Kids Cook Real Food Virtual Cooking Classes Makes Cooking Fun and Easy for All Ages

Kids Cook Real Food Can Even Teach Mom a Trick or Two

Long before we got married, my husband and I agreed that he’d be the cook in our family. This worked great because he can make just about anything while I can only boil water, brown meat or follow a very basic recipe. 

So when he suggested that I start teaching our kids how to cook I stared at him blankly. (Has he lost his mind??)

And then I realized what he was doing.

It wasn’t just my kids that needed to learn how to cook: I needed to learn how to cook, too.

Maybe we could learn how to cook together! But was there a cooking class that could teach all of us?

There is! I found a great class by a local mom that transformed my kids’ confidence in the kitchen (and admittedly, mine) and had them trying new foods.

If you’ve wanted to teach your kids to cook but aren’t sure where to start, you’ll want to check this out.

At the end of the course, they begged to go on to the next part and learn more. And I know how to do more, too!

After some searching and checking with friends, I remembered that a local Byron Center mom I knew, Katie Kimball, had created a great program called Kids Cook Real Food.

She built the program from scratch as a way of getting her kids excited about eating healthy foods.

It didn’t take me long to sign myself and my kids up for this home-based, learn-at-your-own-pace virtual program. 

I was finally going to learn how to cook, right along with my kids! 

We are a Kids Cook Real Food affiliate.

Signing Up for Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cook Real Food offers three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

You can sign up for one year access to one track or all three. You can choose a single class, like Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make. Or, you can go all in and get the VIP package, which gives you unlimited access to all levels (and doesn’t expire).

Since my kids range from age four to ten, I knew that I needed multiple levels. I opted for VIP so I could have access to the classes forever so I can come back to them whenever I want.

After entering my info and paying for the course (with a 30 day money-back guarantee!), I immediately got access to the entire program.

How The Kids Cook Real Food Program Works

The e-course is divided into three tracks, based on your kids’ ages and skill level. Kids as young as two can start with the beginner program. 

Older kids who already know the basics of cutting, measuring and spreading can start with the intermediate level while even more experienced kids can jump right into the advanced level. 

Katie Kimball – or Mrs. Kimball as she has the kids call her – also recommends that all kids watch the Foundations 101 videos to learn (or review) measuring and stirring basics.

Even if kids already know how to do them, it’s still important to watch these so that they can learn the language that Mrs. Kimball uses throughout the course.

Each course has eight progressive lessons. Families could do one a day for two weeks for a summer camp or do one each Saturday for two months like we did. 

There are adult guide videos, detailed lesson plans and troubleshooting tips for each lesson.

Sign up, log in, gather your supplies, watch the short video and practice the skills. It’s that easy! 

Each of My Kids Learned to Cook From Mrs. Kimball… And so Did I

After spending 18 months doing virtual learning during the pandemic, Kids Cook Real Food is right up our alley. 

We are very experienced at logging onto a website, watching the video of a teacher instructing a lesson and then doing it ourselves.

When I said we were going to start a cooking class at a home and brought out my laptop, my kids knew exactly what to expect.

My kids began these lessons at ages ten, seven and four. They all started this course at different experience levels.

I knew I had the basics down myself, but I was excited to see what else I’d learn – like how to work with knives.  

In the end, we all learned something. Yes, even me. And I loved watching my kids try foods that they had previously refused to touch. The classes were beyond what I’d hoped.

We All Started at the Beginner Level 

Even though my oldest had some basic skills, he hadn’t done much measuring or cutting. So he took the beginner level along with his younger siblings. 

The first lesson is Peeling & Spreading. Since my youngest had never been given a kitchen tool and not even my oldest had used a vegetable peeler, I wasn’t sure how well it would go.

I watched in amazement as ALL THREE of my kids confidently and joyfully peeled carrots and cucumbers. 

Then they prepared and devoured Ants on a Log – a snack I had never made for them because they don’t like celery.

Here was the proof that Mrs. Kimball is right: kids are excited to eat food that they prepare. 

Over the next two months, we continued through the beginner lessons as well as the four Foundations 101 videos where they learned how to measure and stir. 

They learned how to use dull knives by slicing bananas and cheese, made a taco seasoning mix, and made their own finger gelatin and a salad. 

We even soaked and cooked pinto beans and then made refried beans from them. Since it was the first time I’d ever worked with beans, I made sure to read all of Mrs. Kimball’s troubleshooting tips first. They came out great!

The final lesson of the beginner level is making your own rolls. 

While I do consider myself to be more of a baker than a cook, I’ve never made bread. The guide for this lesson includes a recipe for families with a bread machine as well a version for those like mine who don’t have one. 

Luckily, the recipe in the lesson is super easy to understand and follow. We made rolls in muffin cups rather than a loaf of bread.

Kids Cook Real Food family making rolls

It was a big, sticky mess, but we all laughed our way through it and had yummy rolls for dinner, too.

My kids and I loved learning how to cook with Kids Cook Real Food. 

They tell their teachers, baby-sitters, grandparents, anyone who will listen about how they learned to slice bananas and make Jello in cooking class. 

I no longer have to make PB & J for my youngest since now he’s excited to make it by himself. 

More Lessons in Our Future

Since we’ve completed the Beginner lessons, I’m excited to move on to the intermediate and advanced lessons. 

We’re going to learn sharp knife skills (eek!), sautéing vegetables (what?!?), flipping pancakes and more. 

Kids Cook Real Food Course Options You Can Try

Does learning to cook with Mrs. Kimball sound like something you and your kids would enjoy?

Join my family in learning how to cook by choosing the Kids Cook Real Food level that works best for you. 

Mrs. Kimball is so confident that you’ll love the program that she even offers a money-back guarantee. Full refunds for any reason are available within the first 30 days of purchase.

Try the knife skills e-course for FREE!

LevelWhat You GetCost
All Levels + VIP MembershipUnlimited access to all three levels of the Original Kids Cook Real Food eCourse, plus all the amazing VIP bonuses!149.95
All Levels – 12 month membershipOne year of access to all three levels of the Original Kids Cook Real Food eCourse99.95
Single Level MembershipOne year of access to one level of your choice of the Original Kids Cook Real Food eCourse49.95
Kids Cook Solo Independent Training ProgramOne year of access to a special collection of Original Kids Cook Real Food eCourse video lessons that kids 8+ can do by themselves. This program is included in the VIP Membership or can be purchased separately for $49.95
Skill Labs – Instant Pot / Slow Cooker Meals, Healthy Snacks, Healthy BreakfastsStand-Alone Units That Build Upon the Skills Taught in the Original Course$25 each or all three for $60
Breakfast ChallengeImagine your kids making breakfast independently! Even from “zero,” your kids will be able to prepare breakfast, start to finish, no mess, no fuss, no failure.$19
Knife Skills Mini-CourseThis little slice of the original eCourse has knife safety training for kids of all ages.$25 – Try it FREE
Little Kids Mini-CourseThis little slice of the original eCourse is perfect for the youngest children who want to help in the kitchen.$25

We are a Kids Cook Real Food affiliate.

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