Welcome to our Parents, Parks and Coffee series where we highlight destination parks all over West Michigan, and help you find coffee to fuel your next adventure. Many thanks to BIGGBY for partnering with us on this smile-making project.

A Bit about Hager Park

Hager Park is THE park to visit if you live near Jenison!

This very popular 104-acre park offers hours of play and fun for anyone who wants to be outdoors. Kids can fly kites or walk the extensive nature trails. And there are probably enough cool, shaded picnic tables throughout the park to seat you and everyone you know!

But it’s the Age of Discovery Playground that has kids flocking to Hager Park. It’s HUGE and has endless opportunities for adventurous play.

Tips for Your Trip from Other Parents

  • Much of the main play area is in full sun, including the shiny hot metal slides. Warn kids about the slides if you go on a sunny day.
  • Put kids in shoes and socks to prevent them getting splinters from the wood chips mixed in with the sand.
  • Parents love that there is a lot of space for kids to play.
  • However, since it is so vast and made of wood, it’s difficult to keep track of your kids as there is no straight line of vision.
  • It’s a really fun place to picnic, with loads of shaded picnic tables.
  • The mature hardwood forest is said to have spectacular spring wildflowers in April and May.
  • There is a second playground in the woods, if you keep driving past the main play structure and follow the road as it curves to the right:

Hager Park Features at a Glance

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Hager Park is a delight for toddlers, but could be nerve wracking for parents and caregivers of toddlers. The wooden play structure is huge and offers almost zero line of sight, which makes it very hard to see the kids as they disappear behind a wooden wall or into a secret hiding space.

There are lots of secret hiding spaces underneath the steps and platforms of the play structure that toddlers and preschoolers LOVE.

Hager Park may be known for its impressive play structure, but this park goes beyond, with acres of beautiful hiking trails and open fields.

Their grills, indoor bathrooms and extensive picnic tables make it a great place to have parties with friends– especially given the ample parking options!

There are enclosed bathrooms by the pavilion to the left of the Age of Discovery playground.

Hager Park is a great place to picnic. I drove around the grounds to get a feel for the place and it seemed like there were hundreds of picnic tables, all told! They also have reservable rooms and a picnic shelter.

The playground is in the sun, but with lots of shade scattered throughout the structure, whether it be over walkways or over sitting areas in the play structure.

Sunscreen is still recommended but know that there are lots of spots where you can escape the sun if you wanted. There is also lots of welcoming shade just outside of the fenced in playground, and the rest of the park is full of lush, green, shade trees.

Oh yeah! Hager Park is large and has open space for kite flying pursuits.

No admission fee for Hager Park.

Hager Park is open year round, but closes a little earlier during winter months:

  • April 1 through October 15:  7am to 10pm
  • October 16 through March 31:  7am to 8pm

There is ample parking at this popular destination.

Grab Your Coffee and Head to the Park

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