Northern Lower Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Boyne Highlands

The guided Zipline Adventure Tour features a series of 7 lines that take you to an elevation 1,325 feet - where panoramic views come with the territory - and lasts up to 2.5 hours!

Feel what itʼs like to fly at speeds of 20-25 mph on the longest zipline experience in Michigan on lines up to 50 feet in the air and experience the thrill of the new 100-foot rope bridge.
Your adventure begins at the top of the mountain, followed by a descent of over 50 stories as you are routed through trees and across the slopes on your way back to the base area.

Ziplining Requirements for Boyne Highlands

Reservations are required for the Zipline Adventure Tour.

Minimum weight for riders is 60 lbs. and minimum height is 3 ft.

Maximum weight for riders is 275 lbs.

(3) Historic Mill Creek Adventure Tour in Mackinaw City, MI

HMCDP Canopy Bridge scaled

Northern Lower Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Historic Mill Creek Adventure Tour

The Adventure Tour is a high-flying adventure through the treetops and above Mill Creek.

Scale the five-story Treetop Discovery Tower, Brave the Forest Canopy Bridge, high above Mill Creek that explores the understory of the forest. Finally, fly like an eagle down the 425′ Eagle’s Flight Zip Line while spotting fish in the creek.

Ziplining Requirements for Historic Mill Creek Adventure Tour

-Weigh between 50 and 250 pounds
-Be a minimum of 4 feet tall
-Wear shoes that are securely attached to your feet
-Not be wearing skirts or dresses
-Have their Waiver of Liability form signed by a parent or guardian if under 18
-Accompany your child of 11 years of age or younger on the tour

(4) Mt. Holiday in Traverse City, MI

mt holiday zip line in michigan

Northern Lower Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Mt. Holiday

Mt. Holiday’s Zip Line Adventure is for thrill seekers of all ages.

Complete with 8 unique zip lines this high-speed adventure will let you experience scenic views of Northern Michigan like never before!

Join them for this 1-1.5 hour Zip Line Adventure Tour – they will show you what it’s like to fly at speeds of 25-30 mph through the trees and across the hills of Mt. Holiday.

Ziplining Requirements for Mt. Holiday

Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for the Zip Line Adventure Tour.

60 lb min / 260 lb max

(5) Crystal Mountain in Thompsonville, MI

Crystal Mountain in Summer Feature Image scripps

Northern Lower Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Crystal Mountain

The Edge Adventure Course is an elevated rope and zipline course located 20 feet above Crystal Mountain's outdoor pool.

The course features four elements that challenge and excite participants.

Aerial Park Staff secures each guest into a Swiss-made Saferoller continuous belay system. Adventurers then cross a rickety bridge, jump swing to swing, balance on the Burma Bridge, all before sailing over the pool on a 130-foot zipline!

Ziplining Requirements for Crystal Mountain

Ages 5 and up, minimum weight to participate is 50lbs. Maximum weight is 250lbs.

An adult must also purchase a ticket and accompany children that are under 52” but meet the age and weight requirement.

Participants must be able to fit safely into a harness.

(6) Boyne Mountain Zipline Adventure Tour in Boyne Falls, MI

boyne mountain michigan zip lining

Northern Lower Peninsula Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Boyne Mountain Zipline Adventure Tour

Feel what it's like to fly across 9 zip lines at speeds of 20-25 mph on lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length.

The adventure begins at the top of the mountain, and routes you through trees and across the slopes of Boyne Mountain.

TOURS: Friday-Sunday

Reservations required, call 231.549.7256

Ziplining Requirements for Boyne Mountain Zipline Adventure Tour

-Must weigh at least 60lbs and under 275lbs
-Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure
-Dress appropriately, check local weather forecast

(7) Cannonsburg's Zip Line Adventure in Belmont, MI

Cannonsburg Zipline Tour

West MI Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Cannonsburg's Zip Line Adventure

Cannonsburg's Zip Line Adventure 5-station tours offer scenic views under a canopy of trees over varied terrain.

Each tour can accommodate up to 8 people and is between 1:15-1.5 hours long.

The first zip line station starts at the top of the ski hill (don't worry, a driver will transport you up). From that point, the tour traverses throughout the ski property.

Whether you are new to zip lining or a seasoned pro, our zip line tour will not disappoint!

Ziplining Requirements for Cannonsburg's Zip Line Adventure

Participants be a minimum of 50lbs and no more than 250lbs.
There is minimal physical activity involved in the Adventure Tour, however, guests must be able to walk on dirt paths, and also be able to climb short ladders and stairs. Please note that the 5th station has 63 steps.

Those with heart conditions, prone to dizziness, fainting, and other like medical conditions should refrain from zip lining.

(8) John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, MI

John Ball Zoo Zipline girl

West MI Ziplining

About Zip Lining at John Ball Zoo

Zoo admission required to access this four-story, 600-foot, zipline.

Riders are securely harnessed before they step off the platform and fly over the waterfall to another ridge.

Ziplining Requirements for John Ball Zoo

Minimum weight of 65 pounds. Maximum weight is 250 pounds. Participant must safely fit in the harness. Must be 48 inches (122cm) tall to participate.

Closed-back shoes are required. All height, weight, clothing, and harness restrictions must be met to ride this experience.

(9) Allegan Event Center & Riverfront Zip Line in Allegan, MI

Allegan Event girl on outdoor course

West MI Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Allegan Event Center & Riverfront Zip Line

Indoors: Explore the heart-pumping bi-level Sky Trail® ropes course with Sky Rail® zip rails sitting at heights up to 35 feet. Pair the course with other activities such as the QUICKjump free-fall simulation, Vertical Drop Slide, Clip ‘n Climb® walls.

Outdoors: Allegan Event's seasonal outdoor zip line is an unparalleled adventure experience located on the Riverfront Plaza in beautiful downtown Allegan, Michigan. Soar over the river at 62’ in the air and then return to ground level via the QUICKjump free fall simulation exit.

Ziplining Requirements for Allegan Event Center & Riverfront Zip Line

Little ones don’t have to miss out on the fun! Kids under 48” are able to explore an indoor ropes course at a more comfortable height designed specifically for their needs. The platforms are less than 3’ from the ground and allow children to build coordination and confidence while their adult chaperones stay close by to assist.

Closed-toed and closed-heeled footwear are required.

Sky Trail® + Sky Rail® - Max: 300 lbs.
Riverfront Zip Line - Min: 60 lbs. / Max: 250 lbs.

(10) Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park in N. Muskegon, MI

Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park zipline

West MI Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park

Take a flight from the top of a Lake Michigan sand dune and through the white pine forest on the 1400 ft. dual zip line.

You’ll race alongside a friend with a view of the treetops over Muskegon State park traveling over the top of the winter and summer luge tracks.

Dune Adventure Tour: So much more than a zip across the park! Try out this 2.5-hour adventure.
Single Ride - Zip Line: Try out the brand new 1400 ft. dual racing zip line.

Ziplining Requirements for Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park


(11) TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park in Grand Rapids, MI

TreeRunner Junior Course Second Course rectangle crop

West MI Ziplining

About Zip Lining at TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park

TreeRunner Adventure Aerial Park is a tree-to-tree elevated adventure ropes obstacle course. It includes more than 60 obstacles and ziplines, three difficulty levels, and seven different courses.

The Junior Park, at a lower elevation, is designed for children ages 4 – 7 and includes 2 courses and 10 obstacles.

This is one of three TreeRunner Parks in Michigan.

Ziplining Requirements for TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park

Regular Park:
-Minimum reach: 6 ft to be able to climb independently, any shorter is allowed but needs a parent to help with the transfers
-Maximum height: 6’4″
-Minimum weight: 60 lbs
-Maximum weight: 265 lbs
-Minimum age: 7 years old (with parent climbing with them), 10 years old to climb independently

In the Junior Park, children must be 4–7 years old. The maximum weight is 75 pounds.

(12) Frankenmuth Aerial Park in Frankenmuth, MI

Frankenmuth Aerial Park Zipline

Eastside Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Frankenmuth Aerial Park

The aerial park is a combination of ladders, bridges, climbing elements and zip lines spread throughout acres of wooded beauty.

Climbers proceed from platform to platform through the course elements, then enjoy a short zip to the next set of elements.

The newest course, FrankenZip, is a fan-favorite with 7 long zip lines at heights ranging from 15 – 35 feet off the ground.

There are a total of 6 courses that vary in difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. As one progresses through the difficulty levels, the bridges become less stable under your feet, requiring more balance, agility, focus and arm strength.

Ziplining Requirements for Frankenmuth Aerial Park

Participants must be age seven or older.

There is no height restriction. Weight restriction is 265 pounds.

(13) Camp Dearborn in Milford, MI

Eastside Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Camp Dearborn

Camp Dearborn's Zip Line takes patrons on a 1,400-foot ride from the top of a six-story tower on Elm Circle, over Lake #1 and down to the Main Beach.

It's the longest zipline in Michigan!

Ziplining Requirements for Camp Dearborn

All Zip Line riders must weigh a minimum of 75 pounds and not more than 275 pounds, wear closed-toed shoes, and fill out a waiver prior to riding.

(14) TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield in West Bloomfield, MI

TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield

Eastside Ziplining

About Zip Lining at TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield

TreeRunner Adventure Aerial Park is a tree-to-tree elevated adventure ropes obstacle course.

It includes over 250 exciting obstacles, 45 zip lines, 6 levels of difficulty, and 14 different trails, there is plenty to explore!

This is one of three TreeRunner Parks in Michigan.

Ziplining Requirements for TreeRunner Adventure Park West Bloomfield

In order to climb without adult supervision in the Aerial Forest, you must be at least 14 years old.

Adult supervision is required for ages 13 years and younger.

Six-year-olds may climb in the Aerial Forest when accompanied by a paying adult, one-on-one, on the purple trails only.

There is a maximum weight limit of 265 pounds in the Aerial Forest.

(15) TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester in Rochester, MI

TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester MI Zipline

Eastside Ziplining

About Zip Lining at TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester

TreeRunner Adventure Aerial Park is a tree-to-tree elevated adventure ropes obstacle course.

It includes 60+ exciting obstacles and zip lines, 4 difficulty levels, and 7 different trails.

This is one of three TreeRunner Parks in Michigan.

Ziplining Requirements for TreeRunner Adventure Park Rochester

-Minimum reach: 6 ft to be able to climb independently, any shorter is allowed but needs a parent to help with the transfers
-Maximum height: 6’4″
-Minimum weight: 60 lbs
-Maximum weight: 265 lbs
-Minimum age: 7 years old (with parent climbing with them), 10 years old to climb independently

(16) Snow Snake Ski & Golf in Harrison, MI

snow snake zip line in michigan

Central Lower Michigan Ziplining

About Zip Lining at Snow Snake Ski & Golf

The Snow Snake zip line tour consists of 10 unique and exciting zip lines that go through thickly forested canopies and soar over deep valleys at speeds reaching 20-30 mph.

Each Snow Snake Zip Line tour will typically last 60 to 90 minutes with easy hiking between zip lines.

The longest zip cable is over 800 feet long and the highest is 70 feet above the ground. The entire tour is over 4,000 feet!

Ziplining Requirements for Snow Snake Ski & Golf

Reservations are required to guarantee your spot.

Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the Voluntary Participation Wavier and Release Form.

You must weigh between 55 lbs and 275 lbs to participate.

Participants between the ages of 7 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Zip Lining FAQs

Is Zip Lining a Safe Family Activity?

It might surprise you, but ziplining is a great, safe, family activity. Trained guides start each session with a safety lesson designed to teach you how your equipment works.

One of the safety precautions zip line companies takes is making sure equipment properly fits each guest. Height and weight restrictions are in effect for this reason. Please pay attention to the restrictions at your destination when booking a ziplining package.

Of course, there is risk associated with this type of activity so please follow all safety guidelines and use your best judgement.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go Ziplining in Michigan?

The age limit for zip lining in Michigan varies by attraction. Some ziplines have a minimum age while others have a minimum weight. A minimum weight requirement ensures that your child will be able to complete the zipline without losing momentum.

Parents are the best judge of a child’s comfort-level when it comes to heights and extreme sports.

Be sure to check your destination’s requirements (conveniently listed below) before heading out.

What Should I Wear When I Go Ziplining?

Different destinations might have specific requirements, but in general these are the things to consider when preparing for a ziplining experience:

  • Dress for the weather. Ziplines are most often outdoors. Many will close due to inclimate weather, but sun, heat, cold temperatures, or breezy conditions might meet you on your adventure day. Dress in layers.
  • The ziplining company will provide all safety gear. Don’t worry about bringing your own -they likely won’t let you use it.
  • The harness will go over your clothes. You step into the harness and pull it up just like a pair of shorts, with the straps resting at the top of your legs. Wear comfortable pants, long shorts, or leggings, so that the harness straps won’t be on bare flesh and dig into your skin.
  • You’ll be wearing a helmet. Plan hairstyles and headwear accordingly.
  • Close-toed shoes are a must. No sandals, flip-flops, etc. Choose shoes that will be secure on your feet while you whiz down the line.

How Long Does It Take to Go Zip Lining in Michigan?

Zipline experiences range from a few minutes to a few hours.

The length of time you are zip lining depends on the number of zip lines in your tour or the specific package you book.

Do I Need to Make Reservations to Go Zip Lining in Michigan?

Most ziplining facilities encourage reservations. Some places sell out regularly, so reservations are the only way to go.

Making a reservation is highly encouraged whenever possible.

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