The Grand Rapids Birthday Cake Artisans That Will Ace Your Kid’s Birthday Cake

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Who needs Cake Boss When you Have so Many Great Local Bakers Right out Your Back Door?

After months of thought your child has finally nailed down the PERFECT birthday theme and knows exactly what they want the cake to look like. Not only does this cake need to bring tears to your child’s eyes, but you need it to taste like a little slice of heaven.

Or maybe a big slice of heaven.

You can’t possibly endure another “Pinterest” fail this year, so bring on the professionals.

These 17 local bakers will create such works of art that you might not even want to eat it. Kidding. Eat four pieces, at least. You deserve it after all that party planning!

Grand Rapids Birthday Cakes

And if you’re still looking for that perfect place to go along with your perfect cake, check out our Birthday Parties Guide.

Popular Cake Bakers in West Michigan

  • The Cakabakery: Grand Rapids (Eastown), 616-319-1611 Holland 616-392-3258

What are some of your favorite local bakeries?!

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12 thoughts on “The Grand Rapids Birthday Cake Artisans That Will Ace Your Kid’s Birthday Cake”

  1. Sugar Mommas ( near Cascade Library) makes delicious cakes… Strawberry short cake is really good as well as their cheese cakes.

    1. Where did DbL go? Do you know? I loved her cakes and the net says she is closed. I would love any info anyone might have if she is unofficially still making cakes.

  2. Not sure how you missed this one. Desserts by Lori. The website address is They do the most amazing kids cakes. They are supporters of Icing Smiles.

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