10+ Best Disc Golf Courses for Families around Grand Rapids MI

disc golf grand rapids

Disc Golf is Affordable Family Fun

You want an inexpensive, yet enjoyable activity that your whole family will want to do…maybe even something that will also get your kids moving and outdoors?  

You may think you’ve asked too much, but as my family recently discovered, Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf) is the perfect solution for your wallet and boredom woes!

Reason One: Disc golf is inexpensive.

Reason Two: The whole family can participate.

Reason Three: Disc Golf gets you outside and moving, away from all of the screen temptations.

Before You Play Frisbee Golf

To make it simple for your family to take on this activity, here are a few things we learned as first-time Disc/Frisbee Golf players.

You’ll need a Disc(s) —   Visit a local Disc Golf shop like Great Lakes Disc or Disc Baron Disc Golf Store, or purchase from an online retailer. Local shops often sell used discs for under $10. Or, in our case, we borrowed some from a friend!

Here are a few promising sets we found on Amazon. There are a ton of options!

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Grab sunscreen and bug spray.

Bring your water bottle!

Closed toe shoes are a good idea, but not necessary.

Frisbee disc golf grand rapids

General Rules – Disc Golf

Disc Golf is played like traditional golf (or as I explained it to my kids to make it more relatable, it’s similar to playing mini-golf).  

One point is counted for each time the disc is thrown with the goal being to play each hole in the fewest strokes possible.

The player with the lowest total points wins.

Disc/Frisbee golf tee

You “Tee Off” from the designated area (the course we played had a posted map so you knew where to start).  

From there, you take turns throwing based on who is farthest from the target.

You throw from where your disc lies until you’re able to complete the hole by getting your disc into the basket or chains of the target.

For more detailed rules of play, check out the Disc Golf Association website.

disc golf grand rapids

Download the UDisc App

Before you head out and start playing, download the UDisc App.

You can use their site on mobile or desktop to research courses near you. You can also use the app to help navigate the courses and use their scorecard feature.

Where to Play Disc Golf Around Grand Rapids

Many parks, schools and churches in Grand Rapids have courses for the public to use!  

A small sampling of places you can play are below, but you can also find one close to you at DC Course Review, The Disc Golf Scene, or the UDisc App mentioned above.

You get a 36 hole disc golf course when you visit Brewer Park in Byron Center. One of the courses is out in the open and the other plays through the woods if you’d like a more technical challenge.

This park can be tricky to navigate – consider using the U Disc App to help with that.

More About Brewer Park
Brewer Park is an outdoor activity mecca.

Disc golf, baseball & soccer fields, tennis courts, soccer complex, sand volleyball and cricket are just some of the activities you can do here.

There is also a short 1/4 natural surface loop trail. It goes through the woods and climbs a hill behind the picnic shelter.

From the north parking lot, a three-quarter mile paved trail connects the park to Eastern Ave.

The course weaves across the park with many hills. Some holes are in the woods and others go over wetlands.

Our family has played this course footgolf style and had a lot of fun. You will walk a ton on this course.

18 holes.

More About Cascade Township Park
Cascade Township Park has it ALL! From the amazing playground to the dog park to the many opportunities for sports, this park is worth the drive from near or far.

Kids will want to spend all day here (especially if there are low plane flyovers from the airport nearby!), so pack a lunch, some sunscreen, and sand toys and get ready for a treat!

There is a one-mile paved walking loop around the outer edge of the park and an 18-hole disc golf course, in addition to basketball courts, a dog park, and pickleball courts.

Visit Garfield Park if you want a newer course to try!

This 18-hole course had an updated layout and baskets that debuted in 2016.

This course weaves through mature trees and open fields in an urban park.

18 holes

More About Garfield Park
Garfield Park is an urban park with two great playgrounds for kids of all ages!

Even teens and adults will find this park a solid destination with its disc golf, volleyball, basketball courts and free WiFi.

Check flooding conditions before venturing out - this course can be underwater at times.

Otherwise, you'll find an open, flat course without a ton of obstacles, other than pedestrians and the occasional water hazard (maybe use a floating disc?)

18 holes.

More About Riverside Park
Not only is Riverside Park perfect for soaking in some scenic views of the Grand River, but there is also something for everyone at this fun park.

From disc golf, fishing, a kayak launch, and a playground to pavilions with grills, athletic fields and a paved, multi-use walking and biking trail, Riverside Park checks all the boxes.

The paved path follows the Grand River for a mile and includes an awesome iron bridge over the flowing water.

And for those parents who just want to relax and take a breath, there is free WiFi!

This disc golf course is hard to navigate (no map/signage). It's a good option if you want to go out and shoot around, but if you're looking for a serious game, this place is not it.

More About Highland Park
Highland Park is an urban park with lots of options for both kids and adults.

The splash pad is a huge attraction for the kids, while the disc golf course draws the teens and adults.

You can also find some short walking paths.

Perfect for little ones (or anyone for that matter!), New Community Church has a MINI disc course.

With smaller baskets and using “mini-discs”, or 3” marking discs, this open-to-the-public playing area is next on our family’s Disc Golf circuit!

18 holes. Easy layout for beginners & kids.

More About New Community Church
This is a disc golf course hosted at a local church.

18 hole disc golf course built on an old golf course.

Good for intermediate and above level. Lots of people lose discs here.

Gets very wet after rain.

More About Paw Paw Park
With the addition of formerly known Macatawa Park, the now 172 acre Paw Paw Park is a naturalist's dream come true.

The bridges, boardwalks and observation decks follow the river, offering beautiful, scenic views of nature.

Paw Paw Park encourages visitors to enjoy the park on paved or natural surface trails, a playground, or during a game of disc golf.

During the colder months, enjoy the silence of winter on snow shoes or cross country skis.

This is the course my family played. We loved that it was shady, there was a map to point us in the right direction (#firsttimers) and the course was well-marked.

18 hole course with 9 baskets, all par 3s.

Nice, short course great for beginners.

Open year round.

More About Hughes Park
Hughes Park is a Hudsonville park with mature trees, play equipment/playground, and an 18-hole disc golf course.

The 18-hole disc golf course at Jaycee Park is wooded and fun and easy to navigate.

This is a great course for kids - it's fun without being too long.

More About Jaycee Park
Older, shady neighborhood park with older play equipment, basketball hoop, baseball diamond and disc golf course.

Word-on-the-street says that Fallasburg Park has a beautiful view going for its Disc Golf Course.

According to the Kent County Parks website, this might be the place for you if you’re looking for a combination of both “field and forested play.”

This is also a great course if you’re up for a challenge - it has a reputation as one of the hardest disc golf courses in the area.

18 holes.

More About Fallasburg Park
Fallasburg Park is a beautiful, picturesque park located just north of Lowell in the historic Fallasburg community.

Spanning over 250 acres (including parts of the North Country Trail), this is a popular place for kids and families to hike, explore an historic covered bridge, play on the playground, or take fall family photos.

Maybe you are up for a bigger challenge?

While it’s definitely not stroller-friendly, Johnson Park has a hilly terrain and a technical course that will put your disc throwing skills - and hill-climbing skills - to the test.

18 holes, mostly open with some woods.

More About Johnson Park
Johnson Park is a huge park with lots of shade trees - perfect for a hot summer day with the whole family!

Kids can explore TWO playgrounds and will love all the space to run.

Parents will love that this is a clean park with beautiful views and lots of picnic areas to make a fun day of it.

While my 6-year olds proved to be better disc throwers than me, our entire family had an awesome time trying Disc Golf for the first time and the kids are already asking to go back to the park for another round — probably just so they can beat mom again!

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