Cascade Township Park: Bouncy Turf, Airplane Views, Dog Park & A Paved 1-Mile Walking Loop

Cascade Township Park is a Popular Community Destination

Cascade Township Park, among more than 85 playgrounds in West Michigan, is a popular gathering place for the community, with lots of picnics, sports and open play happening year round.

Cascade Township Park is easy to get to, located just off of I-96 at Exit 44 (36th St exit).

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Cascade Township Park at a Glance

  • Playground
  • Sandbox
  • Basketball Court
  • Disc Golf
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • 1-mile paved walking/biking trail
  • Sledding Hill
  • Soccer Fields
  • Baseball Fields
  • Dog Park

Find it All at Cascade Township Park

3810 Thornapple River Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Trees line the perimeter of Cascade Township Park, but the majority of the park is sunny.

Recent park improvements have seen the addition of basketball courts, pickleball courts, a fenced-in dog area, and a revamped accessible playground.

This is a large park with a lot of open space and plenty of parking.

Cascade Township Park

Wintertime Fun

Cascade Township Park is fun in the winter, too!

There’s a great sledding hill behind the playground to the east.

It’s easy to spot because you’ll find worn sled tracks and probably a bunch of kids flying down the hill anytime there’s snow on the ground.

The Playground is Great for Littles

Cascade Township Park is a nice park for toddlers.

Cascade Township Park

While there is not a fenced in area, you will find that some of the play equipment is low to the ground and has toys that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy.

The sandbox and small picnic table are nice touches for the younger set.

Also, the play area has a rubber surface and the swings are designed in a way that parent and child can easily swing together.

More Things to Do at Cascade Township Park

Good news for anyone visiting Cascade Township Park with little ones in tow! The restrooms have baby changing facilities, flush toilets, and are heated. That means that the restrooms are open year round.

The restrooms are near the playground area- another bonus if you are in the throes of potty-training.

There is a small picnic pavilion next to the playground area. It’s equipped with an adult-sized picnic table and a child-sized picnic table. There’s another picnic pavilion near the dog park, and that one has an outdoor grill.

Additionally, there are picnic tables scattered in grassy areas throughout the park. Large groups can rent the big picnic pavilion by making a reservation.

Cascade Park Pavilion

The dog park is a fun spot even for families without a dog. If your kid is an animal lover, they might dig sitting on a nearby bench and watching the dogs play.

Tips for Your Trip from Other Parents

It’s a fun park if you have a child that likes airplanes.

It’s close to the airport and planes are flying low.

The flattest part of the 1-mile paved loop is by the sand volleyball court.

That’s the best spot for bikes and scooters. Most of the loop involves hills, though, so not the best for beginning riders.

You can’t watch from the car.

The playground is too far from the parking lot for you to stay in your car and watch the kids from a distance. Park benches are provided near the play equipment.

Bring everything with you.

Bring your lunch bags and necessities with you to the playground so you don’t have to go back to the car to retrieve anything.

Don’t forget bug spray

There are some great walking/running/biking trails through the woods, but be prepared for mosquitoes.

This is a popular disc golf course.

Give it a try, it’s fun! But also keep an eye out for errant frisbees!

Bring sunscreen.

There is minimal shade on the playground so protect your kid’s skin accordingly.

Cascade Township Park Playground


Are dogs allowed at Cascade Township Park?


How long is the hiking trail at Cascade Township Park?

The trail at Cascade Township Park is 4 miles long.

What is the difficulty level of the hiking trail?

Easy, paved biking trail, but does have hills so not great for beginners.

Is Cascade Township Park accessible?

Yes, Cascade Township Park is accessible and stroller-friendly.

What time of year is Cascade Township Park accessible?

Open year round

Cascade Township Park Basketball Courts

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  1. Heads up – the Address listed above is incorrect – it takes you to the township hall and Fire department. You need to go to 3810 Thornapple River Drive to get to the park!

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