Grand Ravines Park Has One-of-a-Kind Hiking With a Suspension Bridge, River Views, Dog Park + Miles of Trails

Grand Ravines Park

Spend All Day at Grand Ravines Park

Grand Ravines Park, among more than 50 hiking trails in West Michigan, is a scenic park – bring your camera! Bonus: there’s an enclosed dog park area, too.

Located next to Grand Valley State University and nestled against the Grand River, Grand Ravines Park in Ottawa County is perfectly positioned to provide loads of hiking, walking, and natural beauty opportunities to both humans and their pooches.

The park is BIG!

Clocking in at 168 acres, it has many wide trails, bridges, big hills and woods.

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Hiking Grand Ravines Park

Grand Ravines Park is located in Jenison and has two trail entrances.

The Big Red Barn Marks the Fillmore Entrance

3991 Fillmore Street, Jenison, MI 49428

I knew of this trail from the big, red barn at the Fillmore entrance (it’s hard to miss!) so that’s where we started.

Grand Ravines Park offers clean, modern restrooms by both entrances. The Fillmore entrance restroom building also has a dog wash station and a convenient water bottle refill spigot.

There is a trail map located at any fork in the path.

Suspension bridge near Fillmore entrance at Grand Ravines.

While I usually check out a trail map before we hike, it is always reassuring to know we certainly are not lost.

The primarily flat trails at the Fillmore entrance and the consistent signage make this a great introductory hike.

There are several trails that are wide, paved trails. You could definitely take a stroller from one side to the other without a problem.

Off of the paved trails are many smaller, wooded trails that would not be suitable for a stroller, but would be more fun for your little explorers. 

For more of a challenge, hike from the 42nd Ave Entrance

9920 – 42ND AVE, JENISON, MI 49428

The trails at the 42nd Ave Entrance get hillier and can be more challenging if you’re looking for some elevation change.

Hiking the Hardwoods on the North Side of Grand Ravines Park
Some Trails on the North Side of Grand Ravines Park are Paved

The bonus for the north side of the park – the Grand River views!

Grand Ravines Park Trail Map

The Fenced-In Grand Ravines Dog Park is Very Popular

One of the standout features of Grand Ravines Park is the dog park (which is also located near the Fillmore entrance).

It has a large, fenced-in area for dogs to roam and play leash-free!

Grand Ravines Dog Park

The human drinking fountain has a cute dog dish at the base (which my toddler thought might be for her-yuck).

We brought our four-legged friend along and she gives this place two paws up.

Make Sure you Cross the Incredible Suspension Bridge

As if there could be anything better than a park full of playful pooches, there is also a spectacular suspension bridge. (Easy access from the Fillmore Entrance.)

The recently constructed addition to this park is truly picturesque at 275 feet long and 70 feet high.

The overlook into the woods is absolutely breath-taking.

Hiking Trails in Grand Rapids
Suspension Bridge at Grand Ravines Park

Fishing, Scenic Overlooks, Covered Bridge, Lodge & More

Closer to the North Entrance, there is a spot for easy access kayaking and fishing.

Grand Ravines Park Serves as an Access Site for the Grand River Heritage Water Trail

There is also a great ravine overlook and another awesome, covered bridge.

Covered Bridge at Grand Ravines Park sits next to the Grand River

The North side also has their Grand Ravines Lodge which overlooks the Grand River and can be rented for your next family gathering, event, or baby shower! How fun!

Grand Ravines Park Lodge Can Be Rented Out for Special Occasions
Grand Ravines Park Lodge is Perched High Above the Grand River
Paved Walking Path Near the Grand Ravines Park Lodge, Overlooking the Grand River


Are dogs allowed at Grand Ravines Park?

Yes, and there is a dog park, too!

How long is the hiking trail at Grand Ravines Park?

Grand Ravines Park is 2.5 – 3 miles long.

What is the difficulty level of the hiking trail?

This is an easy trail, with some small hills.

How long should you spend at Grand Ravines Park?

All in all, plan to spend at least an hour or two exploring the park. Mix and match the trail loops and bring your dog along to make the perfect adventure for your family.

Is Grand Ravines Park accessible?

The paved portions at Grand Ravines Park are, but some trails that branch off are not stroller friendly.

Map of Grand Rapids Parks and Trails

Find your next outdoor adventure near you with this map of the best hiking trails, playgrounds, and parks in West Michigan.

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