Tree House Tops Off Stunning Grand Ravines Park in West MI: Enjoy 2 Bridges, Massive Dog Park & Gorge Trails

Grand Ravines Treehouse 2023

Spend All Day at Grand Ravines Park

Picture this: nestled beside the Grand River and a stone’s throw from Grand Valley State University in Ottawa County, you stumble upon a hidden gem – Grand Ravines Park.

This park, bound to become a household name in West Michigan, is spread across 202 acres of pristine natural beauty and offers a great deal of activities. In fact, we think it might just have some of the best hiking trails in West Michigan.

Grand Ravines paved pathway

Hang with us as we explore the nooks and crannies of Grand Ravines Park in Ottawa County, including the treehouse, two bridges, and beloved dog park!

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Park Highlights

  • Picturesque bridges, a treehouse, a dog park, and a lodge building
  • A mix of trails, from smooth paths to rugged terrain
  • Grand Ravines Park has a north and a south entrance and is located in Jenison.
  • It’s a fall photo hotspot
Grand Ravines Park

North Entrance – Grand Ravines Park

9920 – 42nd Ave, Jenison, MI 49428

This entrance is a gateway to forested hikes with stunning natural views and more.

Start here for easy access to:

The Treehouse

Our ears perked up as soon as we heard the treehouse was completed in 2023. It’s just off of the parking lot next to the Grand Ravines Lodge, so you should have no trouble finding it.

Grand Ravines Treehouse inside

Here’s why it’s cool and why you need to see it:

  1. Birds-Eye View: Perched right in the middle of the woods, this treehouse gives you an 40-foot high tree-top look at the surrounding forest.
  2. Accessible Design: The entrance is a smooth 100-foot-long boardwalk, so the treehouse is easy to reach and accessible for everyone.
  3. Cool Hangout or Photo Spot: You don’t need a reason to visit the treehouse, but if you want one, taking great fall photos is a good one.
Grand Ravines Treehouse

The Covered Bridge

Getting There: Start at the lodge at the North entrance. Follow the paved path and let it lead you through some ridiculously good-looking views as you make your way down to the Grand River.

Paved walking path near the Grand Ravines Park Lodge, overlooking the Grand River

First Impressions: Once you’re at the river’s edge, you’ll lock eyes with the quaint, picture-perfect covered bridge. That’s it. We know you’ll be pulling out your camera for pics in a heartbeat.

Grand Ravines Covered Bridge and Grand River
Covered Bridge at Grand Ravines Park sits next to the Grand River

Hiking Grand Ravines Park – North

The trails at the 42nd Ave entrance get hillier and can be more challenging if you’re looking for some elevation change.

While you’re hiking, keep those eyes peeled for bald eagles – they’re known to nest around here.

Plus, you might stumble upon some rare trees like paw paws and tulip trees.

Another bonus for the north side of the park – the Grand River views!

Some trails on the north side of Grand Ravines Park are paved
Hiking the hardwoods on the north side of Grand Ravines Park

Several miles of trails are available with some sections wheelchair accessible.

Grand Ravines Map, Ottawa County Parks

The Lodge

The North side also has the Grand Ravines Lodge which overlooks the Grand River and can be rented for your next family gathering, event, or baby shower. How fun!

View from Grand Ravines Deck

Grand Ravines Park Lodge
Grand Ravines Lodge exterior
You can rent the lodge

Fishing, Kayaking & Scenic Overlooks

Closer to the North entrance, there is a spot for easy access kayaking and fishing.

Grand Ravines Park serves as an access site for the Grand River Heritage Water Trail

Even if you’re not kayaking, step out onto the launch for a good look at the Grand River.

Grand Ravines Grand River at the Kayak Launch

South Entrance – Dog Park, Suspension Bridge, Red Barn

3991 Fillmore St, Jenison, MI 49428

Grand Ravines South entrance sign

If you’re diving into Grand Ravines Park from the south entrance, here’s what’s waiting for you:

Grand Ravines Dog Park

One of the standout features of Grand Ravines Park is the dog park (which is also located near the Fillmore entrance).

It has a large, fenced-in area for dogs to roam and play off-leash. A few other reasons to wag that tail:

grand ravines dog park entrance
Grand Ravines Dog Park entrance

Room to Roam: Spanning a whopping 21 acres, this isn’t your average dog park. Play chase without feeling cramped AND explore off-leash trails and more. This place is gigantic!

grand ravines dog park off leash trail
Trails for off-leash dogs
grand ravines park leashed dog on trail
Leashed dogs can go on other trails

Varied Terrain: Forget just flat grass. This park offers a mix of terrains – perfect for all those sniffing adventures!

Grand Ravines Dog Park off-leash trails

Human Comforts: Benches are strategically placed so you can chill and chat with fellow dog parents.

Thoughtful Touches: The human drinking fountain has a cute dog dish at the base.

Grand Ravines Dog Park and drinking fountain

And if doggo gets muddy, there’s a handy dog wash station for you to use.

Grand Ravines Dog Wash

Rules to Follow: It might be off-leash but it’s not a free-for-all. Rules are posted, as well as the Sheriff’s number in case things get out of hand.

Grand Ravines Dog Park Sign
Grand Ravines Dog Park Map

Cross the Incredible Suspension Bridge

As if there could be anything better than a park full of playful pooches, there is also a spectacular suspension bridge. (Easy access from the Fillmore Entrance.)

Suspension bridge near Fillmore entrance at Grand Ravines

This recently constructed, fully ADA accessible addition to this park is truly picturesque at 275 feet long and 70 feet high.

The overlook into the woods is perfection.

Hiking Trails in Grand Rapids
Suspension Bridge at Grand Ravines Park

Getting There: If you’re entering from the south side, take the paved path on the EAST side of the park (right next to that picturesque barn). After a quarter-mile walk, this marvel will appear.

Grand Ravines Suspension Bridge Fall

Starting at the north entrance?

Consult trail maps for the most scenic route – you’ll find a staircase down to the ravines, ridges, and all sorts of creeks to stomp in.

Grand Ravines staircase

Grand Ravines RIdge trail

Big Red Barn & Windmill

The big red barn and willow tree at the Fillmore entrance is hard to miss. It really pops and would make a fab backdrop for fall photos.

Grand Ravines red barn and willow tree

Plus, parked next to it is an old-fashioned windmill for added photo flair.

The Making of Grand Ravines Park

Believe or not, 40 years ago not many people knew that there were deep gorges spread across the wooded land right next to Grand Valley State University.

It took a county-wide natural features survey, conducted in 1988, to bring attention to the Grand Ravines, which would soon be considered one of Ottawa County’s most significant natural locales.

The county acquired parcels of land over the next decades, stitching together what we know as the park today.

2015 was a big year for the park. That’s when when Grand Ravines opened the county’s first off-leash dog park and restored the historic red barn, in addition to developing new trails.

The north trailhead opened in 2017, along with pathways connecting the park’s north and south sections. The wooden pedestrian suspension bridge also opened that same year.

The latest accomplishment: the opening of the Tree House overlook in 2023.

If You Go to Grand Ravines Park

South Entrance Address:
3991 Fillmore St, Jenison, MI 49428

North Entrance Address:
9920 – 42nd Ave, Jenison, MI 49428

March 1 – October 15: 7 AM – 10 PM
October 16 – February 28: 7 AM – 8 PM

Handy Tips & Info:

  • Restrooms: Clean, modern restrooms are available at both entrances. The Fillmore entrance even has a special dog wash station – perfect for your furry friends after a playful romp. Plus, there’s a nifty water bottle refill spigot for you thirsty hikers.
  • Trail Maps: Wondering which path to take? No worries. Every fork in the trail has a map. It’s always good to plan, but if you’re the spontaneous type, these maps ensure you’re never really lost.
  • Trails: Starting out or bringing the little ones? The Fillmore entrance has mostly flat and wide trails – great for newbies or if you’re pushing a stroller. For the more adventurous, veer off the paved paths. There’s a bunch of smaller, wooded trails waiting to be explored (though not stroller-friendly, heads up!).
Grand Ravines Trail Map
Grand Ravines Park Trail Map


Are dogs allowed at Grand Ravines Park?

Yes, and there is a dog park, too!

How long is the hiking trail at Grand Ravines Park?

Grand Ravines Park is 2.5 – 3 miles long.

What is the difficulty level of the hiking trail?

There are easy and moderate trails here. Some are paved, others require a scramble and have a steep elevation change.

How long should you spend at Grand Ravines Park?

All in all, plan to spend at least an hour or two exploring the park. Mix and match the trail loops and bring your dog along to make the perfect adventure for your family.

Is Grand Ravines Park accessible?

The paved portions at Grand Ravines Park are, but some trails that branch off are not stroller friendly.

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